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When I was in high school, I got a chance to play Edwin Drood in The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  It was such an awesome experience for all of us because none of us had been exposed to this piece and it was truly unique.  There is audience participation and different endings depending on the audience vote and a play within a play and it is all sorts of fun.

Imagine my delight when I found out one of my besties got cast in the Broadway version of Drood, covering Chita Rivera as Princess Puffer.  I was so excited when I found out she was going on for Ms. R, and promptly bought my ticket.

drood 1

I wasn’t sure if I would remember the piece or not, but of course everything came rushing back to me.  I loved being reminded of NO GOOD CAN COME FROM BAD and PERFECT STRANGERS and I HAVE READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL.  I loved it.

drood 2

Alison playing Chita was trippy.  It was obvious the production was lit to highlight the famous veteran of the theatre.  In every stage tableau, Alison was in the center.  There was one song in which she sat on a chair the entire time–clearly the song was blocked for an 80-year-old woman, not Alison.  She did well with it and I loved seeing her play Puffer.

It’s open for a few more months, I highly recommend it. Will Chase (who I knew nothing about before going) was worth the price of admission.  What a talent!  His patter song with Jim Norton was so impressive, and Betsy Wolfe can SANG…. I need to see more theatre!



Look, I fantasize about playing a Disney Princess at Disneyland. And yes, I have been an official Disney Princess, and it was extra special because it was an original princess.  However, I still long to STILL be one still.




And the one I am to be has finally arrived on the scene:

When I saw Tangled, I was completely surprised by the glorious ending! And now, guess who I want to be for Halloween.

Well, to be honest, it’s between post-haircut Rapunzel and an Oompa-Loompa.


Photo recap

A photographer dropped by the show a few weeks ago and captured a few images of the 1st Grade teacher taking her kids to the Met:

Don’t you feel like you were there now?

I’m selling the dress part of my costume. It’s full price on the racks at Anthropologie right now. Go try on a size 4 and let me know if you want to buy it from me at a discount. I’ll wait to see if I get any responses before putting it on ebay…

Check out Biz Urban Photography for more of Biz’s photos.

Together this Time

Last week I starred in the reading of Together this Time, that I have been working on for about a year now, here and there. It was way fun to be singing again with such talented performers and writers!

The best part: Jason came! And some of my bffs. It was so great to share what I have been working on, with them! Even Lollz and Phoebz got to see a few minutes of rehearsal. We rehearsed in a too-tiny room and Lolly kept asking where the stage was and what was behind the (sound barrier) curtain. “Is the stage BEHIND that curtain?”

It’s been a bit of a juggling act with various rehearsals and performances going on, but everybody has done really well and I have enjoyed every second of it!

American Idiot

Lolly had been absent from school for a few days last week, so when I returned on Monday and her teacher looked me right in the eye and told me the kids were going to American Idiot, my jaw dropped.

My only exposure to American Idiot was on the grammy’s and something about the band green day and the costumes and makeup just told me it was a strong possibility that American Idiot was not going to be appropriate for a pre-k class.

Very quickly it was cleared up that the class was going to visit the theatre and learn about the set etc., since the set designer’s child is in the class.  On the morning of the field trip I found myself with a little extra time, so I jumped on that yellow bus and made my way over to the St. James Theatre with the rest of them.

I have had my share of backstage tours, but I have to say, this set is probably the most incredible I have seen.  The tiny model alone was so intricate and detailed and it was the perfect introduction to the kids and adults alike, before we actually stepped in the house and beheld it.  It’s too bad the audience can’t sit and stare at it pre-show to take it all in (I’m assuming the curtain is drawn at the top of the show).  I imagine if their first exposure to it is met with actors, musicians and lights they hardly get a chance to pick up the extraordinary details.

Seeing it far away is one thing: 4 stories tall, 43 working televisions, a hanging car (that was bought off ebay, driven to the theatre, died halfway there, eventually towed and then met it’s fate with a saw….right down the middle), giant speakers, posters lining the walls, and instruments.

Mounting the stage and looking at it close-up was an entirely different experience: the details of the set are incredible. The smallest of objects set on shelves and in corners to help the actors feel the reality of where they are and what they’re doing.  There is graffiti all over the set and in the bathroom set on stage that the actors participated in producing…the audience also gets a chance to write on the walls as they enter and exit the theatre.

After they sat on the stage and looked at the up-close details, they then walked downstage, faced the seats and sang a song.  I insisted they do it again and louder and retarding in some places, holding out long notes and ending with a little jazz hands.  Lolly was totally into singing it loud for the upper mezzanine to hear, her friend put her fingers over ears and ducked her head in her coat.

The class got to go into the star’s dressing room. It was surprisingly simple and bare.  I spoke outloud, “I wonder if he knows a whole class of 5-year-old’s traipsed through his room today,” but the staff responded that he wouldn’t mind in the least….which was cool. I was pretty proud of those kids as they refrained from touching.  There were more chords in one place then I have ever seen, and lots of makeup and props backstage.  I only saw Lolly reach out one finger and slowly brush it on a pair of costume pants that were hanging up backstage.  The restraint!

Needless to write, my children will probably never see this show. I may not even see it, but the experience was pretty amazing and I made sure to take a pic of Lolly on stage at the St. James theatre, just in case she finds herself back there someday.


I have been working on this piece and selections from it since last spring.  It’s been really fun. Lucky for me I get to sing a bunch and get caught in a love triangle! I think you’ll find it entertaining! The cast and band are fantasmic!

“Together This Time”
Book by Zac Kline
Music by Andrew Heyman
Lyrics by Andrew Heyman & Zac Kline

Directed by Jonathan Warman
Music Direction by Tyler Phillips
Featuring: Kristy Glass, Kasey Marino, Aubyn Peterson, Elysia Segal, Stephen Stocking & Paul Wyatt

Together This Time is a new rock musical that follows novelist Jay Allen Jones as his quest to reconnect with both his girlfriend and his art leads him on a journey between real life and fiction.

Jay’s obsession with the perfect world he’s created for fictional 18-year-old Jamie Gower drives a wedge in his relationship with Emily, his girlfriend and editor, and when she finally leaves Jay to reclaim her life and career in New York, both his and Jamie’s lives in Colorado begin to crumble. Now in order to win her back Jay must return to New York and accept success, finish his book and let go of Jamie, and allow himself to love and be loved in return.

This reading is part of Emerging Artists Theatre’s “Illuminating Artists: Notes from a Page” new works series. There will also be a short talkback after the show!

Tickets: $10 @ http://www.brownpapertickets.com/producerevent/102779?prod_id=15912

More info:

For a sneak peek at some of the songs in the show, visit Andrew Heyman’s youtube page @ http://www.youtube.com/andrewheymanmusic


Yup, that’s me, about to yawn.

I’ve kept my stress down and my energy high this week.

2 wrangling jobs, rehearsing two shows, opening 1.

I don’t even know what my kids have been eating…though there is an open carton of whoppers floating around.

I DO know the house is a wreck and I have only worked out once this week.

I’m running around a lot though.

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And here’s a shout out to my cast:

Phoebe is dying to busk in the park tomorrow to raise money for her school, so I think we’ll do that in the morning.

I think cleaning the house is going to have to wait for another day, unless Jason and the girls decide that sounds like a fun thing to do.

See this outfit I’m wearing? Anyone want to buy it? It will be for sale after the run is over….brand-new anthro dress and sweater. Let me know! The sweater detail is crocheted bumblebees…how cute is that?