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Back to School

I interrupt this Iceland blogging to FINALLY bring you the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

On Friday night we got new haircuts!

IMG_3440Then after an epic (I realize I over use this adjective) fashion show with some new fall fashions we got at Target, H & M and Old Navy, we were ready to go.

back to school fashion

Today was the first day of 3rd and 6th grade

IMG_3601I have very little emotion about this. I am incredibly neutral.  I am trying to be very present so that the girls’ and their transitions and emotions can land on stable ground.  I have to stay centered and balanced to absorb all of this, and so far I am doing ok.

One day down.

Pickle’s new hobby is walking as much and as far as she can while holding my hand. She is very easily distracted by dogs and rod iron gates.

2We have new streets to explore in NYC now that Phoebe has relocated, we love seeing the sights.

1Many more adventures to come.  For now, I am going to resist eating my 3rd (or 4th?) chocolate chip rice krispie treat–our traditional first day of school treat.


Etsy Craft Party

Etsy had a craft party in Brooklyn last week on the ANNUAL CRAFT PARTY day. Of course I wanted to host my own craft party, but I am too busy planning an all-summer road trip party right now.

etsyPhoebz wasn’t feeling well so 23 and I headed down to Dumbo via the East River Ferry.  I love the ferry ride, it feels different from the normal commute.

Pickle was so good, chatting to herself and a giant sticker she was holding, in her stroller while Lolly and I embroidered our puppets.  We had the Etsy girls sew them up, took a photo at the DIY photobooth and then headed to the Kimchi Taco truck.  Lolly and I were in heaven eating MEAT.

On the way home Pickle received her 3rd vaccine of the day—all of my children add some extra oral vaccines to their repertoire while riding public transportation….don’t knock it, she has YET to have need for an antibiotic.

I love living in NYC and participating in events like ETSY CRAFT PARTY wha=what?


PS-the weather! It was to die.


Grammy & Papa do NYC

We only ventured into the city once when Grammy & Papa were in town, but we saw some sights!

Pickle met her first puppy, which was really so darling, and they were so darling together….if I was a different woman living a different life, I would have taken that puppy home with me.

g and nBut I am not Kelly, so I will just enjoy this picture that will remind me of that moment at Union Square Market.

We stumbled upon this sculpture made of nails. 5000 nails.  It’s called The Bird. He really nailed it.

We stopped by Books of Wonder and picked up the latest Olivia book which is pretty awesome as always. And City Bakery offered us a most delicious lunch. It was beautiful weather and we had a great time seeing all the sites.


After we picked up the BIGS, we witnessed Papa play a pretty adventurous game of Tag at Central Park.

The next day we took a walking adventure to Peter Pan Donutsin Brooklyn. A few spanish-speakers on the street called me Diablo. I assured my Dad that happens with or without my horns hoodie.  The donuts were a buck each, which blew our minds. They were tasty, and I am glad we walked a total of 3 miles to obtain them, kind of made me feel less guilty about eating my Red Velvet Cream Donut….for a buck.


Red Yellow & Blue

Madison Square Park is always up to something cool.  When my parents were here we stumbled upon the latest art installation actually being installed. The use of nautical rope drew me in immediately, as it is a form of fiber!  This seems like a pretty giant Yarn Bomb if you ask me:

It’s called Red, Yellow & Blue by Orly Genger.  It’s pretty awesome. I can’t wait to see it all up and running.


Fraunces Tavern Museum

Last week Pickle and I accompanied the 2nd grade on a field trip to Fraunces Tavern Museum. It is the oldest building in Manhattan.  A famous event happened there in Colonial Times when George Washington said goodbye to his Comrades.
ftPhotos were not really allowed. I didn’t totally get that message until after I had taken a few snaps, but I did not get the Long Room where the event ACTUALLY took place.

It does seem incredible that New York City existed so long ago and was nothing like it is today.  It gave me a deeper appreciation for this crazy town I live in.


On Mr. Cunningham

On our way to the parade my friend Ariel mentioned that she hoped to see Bill Cunningham.  I didn’t know who this was, and she gave me a brief overview.  As soon as we reached 57th street, there he was! Taking our picture, many many times.


I knew how much it meant to her, so I took a few snaps with my camera and my iPhone, this is my favorite one:

easter parade
The next day Jason and I watched his documentary and now I am about as thrilled as Ariel was! I am SO GLAD I got his pic.  He is a New York Icon–living legend this man.  Go watch the film.


Life Imitating Art

I just found it to be an awesome coincidence that her nails were the same unique green as the shoes in the ad right above her head!