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Upcycled Cashmere Baby Blanket

I’m an aunt again! I have a new baby nephew!  I needed to make him a gift!cashmere 2I scored some deals on a few cashmere sweaters at the thrift shop a while back and tucked them away until I had enough to make a baby quilt.  I ordered a few more cashmere up cycle pieces on etsy and then went to work constructing my blanket.

After I finished the quilt top, I headed to the fabric store looking for the perfect backing.  I think I pictured something baby blanket soft, but ended up being drawn to this sweatshirt fabric.  I think it is a cool mix with the cashmere top, sweatshirt back and cashmere yarn ties.  I hope he likes it for the 2 seconds he is small enough to.

cashmere 1


Purlbee: Inside Out Bag

Last week Angela and I had a sewing night. We whipped up these inside out bags from the Purlbee blog.  I bought materials for the exact bag they had online, but then found some skull and knitting needles fabric.  We both agreed that was way cooler than polka dots.


This will make a great project bag this summer right?


Handmade Christmas: Pillow

This year my whole family was together, so we decided to do a gift exchange by pulling names out of a hat. This pretty much means that my family gets my sisters family with a few variations because of Sam, Jennika and CoCo.  Pickle got Uncle Nate, so she needed some help.

I often turn to Etsy for inspiration, searching things I know about the recipient.  In this instance, I searched his company name: General Mills and when I saw this vintage flour sac for sale, I knew I had to make a pillow.  When it arrived I suddenly became inspired to embroider the doughboy himself onto the sack and then I saw I had some extra neon jewels in the bag with the neon floss and the finishing details were born!

pillow 1

I found clip art of the doughboy and just hand-drew him onto the sac based on what I saw on the screen. After I embroidered over it, I washed it so that the ink would disappear, then I sewed it together, adding a top stitch to sew that hole closed!

Voila!pillows 2

Isn’t it so good?  I feel like it is very professional looking and I sort of want to keep it.  Oops, Pickle already gave it to him for Christmas.

Handmade Christmas: PJ’s

Last summer I found 4 yards of this candy cane stripe fabric at a yarn store in IL for like 5 bucks. I was immediately inspired to make Christmas Jammies for my girls.  I wanted to make gowns, but it was only enough to make pants.  I used a pattern for the bigs and made up my own (with Carrie’s help, duh) for the mini.

I then embellished long-sleeved tee’s I got on old navy for around $2-, but still couldn’t find a tee for pickle.  When Lolly ripped her pair of red cozy pants, I decided to make one!  WHAT?

I used this tutorial from MADE and the t shirt from Courtney’s homecoming (torn apart…sorry everyone who might be mad at that) to make a pattern.  This tee looks so intimidating because of the overlapping flaps-but it’s seriously so easy!  When I started lining up my pattern I realized that the pants had stripes, so I centered them on the front, back and sleeves and used the waistband for my cuffs so that I didn’t have to hem any part of it!

I haven’t finished adding the trim and buttons to the pintucked(!) bib, but here it is!

The Bigs’ are all finished.  See below:


When I was growing up, the tradition was to open Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve.  Now that I am the Mom, I have decided getting Christmas PJ’s right after Thanksgiving is the thing to do, so that we can enjoy them the entire month!  I finished them in the NICK of time.

I Sew: Pom-Pom Cowl

I finally made myself a pom-pom cowl.  I picked out the pom-poms at Tinsel Trading Company and after visiting several fabric stores, finally settled on the aqua linen to go with it.  It was inspired by the monster on my living room wall, and then I saw that J Crew was digging the color combo too.  I have gotten lots of compliments on it, so I think it’s a home run! Thanks Purlbee for the tutorial!

I Sew: Skirts

Last spring I clipped a catalog photo of a striped pocket skirt I wanted to make for the girls. When I saw this striped fabric at purlsoho, I knew I was ready.  Thankfully, Carrie visited me this summer and helped me with a pattern for this pocket skirt.  She showed me how to make an extra special pattern for a little girl’s skirt, and bonus extra special for you is that her tutorial is online!

Whirrly Twirly Skirt Tutorial

I learned how to make a pattern, I learned a new waistband finish and used bias tape to hem it!  Yippee!  I think I sewed pretty straight on this one too.  I am getting a little better!

I’ve even convinced my family to use this fabric as inspiration for our big family photoshoot in October.  I think this skirt is good enough to appear in said photo!  Now I need to find just the right fall pieces to go with it!

Lolly rejected the striped fabric I picked out for her, but requested I make the same skirt in a floral print.

I sew: Liberty of London Skirt

After attending the Liberty of London launch party, I knew I wanted to do something with some fabric.  While Carrie was here I asked her to help me pick out some items.  This fabric with the neon elastic was the winner!  She wanted me to make a more flattering cut, but I was happy with my rectangle approach….it’s just to keep me cool in the summer!

The paperbag waist was difficult to do, because I had to pull the elastic as I sewed, but it was worth it, because when I didn’t do that, I couldn’t get it on!  I also discovered bias tape hemming with this skirt! What a wonder! Loved doing it!

Do you like my laundry in the photos?