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A Gem

I saw a gem of a film on the plane from London to NYC. Japanese Film: Rinco’s Restaurant was a delight from beginning to end. I am still singing the tune: “Rinco! Ringo? Rinco!” [Down side of a blog, you cannot hear me singing the theme just now.]

I have not found nearly enough internet coverage on this film, but here are a few items:



And that’s all.

I don’t know how you are going to get your hands on this film, but please try….put it on your netflix queue for when it comes out on dvd ok? Ok. Glad we had this chat.


Third Person Thursday

She got an email inviting her to a screening of the new film Babies.  She had her eye on that film for a while, and knew she wanted to see it.  Thankfully she had made some steps in her thoughts and feelings surrounding babies, so she felt excited to read the invitation, not like she’d been stabbed in the chest.

She RSVP’d immediately and invited a friend who was going to give birth shortly after the screening date, to join her….then she wondered, “how did I get this invite to begin with?” So, she asked the person who invited her, and this was the response:

“We wanted to reach out to influential moms, bloggers, and parenting thought leaders in New York City who we thought would like to attend the movie, and who might be interested in Kodak’s latest products that make sharing memories easy :)”

She didn’t know she was influential and a parenting thought leader….pretty cool.  She doesn’t even know if anybody reads her, because she hasn’t had a counter on the new blog, so she really doesn’t know if she is influencing anyone…and she doesn’t care, as long as it means more fancy movie previews!

She’ll be viewing the film today at 1 pm. Woot!

Why IS a Raven like a Writing Desk?

I was hoping to finally get the answer with this (can we call it a) sequel to Alice in Wonderland.

We were anticipating this film so much, and were not disappointed.  It was visually stunning and had some unforgettable scenes.


My personal favorite was the White Queen making shrinking potion for Alice and they way she pronounced Urine.  Lolly loved when Alice returned the eyeball to the cheetah/hyena/monster/dog/thingy. I think Coco my sister loved the Mad Hatter’s dance, which also had a name that I think starts with an F. Phoebe thought the Queen of Hearts calling Alice, Um, was the cats pajamas. She also loved explaining that scene to me, in case the White Rabbit’s use of an unvocalized pause and the Queen interpreting that as Alice’s name, escaped me. ; )

I was surprised by the plot. I was not expecting Alice to find herself the way she did and become the heroine for all of wonderland. I wish I could tackle some of those costumes for Halloween, but I fear it’s too big a job.  At least I had fun wearing the Queen of Hearts lips for a day.


To say we are excited would be a gross understatement.