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When I was in high school, I got a chance to play Edwin Drood in The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  It was such an awesome experience for all of us because none of us had been exposed to this piece and it was truly unique.  There is audience participation and different endings depending on the audience vote and a play within a play and it is all sorts of fun.

Imagine my delight when I found out one of my besties got cast in the Broadway version of Drood, covering Chita Rivera as Princess Puffer.  I was so excited when I found out she was going on for Ms. R, and promptly bought my ticket.

drood 1

I wasn’t sure if I would remember the piece or not, but of course everything came rushing back to me.  I loved being reminded of NO GOOD CAN COME FROM BAD and PERFECT STRANGERS and I HAVE READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL.  I loved it.

drood 2

Alison playing Chita was trippy.  It was obvious the production was lit to highlight the famous veteran of the theatre.  In every stage tableau, Alison was in the center.  There was one song in which she sat on a chair the entire time–clearly the song was blocked for an 80-year-old woman, not Alison.  She did well with it and I loved seeing her play Puffer.

It’s open for a few more months, I highly recommend it. Will Chase (who I knew nothing about before going) was worth the price of admission.  What a talent!  His patter song with Jim Norton was so impressive, and Betsy Wolfe can SANG…. I need to see more theatre!


The Event of a Thread


It’s a giant piece of fabric attached to strings which are attached to chains which are attached to swings.  Humans swing on the swings and lay under the fabric and watch it billow, never the same way twice.  There are pigeons in crates and people with woolen capes reading from papers that are long and longer and longest.  We hear their voices coming from brown paper sack radios strewn about the floor, on a bench, right next to you. The word that sticks out the most is AND.

Somehow, amidst the chaos of all the people and the dodging of swings and the weird voices and the pigeons, you feel very relaxed, enveloped in a calm energy.  It was kind of like magic.

Ann Hamilton: The Event of a Thread.

Even Pickle fell asleep with no tears or whining or wiggling.  She felt it too.

thread 2I’m wearing a suit because I came from a casting.thread 3 (Which I got put on hold for!)

thread 4

12 Days of Christmas: Macy’s Santaland

I wasn’t sure if I would be as excited about the baby NYC stuff this time around, as I was with the Bigs…but turns out I totally am.  Pickle and I dragged our friends with us to Macy’s Santaland to meet the man himself.  She had a similar reaction to him as her sisters in years past.  She went to grab her hair (which she rarely does anymore), and I took that as an indicator that this man was NOT safe. babies

See that darling little felt bow on The Bee’s head? Well, Pickle grabbed it, and when she let go, it slingshot her eye closed.  Thankfully, there were no tears, in fact I am pretty sure her Mom and I laughed.santaI don’t know what was up with the lighting on Santa’s face, but maybe it’s better that he remains in the shadows.

Here’s Phoebz, Lolly and Pickle all during their first time.  I am pretty sure Lolly had pink eye. (whoops).  Phoebe was my oldest baby to visit Santa and she cried.  She was a little more developed in the separation department.

sisters santas

A story about this year’s visit: A friend of mine was running late and was in line behind us. She texted me that her camera battery had died.  I was determined that she get a photo with Santa so I talked my way back into Santaland to find her and take a pic, via a very stern, very grumpy manager man.  He never once smiled, acted kind or accommodating, just put-out and grumpy.  I stayed sugary sweet and of course got my way, but I was absolutely 100 % NOT IMPRESSED by that.

But after that we decided to take a group photo of everyone in front of this ugly warehouse-looking door, and the minute we were taking it, Mrs. Claus walked out! It was a Macy’s Santaland miracle! (I blurred everyone out because I don’t have time to get permission to post their FACES!)


Winter’s Eve

Winters Eve

Winter’s Eve happens the weekend after Thanksgiving. It is several blocks of music on the upper west side.  You can research ahead of  time and find out who and what time and where, but I find it more fun to just happen upon the madness.

I love seeing the ice sculptures each year and the Hungry March Band just doing their thing as they walk the streets. This year we found some clowns, and Lolly was chosen to hold a spinning plate on a dowel rod…that was pretty fun.  She kept trying to bring the plate down as close to her head as possible without touching it.

There was a photobooth, remember our family rule?–must do the photobooth if we happen upon it!  The other night Jason took me on a date to see Lincoln.  I saw a photobooth but I didn’t point it out because I wanted to see if he would spot it and remember the family rule.  How do you think that turned out?

tony kids photobooth

We did not wear the provided props, because I know about lice, and I am never going back (if I can help it that is).  Speaking of photobooths-there is a fun new app I found called Pop Booth:


Good times when you are bored.

Well, Winter’s Eve is something I really look forward to every year, and this year did not disappoint! The weather! The company! The adventure of it all! It was tops.



Just like Jimmy Fallon, I keep landing back in Grease when I think about her.

We got ready. We waited. She came. It’s over. But not really because we have no subway and no school.  I have been tweeting and instaing like mad, because I am one of the lucky ones with power, so you probably already know it all.  In case you don’t, here it is via instagram:

I am most devastated about this:



Joy sums up what I am feeling perfectly. (I am the friend she refers to.)

I am most happy about the neighbor playdate we should have already had:

3 weeks and 8 pounds apart, Pickle lost this HAIR WAR big time.

Thanks to all the texts, tweets, emails, calls, FB messages, prayers.  We felt it and we are fine.  My brother texted me this pic of what he called a graveyard.  Actually, it was where 111 homes used to stand. Can you imagine?


The Color Run

The SECOND I heard about The Color Run, I knew I would be a part of NYC’s Color Run. I put the date on my calendar, and even set an alarm so that I could register the minute it was released on the internet.  I scooped up some white clothes for us and waited all summer to participate!

Friends, it was too short.  Though I wanted to run the whole thing (my girlies…not in the best shape), in the end, I’m glad that I didn’t because it made it last longer.

The girls and I thought it might be fun to be the colorers next time, as opposed to the runners!  What fun! Can’t wait for next year!

Didn’t Jason do a great job documenting? Especially given the circumstances:

It was WAY too loud for the Pickle…but she was a trooper, just held on to her hair for added comfort. Next year-she’ll be in the stroller!

Liberty of London Launch Party

When I read that Purlsoho was having a launch party for a new line of Liberty of London fabric, I decided that the Posse would definitely be attending. I used some Liberty in the Crazy Quilts and of course for Pickle’s bibs.  I tried to buy a bunch at Target when their line came out, but it was swiftly bought up, so I only ended up with a few items.

It was really fun to walk around and be inspired by the beautiful florals that Liberty is so expert at.  We even scored some bags, pencils and post-its in Liberty prints!

I am secretly glad I didn’t indulge in any Liberty Fabric at the event, because I just found out that the ENTIRE inventory of Purlsoho is 20% off through tomorrow!  You betcha I am going to visit!