NYC, 2009


3 responses to “WHERE

  1. Hello! In the supermarket I saw a coupon with a picture of a lovely lady making a fish face. Of course it was YOU. If I hadn’t been reading your blog (and truthfully I forgot how I found you) I would not said, AHA.
    Continued success,

  2. Hi Kristy, I am a friend of Shane and Joni’s from AZ. We are going to be in New York next week and are going to the parade. Yay! I am really excited but we’ll have our five kids (12-1) and I’d love any tips you might have for me. We’ll be staying in an apartment in the temple building (also so funny to say I’m staying at the temple but also yay!). I know the parade goes right by there so should we just stay there or is there a better spot to go to see it? I’m hoping to get up close and personal so my kids can see but I also know that it’s a long time for the kids to stand. I know you love the parade and always do it with your kids so any advice (time to get there?) you might have would be so much appreciated!

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