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Accentuate the Positive

In the spring the school where my kids attend have a series of pep rallys.  A few of my friends decided to get together a little trio for one of these rallys.  It was really fun to come together and develop our sound.  We had opera, folksie and broadway girl trying to blend as best we could.

I think it turned out pretty good.  We hope to do a fundraising concert of our tunes in the near future.  The night before our morning gig, I was flossing my teeth and out popped my crown.  I freaked out and then tried really hard to gather myself.  I called my Dad and he told me to just put it back in.  I wore my bite plate around until it was time to sing and I prayed that it would stay in for the 4 minute song.

It did!

Then I ran 5ish miles with my bite plate in and finally made it to the dentist to get it glued back in.  Today is supposed to be the day I get it PERMANENTLY cemented in. Let me tell you though, the damage has been done, I don’t know if I will ever feel confident my teeth will stay in my head.

Next up, a little septoplasty.  There’s always something.



A Concert

For those of you just tuning in to the blog, I have a daughter named Lolly who can be equally raunchy as she is enchanting.  The most fun (sarcarsm) times are when she bounces back and forth between them, she’s a moody little thing (yes, we know where she gets it from). : )

The Raunchy Lolly flares up when it’s time to get ready and go somewhere important.  She senses a shift of energy from calm and balanced to probably ME…I’m sprucing up, getting dressed, paying attention to my face and my clothes (and not her), and so she starts acting out.  It’s a formula that does not change, but I am going to try to get better at adding a different ingredient so that we avoid Raunchy Lolly.

This particular evening she started having a fit about two pieces of her outfit: her tights and her bow belt.  Now, I did not spring this outfit on her. She tried it on-a few different versions, and also wore the tights and the dress just the day before for her flute concert, so I prepared her well for the moment when she would wear it for real.  I tried several responses:

~Don’t do this. I let you wear tons of different outfits that you pick out every day, all the time, I am picking it out when it’s a performance.

~You look like a present-it’s a bow! A present! It’s Christmas! get it?

~Just think of it as a costume.

~You can take it off as SOON as you’re done singing.

~Listen lady, we are getting paid to perform (lie), and remember when you do a little job the rules are that you wear whatever the people want you to wear? WELL, the girl who is in charge of this and asked us to sing, emailed me to tell me specifically that she wanted you to wear those shoes, those tights, that dress, sweater and belt, (lie) and so because we are getting paid to do a job (lie), we are professional, and we do what the boss says.

That seemed to shut her up.

It was seriously so stressful, and then as soon as we were in the cab she was la-la-la Lolly again.


Luckily I’ve had lots of practice with this, so I shook it off.

Once we got to the concert everything seemed to go fine.  The girls and I regrouped during the number before ours. I was in the foyer straightening belts, putting hair behind ears and fixing headbands, when this little girl, who was probably around 11 years old, and looked like an older version of Phoebe, came walking over to Lolly and said all spunky and authoritative-like:

“Do you know what I would do with this outfit you’re wearing? First, I would take the sweater and put it on the OUTSIDE of the bow….”

I interrupted her just then saying who-knows-what, but my look and my tone seemed to get her out of the picture because she quickly retreated.  I didn’t have time to explain the Raunchy-Lolly-Getting-Dressed-Situation from earlier that evening, and I was trying to concentrate on getting ready to perform.

And perform we did, Do You Hear What I Hear? Arranged by John Andrew Tarbet:

Believe it or not, we did have a soundcheck, in which my microphone was indeed plugged in. I feel bad Phoebz mic wasn’t hot enough…but it was a down-to-the-minute production with some details falling through the cracks…like, plugged in microphones. ; )

I’m always pleased to perform with my girls, and so glad the pressure of instrument-playing and pleasing teachers was OUT of the mix this night. I hope that performing together is a tradition that never fades away for us.

Don’t Forget…


It’s FREE and the girls and I are going to *hopefully* look and sound like a million bucks! Our rehearsal went really well and I am sure Lolly will bring an antic or two to the table.

December 4th at 6:30 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: 125 Columbus Avenue New York, NY, 3rd Floor.

We will be singing this, only it will be 2 years more mature, which, for this particular crowd, makes a big difference! :

A Concert

After a long day of travel, and fearing I might not make it home to sing, I did make it! Just in time!

My voice held out through my cold with just a tiny bit of stubborn phlegm hanging on to a few low notes.  I then spent the next day in bed again to try for some more recuperation.

My friend Jonathan tried on my mink, and commented that my gown was very Harry-Potter Villain-ness, which, of course, I took as a compliment.

I borrowed the black flower from Lolly, and Phoebe suggested red lipstick, so I was grateful to have those decisions made for me.  I even scored another gig out of it, so please come see me in concert on December 4th at 6:30 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: 125 Columbus Avenue New York, NY

If you still want to purchase my music to have at home, the 25% off link is still up!

It’s free! (the concert that is, not the CD)

Up to

I’ve been up to a wedding this weekend. Singing for a friend I have had since middle school.  She was so stunning and I was lucky I sang late in the ceremony or I would have been a hot mess.

I took my Mom with me as my date, and we ate yummy food, met some cool people and then ate chocolate chipper cookies from panera bread on the way home from the reception.  While there, we sat dreaming about our favorite boy getting married in just a few short weeks…and how exciting it will be when Mom and Sam do their mother-son dance to a Ricky Martin song. (Now that it’s on the interwebs, you HAVE to do it.)

Could she be more gorgeous? This is my friend who is fashionable to a T and pays attention to every detail with grace and stability and she’s just amazing. Her asking me to sing makes it all the more complimentary, knowing her standards of excellence.  She had the bodice of her grandmother’s wedding dress refashioned into her dress.  It was so gorgeous. These photos are courtesy of the iphone, so not spectacular compared to LIVE!

I sang 5 pieces, and here my Dad has taken a little snippet of one of them.

I am fighting a cold–which creeped up on me yesterday (of course!), so since I am kidless, I may take the opportunity to sleep as long as possible and rest all day tomorrow, so that I can be in better voice for Monday’s concert.

Thanks for checking in, and don’t forget the giveaway!


Hello! I will be singing works by John Andrew Tarbet (the songs I sing on his site are what I am singing) at his concert on

Monday, November 22, 2010

8:00 PM

St. Peter’s Church

619 Lexington Ave. (at 54th St.)

Please come and watch!

Brand Spankin’ New

This year, to promote my Christmas Album, I have edited a music video for your enjoyment.

Ok…the real sampler is here.

Please consider putting me on your Christmas shopping list once again this year, or wait to enter the giveaway coming up next week for your chance to win one!