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All the World’s a Stage

An empty subway car means—time for an acrobatics or pop star show!  Ready–go!


People Watching

The doors opened and in walked a couple, who caught my attention because they seemed so regimented.  One step onto the train, stop right in front of the doors, attend to smartphone.  By the way they were concentrating on their phones I immediately pegged them as important business people.  I was astonished at how many emails they were already pouring through so early in the morning.  So engrossed were they in their work, that they didn’t even notice the people encroaching upon them for an upcoming exit.

It was not until almost the last second that the man crossed over to the other side of the train.  He saw that some seats were open and asked: “Wanna sit down?”  Without a word they did sit down.  I made my way over to sit right next to them and videotaped them.  I then saw that they were not working at all, but playing video games.  I found this hilarious.  They played until their subconscious told them it was time to transfer.  They never noticed me.

Without a word they walked single-file to their spot on the next subway platform.

To be fair, I did not capture on video a short word exchange and an embrace that happened on the platform just before they pulled their phones out again.  It was so quick, I didn’t have time to hit RECORD.  They waited for the train side by side and even entered the train with their phones still in hand.  They found seats and continued on their journey wordless, in a world of games.

Watching these two fascinated me because I made up in my head that they were a married couple without children who had a similar energy and were quite compatible.  I wondered if time with my husband sans kids would ever be wasted that easily.  In our lives now we have so little alone time, that we usually chat on the subway, and if we have nothing to say we probably stare at each other….if we aren’t fighting about the best route to take (we haven’t done that in a while though huh honey?)  Either way, we have never sat next to each other for that long engrossed in something completely outside of US.

People Watching

Welcome to a new post series for 2011.  PEOPLE WATCHING.

I shamelessly stare at people and then take their picture, especially when I am on the train.

When this gal sat down, her smile engaged me so.  The way she stared straight ahead, I thought for sure she could see her boyfriend through the train on the other platform.  I turned to look, and didn’t see anyone, but figured I just couldn’t identify who it was.

When the train started going and she continued to move her head from side to side, I figured the only person she was looking at was herself.  I recognized this smile and nod motion (repeated several times) from my own children.  They cannot have a conversation eye-to-eye if the blinds in my front room are up, because they get too distracted by their gorgeous reflection in the window.  Nor can they concentrate in their music lessons if the black pianos are polished too a shine, because their faces reflected back in the black body of the piano, is just to much for them.

I thought it was a kid thing, but apparently, when you grow up, you can just as easily get distracted by your gorgeousness:

She did stared at herself for like 4 stops.

Old Spice

I love this commercial, so I was way pleased to have this subway announcer the other day, who reminded me of the old spice guy.

Subway Exercise

Lolly acts like she hates riding the train, but she has made it a whirlwind of fun.  I swear I have NEVER exposed her to real pole dancing, she’s just come up with it all on her own.

This past weekend she graduated from only being able to climb the pole with her rubber boots, to being able to climb it with her bare sticky ankles and flip-flops alone.  Now that’s strengthening your core.


Life gets a bit crazy busy. 2 days working when I wasn’t planning on it = a bit crazy.

So, all I can say is that I found a sweater on the subway today and I thought about turning it into the lost & found, only it was my size, and cute and didn’t look like it came from a scary less-than-hygienic person…and since I have BEEN to the subway lost & found and can’t picture this sweater EVER being reunited with it’s owner, I decided to become the new owner.

I did the same thing with a $5- dollar bill I found on the sidewalk about 3 weeks ago. These things happen. I have given away several umbrellas, a pair of iphone earbuds, an iphone case, a Chanel lipstick (do you think anyone would use it? It was pretty new and such a great shade), and then there was the stuff stolen from me. It’s just part of life. Funny thing, I dropped the sweater on the way home–I think it’s trying to get away.

I’ve been reading Anna Karenina on and off for a while, and there are 3 dots left on the kindle timeline. I just looked it up on amazon, 864 pages…I still haven’t figured out why it’s “so great.”

Being on set makes me eat too much.

I love my new blender.

My foot still hurts. Remember? I broke it 6 months ago. I am working out 5-6 times a week now, might have something to do with it, but I will not jog on the pavement, I’m taking it as easy as I can. So, why the tenderness?  PS (lesson: If God had said to me: Kristy, you’re gonna break your foot this year, and so I just wanted to know, when would be the best time for you?  I would have answered: the very day it happened.  Seriously, I know it was the holidays and I had two trips, but work-wise and weather-wise….it couldn’t have been timed better, He’s watching out for us).

Why are all these end-of-the-school-year activities taking place when we still have 4 SOLID weeks of school left? Well, Lolly is out in 2 (AAAAAAAH!!!!!), but it feels like the world’s LONGEST wind down.

Do you enjoy when I am random? Now, go vote already…don’t worry, I’ll keep reminding you.

5/28/10 postscript:

I turned the shirt into the lost and found after I washed it and found the sleeves to be too short, and then the next day I lost my second iphone case….I hope someone finds it and takes good care of it, because I am not checking the MTA lost & found.

The Climb

She’s been practicing for a week, and today, she reached the top!