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Day 45: East Meets West

Today was the wedding day!  One of the reasons the road trip was born was because Coco set her wedding date and location so close in proximity to my already planned California trip.  And just like that the day came and went.

Both Coco and Reilly are the youngest of 4 and 5 children, so it was a big wedding.  The ceremony was lovely and we all shed a little tear as we sat and reflected on not only their marriage but also our marriages.

The wedding was held in the Brigham City Temple in Utah.  This is the town where my grandparents grew up and the Brigham City Temple just opened. We toured it last year before it was operating.  The temple seems so big compared to the others we have visited…I think maybe because the ground are tiny so you can only stand right there next to it.

The reception was in the Maddox Lodge.  It was quite rustic and the food (especially the rolls and RASPBERRY BUTTER) was delicious.  We ate, had an open mic, danced and saw the newlyweds off with ribbon wands!  There were a few surprises up our sleeves…the one that I planned was a surprise group number featuring Reilly’s new brothers-in-law on Coco’s side.  He is a big Josh Turner fan, so this was the perfect song:

A few snaps:weddinfdg

Today’s Badge brought to you by Derek!  His Son presented it to the girls after the festivities today, The Swimming Badge:



Day 44: East Meets West

Everyday I have to check the blog to see what day it is. Today is Day 44.

I am so tired right now, but I know I have to keep up.


Wake Up.


Nails done with the wedding party and the seesters at the Brigham City Cosmetology School which as you can imagine was a hoot and a half to the players inside this head of mine.  Where am I? This is America.


g No matter the atmosphere and quality of work, it was quality being together.

After that we had lunch and the girls swam and weddinged while Pickle slept. And then guess what?

Jason showed up!


It was SO good to see him. Like, SOOOOOOO good.

This afternoon we ran errands. I sent a package home via UPS of the various items we have acquired along our journey and the camping gear. It was a cool $100- THAT’S how big it was….57 pounds. Bessie will be much easier to pack now.

Tonight was the Fiesta for Coco and Reilly.  Pickle wore her first french braid.  Reilly’s family did a beautiful job hosting and we ate delicious Mexican food and had a wonderful time together.  We are pretty psyched for the BIG DAY TOMORROW!  I can’t find the bobbi pins though, so my victory rolls are currently at a high threat.  I hope Walmart is open early.

Aw…Baby Sister Coco:






Day 43: East Meets West

The days are so jam packed that when I look at the day before I am in awe that it was just yesterday.

This morning we had the hotel breakfast (wah-wah) and then while Pickle took a nap the Bigs went swimming!  I got ready for the day and as soon as P woke up, we headed to the Cache County Fair.

I love a county fair.  This is true.

After wandering through the arts and crafts and baked goods, we found the pony rides!  Pickle rode her first pony–her emotions landed somewhere in between a little apprehensive and a little excited. I was so proud of her for not freaking out, because I could tell she considered it.  She loved the spotted dachsie at the pony rides better than the ponies.

After that we watched a lamb show.  It was so cool to see those kids handle those sheep.  I ended up seeing one of the little handlers after the show and asked her all about it.  She practiced almost everyday with that lamb and named it Lucky.  I asked her about Lucky’s fate and she said: slaughterhouse….so I guess that name is full of irony.

43The pigs were the laziest, most enormous beasts I have ever seen! And stinky!

Lunch was a beautiful thing.  Pickle and I shared the most deliciously sweet corn–she just devoured it, so I had to get another one.  I had some veggies from a dutch oven as well.  The girls had their first taste of carnival as I let them spend 10 tokens each.  They were both after a little prize at the games and came out winning a little stuffed something.

42On our way home everyone passed out in the car.  Since we arrived at the hotel with everyone sleeping, I settled in for a much needed 20 minute nap, which actually made me feel quite refreshed.  After a delicous and inexpensive meal at Old Gristmill, it was time for things to really rev up.

44  We asked the manager of the hotel if we could make use of the breakfast room, and he agreed.  As each family members started arriving in the evening, they entered the room and we all cheered for them.


There is so much family, this hotel is bursting at the seems.  We played games for hours and had a window into the pool where many of the family members swam.  This is going to be a fun weekend.



In-Between Shoes

When I went to LA this past fall I noticed a lot of TOMS shoes walking around.  Every time I saw someone in a pair, I’d have a flash of some I had seen the summer before in NYC.  Toms aren’t the heartiest winter shoes, so I doubt I’ll see a pair again until the spring.

Anyway, as I was thinking about the wedding day and the many events, and my 4-inch heels, I found myself desiring a second pair of shoes to wear in-between events, or when the heels just became too much.  I contemplated moccasins for a long time.  I would search zappos and endless over and over again and nothing seemed to click.

Then I remembered all those TOMS shoes and how I considered them to be very “LA”, so I hopped on over to the site and found a black glitter pair!  I bought them up and let the Actor’s Fund pay for them since I am currently “unemployed”…let’s face it, I’m unemployed most of the year.

I was totally validated in my choice of glitter TOMS when one of the bridesmaids had the same idea!

I’m not sure when I will ever wear my black glitter Toms again…maybe they will become my house shoes.  At least, through purchasing them another person got a new pair of shoes too!

The Reception

Team Guerrero put on a lovely wedding reception for Sam and Jennika. Check out their names cut out of that tissue paper? My mom worked some apron magic for the reception team, they looked so cute. My favorite part was the cranberry pomegranate sparkling juice that I sipped out of my mason jar with a striped straw.

The photo booth in the lobby was a fantastic way to create a guest book. We visited just a few times.

It was a wonderful way to ring in the New Year, celebrating our dear boy. We lit sparklers and saw them off to drive away into the dark (yeah, the sun was already down.)

A Keepsake

We all know that I get rid of things fairly quickly around here.  The flower girl dresses are probably not going to survive too long.  I did want the girls to have a keepsake from the experience, so I turned to my good friend etsy.

This seller made the dress.  This seller made the shoes.

San Diego Temple

My little brother married a California girl.  She wanted to be married in one of the most beautiful temple’s I have seen, the San Diego Temple.  The wedding was in the morning at 9 AM on New Year’s Eve.  A friend of mine in SoCal introduced me to a stylist who came to our hotel and did the girls hair and then delivered them to the temple while we attended the wedding ceremony.

It was a beautiful ceremony that reminded me of our wedding 12ish years ago: A teenage bride, excited about building a future with her handsome groom.

Phoebe was the same age as my youngest sister Courtney was at my wedding.  She was most upset that she could not attend the wedding ceremony.  I think she loved being a flower girl though.  Here they are with their cousin fellow-flower girls. I bought the sweaters as a just-in-case scenario, and I am so glad I did because it was chilly!

Without any instruction Lolly took it upon herself to carry the bride’s train around.  I think she saw that in a movie somewhere, because she thought it was her job.  It was so sunny for photos, that it will be a miracle of my girls have their eyes open in any of them.  They had a much better time at the luncheon and reception later in the day.