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Handmade Christmas: Baby Doll

I found this tiny baby and a pattern book for it in Ogden Utah this summer on the road trip.  Then I found this little pink bed with red bedding at the local Slovak gift store in my neighborhood for $20- Together I was inspired to make a postage stamp quilt and afghan and little bloomers for the baby.

I need to make baby more than just that, but I ran out of time.  Pickle’s Handmade Christmas:





Back to School Craft

Transitioning to a new middle school is emotional!  That first week for Phoebe was difficult.  I approach most painful situations in my life with meditation in the form of fiber arts.  This always helps me to focus and see things more clearly.

One afternoon, it came to me that she needed to keep her hands and heart busy while she worked through her feelings.  We decided to make special magnets for each of the girls in her class, to hang in their lockers.  We worked hard for hours at this and she picked out a color scheme for each girl.  It was therapeutic for all of us.

A few days later she hid them in each girl’s locker and they were well received. It was the perfect thing to do that first week of school.


Iceland: Wool

IMG_2530Icelanders love their wool.  I knew I needed to go on a yarn crawl, and I was not disappointed! This is my yarn crawl in Iceland outfit!

We visited the Handknitting Association of Iceland to try on some sweaters.  The girls and I knitted on to their piece at the front of the store. Knitters from all over signed the log after knitting a few rows!

handknittingThere was a great selection of sweaters and yarn there but I didn’t buy anything.  They had a few DAM trolls wearing their sweaters. I used to collect DAM brand trolls as a kid and seeing these brought me WAY back…..I saved a few, but they are lost somewhere in my parents house…I may need to get one.

handknitting2Our next stop was Storkurinn.

stork yarnThis store was the most like stores in the USA.  I felt like I was in the USA when I was here.  It was organized and clean and beautiful.  I loved the wall hangings above the register: various sized tiny balls of yarn in similar colorways all organized in a circle.  I bought a skein here that reminded me of the colors I was seeing in Iceland–a lot of mustard yellow and purple.

little knitting shopNext we headed to THE LITTLE KNITTING SHOP.  I fell in love with the display of buttons and bought 5000 krona worth.  I loved the green dress in the window and the beautiful red velvet couch.  There was also a basket of toys for the wee ones to play with–brilliant! If I lived in Reykjavik, this might be my store.

On our way to the final stop, we headed to A4 to see some fabric that I had seen on a blog.  The price seemed too high for me (though I might have been wrong as I was still learning the krona to dollars ratios and wasn’t sure if it was just for a yard or whatever), so I just focused on the selection of lopi they had. This is where I got my 50g balls because it seemed like the best price I had seen so far.  I was surprised to see a whole crafting section in this office supply store.

Finally we stopped by Alafoss.  This store mostly had lopi, the Icelandic wool yarn.  Though I’m not a huge 100% wool fan for my fiber arts, I had to get the authentic wool from Iceland and knit something with it! I had already gotten several balls at A4, but Lolly spotted some NEON in 100 gram balls, so I went for it.

A1 allafossShe and Phoebe designed some items for themselves based on items they saw for sale in this store, and it ended up being the perfect souvenir! Yarn!

IMG_2672Thanks to my cousin Jana who sent me over to this blog with all the yarn store recommendations.  And thanks to my family for supporting my passion.  Here is the stash I brought home…could you die over those sweet wooden buttons?






East Meets West: Yarn Bombing

We had such a fun time Yarn Bombing Across America.  We tried to leave our mark wherever we could, and we found some really fun places to leave a swatch or two.

yarn bombTHANK YOU to everybody who contributed swatches!  It was so fun to spread our yarny love.

tree ybThe most thrilling for me was to happen upon other Yarn Bombing.  I couldn’t believe Cheyenne had a fence around the corner from our hotel that was crochet flower bombed!  It was TOTALLY meant to be that my friend Kelly happened to see this granny-square-bombed museum a few weeks before I arrived…and I think my cousin told me about Pittsburgh bombing their bridge… AMAZING!

ybVisiting these places and local yarn stores was a true highlight for this fiber artist.  I didn’t get NEARLY the knitting/crocheting done on this trip that I wanted to, but that is A-OK.

Yarn Store: Kentucky

I wanted to visit 3 different stores, but logistics only allowed for one! I chose the one with my favorite name.

Magpie Yarn!

Check out this lady who was dressed for something not in New York City. Turns out she was helping at Rolex…I loved her whole look. She said she tries to knit and do something with horses every day—keeps her happy.

I loved the yarn I found. One of them reminded me of the landscape on our drive from Lexington to Louisville.

kentucky 1
I made a turban with it!


Knit: Collage Hat


I made another hat using purlbee’s trusty pattern.  I love the neon green flowers and pom-pom.  These hats knit up so quickly and it’s fun to see what the skein will turn out to be!

Yarn Bomb: Giraffe

When Carrie was here she had her eye out for anything GIRAFFE for her daughter’s upcoming 10th birthday.  We kept hitting and missing: Too young, too weird, too meh.  At the Brooklyn Flea we found this plastic giraffe and she passed on it.  For some reason I could NOT stop thinking about that giraffe.  I even went back to the Flea the next weekend to try to find it (I know, cuhrazy). I was UNSUCCESSFUL.

I turned to EBAY and got the perfect giraffe.  I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.  I pulled out the Lion Brand sparkly bon-bons in PARTY and CELEBRATE (that Lion Brand gifted me last month), and started yarn-bombing the spots off that giraffe.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she turned out.  I was so excited about her that I shipped her off to Princess without properly photographing her.  Thank goodness iphone cameras are pretty decent.  Bon-bons are so fun because you can do lots of little projects like this.  I feel like this giraffe is JUST RIGHT.