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Jingle Bell Jog 2013

jbjThere was a great showing of costumes this year at the Jingle Bell Jog. I loved the guy in the top row, 3rd from left who PAINTED the stripes on his legs.  My favorite was the cream colored snowman on the 3rd row, 4th from the left.

jbj 4Sadly my foot surgeon did not give me permission to run this year.  I just chatted with a history professor at Bard while we waited for our loved ones to pass us!  This year was a great one for Phoebz and hard for Lollz.  Pickle hated every second of it.

jbj 5It was perfect weather though and I was SO wishing I could have run it!

jbj 2I only saw about 3 other Team Sparklers this year, but grabbed a few of them for a photo.  The woman with the Bigs was from the UK and was so impressed with the fast shipping. She told me she ordered turquoise visor, sleeves and skirt of the upcoming London Marathon. Well Done. Quite Right.

jbj 3A holiday tradition that I just love: The Jingle Bell Jog.


Electric Run

A few of my besties ran the Electric Run last month.  It was quite an experience.  We decided we are on the cusp of being “too old” for this event, as we smelled both cigarette AND marijuana smoke IN THE CORAL at the starting line. Also, I found the music to be a little….loud.

electric run

I had picked up our packets the day before, and the folks I saw in line to pick up packets didn’t exactly match the people I saw at the race.  People were dressed fantastically crazytown.  We just wore sparkle skirts, and I added a little neon pink eye makeup!

erun 2

That being said, the run itself was very exhilarating.  At first, all my senses had to adjust to the DARK.  At one point I tripped and almost TOTALLY bit it–so glad I didn’t!  It was very fun to see what cool LIGHT TRICK was coming up next.  So many people stopped for photo ops along the course.  I only snapped a few because my team wanted to actually RUN (we were in the minority!)

I loved the water station the best!

erun 3

Kentucky Marathon & miniMarathon

I had a severe lull in my working out self back in October through Christmas.  It was pretty bad.  Jason and I had committed to going to Louisville, KY for the Derby Marathon and miniMarathon back in April. As the reality of this race approached and the impending training that would have to go into it, I just felt a sense of dread.

Finally I sat down and looked at my calendar and tried to figure out the path of least resistance to the derby half.  I knew I needed a few elements to get me there.  1. A plan. 2. Team Players 3. An Outfit.


I planned to train much less this time around than for my first half.  I felt that I overtrained last time and I hurt a lot.  I decided on 3 runs a week and no workouts in between.  Literally, I did the bare minimum to train for this.  I also decided I wouldn’t train beyond 10 miles, as that seemed to be my downfall last time.  After that I reached out to some running buddies to see if I could run with anyone.  I ended up doing a 7 miler with Melissa and the Scotland Run with New York City.  Everything else was solo.

As for my outfit, I knew I had to do something horseish since it was for the derby minimarathon and a unicorn seemed the obvious choice.  I consulted with my sparkle skirt stylist, and she suggested I wear the new sample rainbow skirt to go with my unicorn theme. I then consulted the Anderson Clan (my Dad’s side of the family) for a vote on which Unicorn Tank Top I should wear. I wore their choice!

All of this was so lucky too, because Boston’s marathon mascot is the unicorn (who knew?), so it made running for Boston all that more meaningful. Plus I got to do a little crafting to make my tank JUST RIGHT for Boston.
derbhy2I started training in February and before I knew it, it was time.  I was so surprised at how fast (for me) I as running.  I was running just under 10-minute miles almost all the time.  I even made my 10 mile last run a 12 miler and felt great.

Running to music really helped me with my pace and kept my form strong. Also, running the shorter runs on the treadmill at slightly faster paces because baby girl was staring at me and threatening to cry really helped get my pace down (up?).

I just felt ready and strong and like this was going to be no big deal and there was very little anxiety or soreness or grief surrounding it.

The day of the race it was perfectly chilly, just right to wear the gloves I got in my swag bag and that was it.  At the last second I decided not to run with my belt and just take the water at the stations.  My strategy was to interact with all the spectators.  Any time I saw people in the distance, I would swerve to whatever side they were on and slap fives or egg them on because they weren’t cheering enough.  I saw way drunk frat boys, tiny families cheering a mom or dad on, a guy with an Illinois flag (3 times), giant heads of runners as signs, people on their porches, church members dancing and handing out oranges, a guy with a container of vaseline for whoever needed it, and on and on.

Wearing the unicorn horn was BRILLIANT because I got a lot of cheers and 2 Happy Birthdays, and a few skirt comments including a YOW from some dude who didn’t look like he was there to watch the marathon.  If I didn’t have the unicorn horn I am guessing I would have gotten skirt comments, but it was a ratio of 2: 50 skirt: unicorn.  Brooklyn Owl really needs to join forces with Team Sparkle.

I loved hearing the southern accents and seeing the beautiful Lousiville.  I had no idea we were running through Churchill Downs. We entered  the stadium and an enclosed area that stunk so bad—I thought—wow–all these runners’ body odors are getting stuck inside here—then I heard thunder and thought—oh here comes that rain.

Turns out–it was the smell and sound of horses! Mile 8 was my slowest mile because I was in awe of what I was seeing! That was the coolest part of the track for me.

Mile 11 was a little tricky too….I was getting cold on and off and was sad I never saw my family on the course! Apparently it was a grand effort by my sister but she could never find a road that wasn’t blocked off to get to us!  When I turned that corner to the finish–there they were!!! It was so wonderful to hear them cheering and now I had made it to be reunited with them. Ah  running—a metaphor for so much of life!

I shaved 12 minutes off my first half and felt SO SO SO proud of myself.  To top that off, both of my parents finished strong! And Jason got a new personal record shaving 4 minutes off of his marathon time. It was a grand grand day.


Scotland 10K


When I was plotting out my half marathon training, I discovered a 10K happening the same weekend I needed to run 9 miles.  I thought it might be easier to run, if 6.7 miles of that could be run with 20,000 other runners.

I planned it out so that I could run to the race and arrive right when it started. I got there at 7:58.  My plan would have been perfect if I wasn’t at the very back of the pack. I stalled for about 8 minutes, but it’s okay because I was so warmed up, I spent the first mile or so killing the slower runners.  It was fun to see men and women running in kilts and hear the bagpipes here and there.


My time this time around (my 3rd official 10K) was 1:01:28.  I knocked about 2 minutes off my previous times, which was not impressive to me at all.  But! Jason says it is still more impressive than “just 2 minutes” for a few reasons:

1. I ran 3.3 miles leading up to the 10K, including the beast (Queensboro bridge).

2. I ran Harlem Hill–also a beast.

I would add 3. I felt great the whole time…my body didn’t give out on me and I felt strong and swift….


4. I stopped to take a few pics, give my Bigs high Fives and kiss my baby.

I learned that Scotland’s colors are blue and white. who knew?

Yesterday during that almost 10 miles (9.75) was the first time I thought I could maybe train for a full marathon.  The training this time around has been far less brutal and I feel much faster.

I love running in the cold, but I am ready for a little warmth–come on spring.

This Again

I am back at it. Training for a half marathon. This time I am running a little less, in an effort to keep my foot and crazy recurring cyst happy and not OVER train and peak too soon. I hope it doesn’t backfire on me.  In general, it’s feeling really good to be training again and challenging myself to running faster on the shorter runs, and just enjoying the longer ones.

Derby Half–Here I Come!

Phoenix Marathon

pemeloThis is the first time I can remember going to Phoenix, AZ and not experiencing an extreme in temperature.  The last time I went 6 years ago, I brought winter with me.  My childhood memories include HOT, HOT and more HOT.

Our weekend was so pleasant and lovely. There was no difference between inside and out. Seamless.

I ate this Pomelo.  It was delicious.


The reason for our trip was to cheer for, run and experience the Phoenix Marathon.  Jason and his brother were both signed up. This was #6 for Jason and #1 for his brother.  Their finish times were about an hour apart, so it took some strategy to try to cheer for both of them.

before after

Shane and I sat down and mapped it all out based on their pace and figured that we could stay as a group and see both runners for almost the first half, and then we would have to split off.  I wanted to run Jason in the last 4 miles because I ALWAYS feel that urge when I see him at that point in the race, and I needed to run that anyway for my half marathon training.

Our plans went really well up until about mile 16…and then everything went to pot.

We had a traffic situation because of the marathon and got behind Jason.  I was dropped off around mile 21 and I was about 15-2o minutes behind him.  I took a few shortcuts, hitch-hiked twice and finally ran a roundabout way to try to at least be there shortly after he finished.  That’s what ended up happening–I never caught up, but finished right after he did.  I was disappointed to miss him crossing the finish line but SUPER proud of Lolly for seeing it!  She spotted him!


It was a personal best for J, knocking off 2 minutes from his last record. 3:46:55

It was a wonderful trip to spend time with Jason’s parents and his brother’s family.


Since the kids have gotten older, they enjoy each other so much, and it was wonderful to be a part of that.  Our last night there we had a campfire, and that was probably my favorite part.

firePS. We sured missed our Phoebz.


Measure in Miles

Today is the day.  I have spent the last 3 weeks (that went by fast) getting myself back into a workout routine.  Basically, this meant going to the gym 3 or 4 times in a week.  The first week I did it after I nursed Pickle around 6 AM and was a walking zombie the entire week. I felt so tired and off I even took a pregnancy test.


The second week went better because I brought Pickle with me in her walker.  She watched me workout and then we got on with our day.  This was basically last week too.

pickle gym

This morning though, I have to be on set with the Pickle at 8 AM (first job!), so I actually got up around 6, did my 2 miles and now I am blogging about it, as a way to hold myself accountable for my HALF MARATHON TRAINING.

That is why today is the day, and probably why I should not blog before 7 am, because I am not ENTIRELY sure I have made sense.

More later.