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Mother’s Day at Macy’s

I love working with Liz because I know we will be doing something special on set.  Ironically, I did Mother’s Day with her before. We found ourselves back at it again and she did not disappoint.

Yes we were on ladders. No, that grass was not cozy.  Yes, it was freezing cold and there was a heater blowing. Yes, that little pumpkin asked if she was done a bajillion times. No, the flowers are not real. Yes, that woman has two children of her own and a concave stomach.  Yes, she is Brazilian.

On another note, one of my favorite Mom’s is friend Alison, who stars as Edith at 6:26 in Downton, the Musical. Check her out.


Working Girl

workClick on this to have it open bigger and get the full story. In brief, Pickle had her second job (first as a Wee Willy) and she nailed it.  My favorite parts:

1. When we arrived I noticed a hundred binkies on the prop counter and realized they probably wanted her shot with one in her mouth. Uh Oh.

2. One of my favorite photographers, who I have worked with as a wrangler, was the photographer that day!

3. The client instructed the hair and makeup to do Pickle’s hair as: JUST WOKE UP FROM A NAP.  Perfect, that’s her hair all the time.

4. After I got Pickle settled on set, I escaped to watch the frames pop up in the monitor in the hall.  When the wrangler returned her to me, Pickle lit up and had so much to tell me about what just happened.  She seemed pretty excited about the whole experience.

5. She never took the binky or put the teether in her mouth, so we’ll see if her shots get picked.

6. Connecticut is so beautiful, especially the Private Beach Communities.

First Job

After 5 months of sending updated photos and info to my agent, Pickle FINALLY got a go-see.  She went in mid-February and was booked for the last week in February for 3 days!

Of course she was!  Lolly had had 27 jobs by the time she was 8 months old (yikes), so I have been a bit disappointed with her “representation”.

I digress.

The client booked MANY MANY babies. She was booked as a back-up baby for 2 days and a primary for day 3.  She got on set on the first day, even though she was booked as back up.  I was SO HAPPY that Sally the baby wrangler was there.  I have learned a LOT from watching her over the years.  She took Pickle and they went on set together and had a jolly old time. I watched the shots come through on the monitor and I have to admit, I was pretty proud.

Unfortunately, that was her only time on set. Boo.  We did a lot of playing, eating, rolling around, napping and hanging out for 3 days.  We had fun, she earned $$ equivalent to what will probably be a textbook (if they exist then) in college some day.

pickle jobI will be on the prowl to find the tear for this in May….and of course I will update you then!  Yeah Pickle!


100 Years

Did you know, the Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100 year anniversary?

Did you know the headquarters are in NYC near 5th Ave?

Did you know there is an online shop for Girl Scout stuff?

I didn’t. Until my agent called for a go-see for Phoebz.  She booked Girl Scouts last week and had a great time.

My only regret is that we left her favorite pair of jeans on the set. Despite my best efforts, I have not been able to contact anyone about getting them back. Boo.


Not sure why I thought this would be hard to find….it’s everywhere. Even on a spanish ad on ebay?

My kiddos think it’s grand that we get to walk by my poster often, as there is a verizon store in our neighborhood.  I think it’s funny.

November 2010


Set your tivo’s to see Lolly and Me on the TODAY SHOW on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 during the 9 AM hour!

Work, Work, Work

Thankfully the posse has finished out the summer strong!  I had my first booking with my temporary teeth which was big–BIG for me!

I was cast as the mother to 2 teenagers. What the what? I knew that day would come, but this soon?  My husband was 45, son, 18 and daughter, 13.  I thought maybe I would be hip mom, but they did a great job making me up to be very Mom-my.  Oh well, it’s a job!

I will let you know when to start keeping your eye out for all these jobs.  It will be fun to see who spots it first!