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We call him The “Coo”

Jason’s plan was to work really hard for the next decade and hopefully reach the position of Chief Operating Officer of his firm.

In January, when the current COO unexpectedly left his position, he filled in as the interim until last week, when he was officially made GMAM’s Vice President of Operations….in other words, Chief Operating Officer. So, we call him The Coo over here at the Posse Pad.

Basically what this means is that he hit a stroke of luck (what does Oprah say? Luck is when opportunity meets preparation?), and fast forwarded about a decade.

We are really proud of him and know he is SUPER Fancy….like Fancier than the rest of us.  And we are TOTALLY cool with that.   I have a feeling a Glass Guild Award is in his future.


More Work

Here is art imitating life. I actually own an epipen, and thankfully, the only time I have had to use it was here in this video.

How to Use Epipen


A note on hand-modeling: A job like this, especially when there is a lot of action, can be extremely tedious.  I had to lean over a table in such a way that my abdominal muscles were contracting for hours as we tried to get each shot.  It is a physically daunting job, hand modeling.  Another challenge is to not shake.  When it got near to lunch time, I did start shaking, so they rigged the pen to a stand so that it looked like I was holding it, but really I was not.  After I got some food, the shaking stopped.

Read more about it here.

Voice Over

There are a few branches of the entertainment business that I would love to branch out too, but I haven’t been able to find the time and energy and wherewithal to just go for it.

One of these branches is voice over work.  I have just recently spliced together a little reel of some voice over stuff I have done for on-camera work, but it’s just sitting on my hard drive as a garage band file right now. I’ve done diddly squat with it.

This past week I was contacted by a composer and engineer who saw me in concert in November, who needed a singer for a project he was working on.  His company gets hired by clients to compose music for a variety of projects.  For this particular project, the client presented the commercial to them in comic-book strip form (this is often the format I am given before an audition to get a feel for the spot…a storyboard), and gave them the lyrics for the jingle and the vibe for the vocal artist.

5 composers then compose the jingle and present it to the client.  In theory the client loves one and chooses it!  I was hired to learn and record one of these jingles.  I got there and was handed a lyric sheet and no sheet music.  I am SO not accustomed to learning by ear, but after singing it through with the composer about 20 times, I felt I had it, and we went into the studio to record it.  The whole process took about 45 minutes.

One of his fellow composers had a last minute cancellation of his vocal talent, so I then had to go record his.  I was handed the exact same lyric sheet, so I had to wipe my brain free of the first melody and learn a second melody, again by ear.

I had such a fun time singing, recording and getting to know these guys! I want to do more of this work! MORE! MORE! MORE! I don’t even care if it’s not picked and I don’t end up with residuals, I just want to learn new stuff and practice recording!

Speaking of recording, I recorded this last week too, thankfully all of this before this nasty sinus infection I have hit me!

Brooke & Me

I spent a day on set for Lazboy while Ms. Shields shot the commercial.  I was originally called back to play an interior designer (I haven’t seen that ad hit the air yet), and when I didn’t book it, they asked me to be an extra.  I was happy to do it because commercial extra work is WAY worth it compared to film, and I wanted to get in front of the director.

It was a long day, but I had a good time, scored a brand new suit, and now have this teeny tiny thumbnail to show my most up-to-date commercial work. Ha!

Interesting items: Ms. S has a bodyguard (even when she’s inside a trailer in a lazboy store parking lot in Westchester County NY, where nobody is going to bug her), wore Uggs when not in her heels, was barefoot in the above shot, had a body double for the hand shots, and seemed very nice and down to earth.

Check out the commercial here. It’s called NO PRESSURE.


I don’t know if you get this, but I am always juggling and negotiating my schedule, social outings, babysitters-as-needed, school pickups, and being where I need to be on time and with a smile (and lipstick) on my face!  I plan everything with an asterisk next to it. *MAY need to change that, please be flexible.

Recently I was offered a job to wrangle on the same day that I had volunteered to go on a field trip with Lolly.  I passed on the job even though they replied with: “they are really leaning on the day of your field trip”  (as opposed to this other day they wanted me to hold.)  I passed and said I was putting family first this time, and didn’t want to miss the field trip.

Then along comes a little callback for a company that has hired me before, and which could mean a much bigger job then the wrangling job, and the callback is on the same day as the field trip.  The degree of this job is much greater than the wrangling job.  If I hadn’t passed on the wrangling job, I would have missed the callback.  BUT, since I passed on the job for good reason (Mommyhood), I am now available for the very important callback.

I am very disappointed to miss the field trip, but Lolly knows no better because I rarely promise things to my kids because I so often have to change plans, so she never knew I was going in the first place.  Attending the callback today at 10:40 AM is meant to be. Please send good vibes to Lolly (who is sans mom, don’t worry, trying to go on NEXT week’s field trip) and to me too.  It would be nice to book a 2nd commercial in 2010!!!

Job Requirement

My agent called with an audition, telling me I was going to play Santa Claus.  He was a little vague on whether or not it was literal or figurative, so I planned for both.

I have been obsessed with this shop, ever since I saw a pink felt beard there, so I figured I could make my own beard for the audition. And I did.

I pulled out the old sewing machine and fashioned a beard, then Carrie said it needed a mustache too, so I pulled out some duct tape and wire. DONE!

I had my Santa outfit all ready to go for the audition, but when I got there I was just meant to be me, so I stuck with my pink skinnies, a black band jacket and my curly hair.  Apparently I was auditioning to be in this contest at sears.

I haven’t seen any auditions go up on the site that seem to have been recorded in the room where I was, but maybe they are still deciding.  I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t use my beard, but it was fun making it anyway.

Work, Work, Work

Thankfully the posse has finished out the summer strong!  I had my first booking with my temporary teeth which was big–BIG for me!

I was cast as the mother to 2 teenagers. What the what? I knew that day would come, but this soon?  My husband was 45, son, 18 and daughter, 13.  I thought maybe I would be hip mom, but they did a great job making me up to be very Mom-my.  Oh well, it’s a job!

I will let you know when to start keeping your eye out for all these jobs.  It will be fun to see who spots it first!