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Handmade Christmas: Baby Doll

I found this tiny baby and a pattern book for it in Ogden Utah this summer on the road trip.  Then I found this little pink bed with red bedding at the local Slovak gift store in my neighborhood for $20- Together I was inspired to make a postage stamp quilt and afghan and little bloomers for the baby.

I need to make baby more than just that, but I ran out of time.  Pickle’s Handmade Christmas:





Pickle Works

Pickle has been a little busy lately.  Last week she worked for Macy’s twice.  She walked into the holding room and kissed this little boy right on the mouth.  Later they were paired up to shoot this look.  She was laughing HYSTERICALLY at the wrangler.  I blame it on the fact that she boycotted her nap for 3 hours that morning….but the hysteria gave the results they needed!

pw1On Thursday she was called in again, and this time she did 2 looks.  She was paired with Orion again and then paired with a younger baby, who was much more smiley than she was.  Thursday was not as giddy as Monday.  We were in a holding room with what felt like 1000 babies!  It was a long morning!

pw3This week she booked Bloomingdales.  She was so excited about the puppy that the stylist had brought.  It was a little distracting having him around.  I offered my wrangling services to the photographer, but there were no less than 3 or 4 people at any given time, doing that job to the max.  They could have used a few tips from me, but I just tried to stay out of it.

After a little bit Pickle turned a bit grumpy, so I thought a little snack might be the ticket.  As we headed over to the food table, she THREW UP! What!? I picked her up in an effort to save the wardrobe….getting puke ALL OVER the FLOOR just feet from set.  As I went to clean it up they were all–a mop’s coming.  AS IF I am going to leave the puke there on set.  Of course I cleaned it up and tried to salvage her outfit.


She made it onto set one more time after she puked a second time, and I prayed that they got something and that she didn’t give it to anyone else.


These all publish in late February, early March, so keep your eyeballs peeled please.

16 Months Old


My Pooky is 16 Months old!  The time flies by so quickly.  Pickle is getting so curious and independent. She really loves finding little places to sit.  One of her favorite spots is this ledge in my bathroom that divides the shower from the rest of the bathroom.  She sits here and keeps me company when I am doing bathroom things.

16 A


This hiding spot makes me so nervous…that mirror is going to come down on her one of these days—no more accidents Pickle!

16EI took her to her first Pumpkin Patch for her 16 Month celebration! Thank you Target!  Jason said that she said her version of Pumpkin the other day.

16FPickle thinks everybody is here for her.  She helped the girl at Pinkberry, and sat right down next to these waiting nannies to have a little conversation with them.16CThe subway commute is getting trickier. I often use the stroller, but when I don’t, she just fights to get out of the ergo.  She loves the EYE game.

Words: Daddy, Mommy, Ball, Go, Water, Uh-Oh, Bye-Bye, Hi, Eye, Teeth.

She understands SO MUCH now….knows where many body parts are, obsessed with sticking her finger in her belly button, finds her bow and wants it in her hair, loves to eat, loves playing in the sand and on the playground.  She loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider, especially the GREAT BIG SPIDER verse.  She often finds her big sister’s toothpaste and toothbrush and walks around the apartment with them….brushing her teeth and holding the toothpaste. She loves to draw, and this past month has drawn a beautiful picture on the wood floor with a sharpie, a pencil sketch on the wall and made some art with Coconut Body Butter smeared all over herself and the floor.  Her latest interest is Dinosaurs and pushing buttons of any kind.

We had our first trip to the ER this past weekend.  I learned a new word: Stridors.  My Pickle was attacked by the croup in the middle of the night, but the wonderful Pediatric Doctors helped her get better by morning.  Oh my Pickle, stay alive please!

We love you too much.

Pickle and the Bee: Chapter 6

pb 3


pb 1

pb 4

pb 5

pb 6

Chapter 5  (still need to restore photos sorry)

Chapter 4 (still need to restore photos sorry)

Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

On Weaning

I tried to wean the Pickle when she was 10 months old.  After an entire day trying everything I could do to send her the message that we were done now, she won.

I knew my next opportunity would be when I could reason with her or communicate more clearly with her.  I decided September would be my next target date, as I wanted to get through the road trip and Iceland with the use of the Boobs!

In Iceland, as I was taking a picture of the Bigs, holding Pickle, I said: SMILE! I watched Pickle very intently put a smile on her face. I was amazed that she understood me and followed that direction, and in that moment I knew my next window had opened! She understands!

The morning after we returned from Iceland, Jason was home, so it was a good first day to insist on the weaning.

Every time she went for my shirt, I explained that we weren’t going to do this anymore and that there were other ways we could show affection for each other.  I just about went berserk as I became more and more engorged and in turn, more and more agitated.  I was devastated the entire day and near tears as I went through the motions.  As I tucked her in bed without nursing her for the first time in over a year, I then retreated to a hot shower and let my swollen breasts do the crying.

The rest of the week was painful.  This time around I have dealt with many blocked ducts, and so it felt like every single duct was blocked at the same time.  I couldn’t tolerate hugging or Pickle banging her head into me for a rough cuddle.  I was looking forward to the return of my body and also so very sad that this was over.

Quickly Pickle changed.  She insisted on feeding herself with a fork, she took more risks in learning to walk, and she slept more soundly and for longer stretches.  She grew up over night.

It was the right thing to do for both of us, but boy was that hard.


15 Months Old

We made it to 15 Months!  This past month has been a HUGE one for Miss Pickle.


She has 8 teeth with 2 emerging molars and a 3rd swelling up her gums.  She uses about3 to 5 words depending on the situation–her favorite is still Hi! with Uh-oh and Daddy being tied for second.

She has been working on walking and showing some good progress since our trip to Iceland. Yesterday, she decided was the day she would LET GO.  I giggled the entire day as I saw her wobbling around the corner behind me.  We are collectively SO PROUD of our Pickle for finally getting it all to click!


The biggest step for both of us this past month is the cold turkey weaning.  The morning we got home from Iceland I told her: this is it.  It was a horrible and painful week for me emotionally and physically, but she seemed to do just fine.  She doesn’t even ask for it anymore.

Since then she has become very independent in her eating, insisting on using a fork for every meal, even if it’s a bowl of blueberries, she pierces each one with her fork and then puts it in her mouth.  She has also slept SO MUCH better.  I feel way more rested now that I am not nursing.


Seeing her grow is the most devastating and joyful experience I have had.  I love seeing her change and develop and I mourn the loss of my tiny.  I am so happy I had her.  She brings so much joy to so many people.

Day 49: East Meets West

Miles: 7921

Musical: Babes in Arms and Oklahoma

We really didn’t see much of Nebraska due to our Sickle, but the Fairfield Inn we stayed in last night was probably the best hotel so far.  The staff was amazing and the room was so nice.

57Our first stop this morning was at Winter Quarters.  We saw the temple, visitors center and cemetery.  The sculpture of this couple standing over their dead baby was created by an ancestor of ours: Avard Fairbanks…the same in this photo.

56We got a late start today mostly because of the time change…it was a LONG day. I have never seen so much corn in my life.  Pickle was so sad, I spent a lot of time with my hand reached back so that she could hold my finger.

We had lunch at Perkins and Pickle ate her noodle soup in the cutest way possible…check it out here.  We didn’t roll into my Mom’s driveway until 7:30 at night.  Little Pickle was really bad by then so we just got her to bed.

I am so sad to say that I have decided to cut our trip short.  I am devastated for many reasons, including the AMAZING badges that blog readers made for St. Louis and Kentucky.  I will be displaying them somewhere in my office as a reminder of loyalty, amazing craftsmanship and future road trips.  I will also post pix of them on the blog.

badgesThis is for the better as we have an EPIC trip coming up next week (I know, I know too much for one summer, but THAT trip came before THIS trip), and I need all the Girls to be in tip top shape.

Nighty Night.