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I Heart Ravelry

ravelry projects page


I Love Ravelry.  Since I give so many of my creations away, I just love visiting this page and looking at everything I have made.  It makes me so happy.

I can browse patterns on ravelry for EVER.  I just barely cleaned out my queue and it is still 10 pages long.

I have had this hobby now for a while, and I love that I can constantly take it to the next level.  It is my happy place.

Oh! And look at this: Makeup and Fiber together:



Makeup Tutorial: Smoky Eye for Day

Sorry–no entertaining makeup tutorial video (though they are all organized on one channel now over at youtube).  I just wanted to share a quick and easy smokey eye that I have enjoyed wearing lately.

Apply black eye liner, close to the lashes on top, in the water line on bottom…I used Engraved Power Point Pencil by Mac.  Then apply black eye shadow to the lid and up into the crease.  I used Zero by Urban Decay.  You can bring a little below the eye near the liner too.  Blend with a crease brush.  It takes just a few minutes, and it looks really good.

I’m wearing my new get-through-the-pregnancy glasses as my eyes feel dry all the time wearing contacts.

Summer Makeup

We found ourselves at Sephora that deadly venus flytrap of makeup consumption!

I ended up buying a whole new summer makeup routine that will take me to and fro without the ridiculous ziploc bags interfering with any liquids.  Here is the line up, I even found solid perfume, so that I can smell good even on vacation!

rosebud salve
urban decay deluxe shadow box
pacifica solid perfume in grapefruit
nars the multiple in orgasm
clinique glosswear spf 15
my two fave mascaras

Kiehls SPF 50

In this photo I am wearing the right/middle eye shadow in the shade SCRATCH and the nars stick in ORGASM (my blog is rated R again) and the urban decay glitter in DISTORTION.  This makeup routine calls for no foundation or concealer.  It is hard for me to look at myself without the BASE, but it just melts right off my face anyway, so I just have to accept the cleaner look of summer.

This will be so easy to travel with, I am pretty excited to start my new summer makeup routine.

Makeup Tutorial: Red Lipstick

Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, I had one of those days that was jam-packed. I finished my run at 8:55 and had to be on my way by 9:15. So guess what I wore on my face?  Sunscreen and my red lipstick. That’s it! But it worked!

I would love to post more red lipstick pix, so try the tutorial, snap a pic, and send it my way!

kristy at kristyglass dot com



Red Lipstick Revolution

On this Valentine’s Day, I hope you will consider wearing red lipstick!

I got a few emails with notes about why these girls love it:


I adore wearing red lipstick. I don’t wear it a lot, but when I do I feel very sexy and, if I squint, I think it makes me look French ; )  Those French women have perfected wearing red lipstick.

Hailey wears Mac Viva Glam 1 with Russian Red lipglass.

This is Chanel #20 the red lipstick Sandra Bullock wore at the Academy Awards!


I just really find that when I need a little lift I swipe on a red lipstick and feel better about myself instantly!


Red lipstick lights up your face.

Reagan wears Lady Danger by MAC

Tune in tomorrow for the RED LIPSTICK makeup tutorial!

Makeup Post

I know you weren’t expecting another makeup post so soon, but here it goes:

I stopped by my friendly (kind of-depending on whose working) neighborhood mac store recently to partake of the Disney Villains line. I kinda fell in love with all of it, but settled for buying just three items.

Cruella’s Innocence, Beware! (seen below) It doesn’t read that well in the photo, but it’s a pinky neutral, reminds me of the 60’s!

Maleficint’s Venomous Villains Mineralize Eye Duo in purple (for the wedding) I saw the violetta lipstick on a gal there, it looked AMAZING.

Evil Queen’s HOTHOUSE lip glass.  (It’s hot)

I tried on the bronzers from the Frog Prince Villain and they felt cooling and almost wet going on…kinda cool, but I passed.

The pushy salesgirl pushed a new product on me which I actually love. It’s a paint pot in the shade painterly.  She claimed if I used it as a base on my lids then my shadow wouldn’t crease. I was super skeptical but tried it anyway, and it’s pretty amazing. I have it on in the photo below and that pic was taken about 6 hours after I applied my makeup.

How do you like my new hair color? I got it done here for an upcoming webisode to be featured on their site. I’m getting used to it now, I think it makes my eyes pop.  Looking at the prices, I won’t be able to keep it up though….but I couldn’t bring myself to wash it the next day because it smells so lovely…maybe if I buy one of their shampoos I’ll feel salony all the time.


Reader’s Choice: Beth

“Current favorite products. Have you done a makeup/product post recently. I always like those.”

I haven’t tried the products at fresh, other than a quick walk through last year, but I want to get to know them. Anybody have any experience with this brand?

I have a few new favorites: My new favorite mascara. Worth every PENNY.

My new favorite neutral lipstick is chanel’s rouge allure in MYTHIC, paired with spice lip liner from mac.

A mom friend of mine asked me to give her a makeover last spring, so we headed over to sephora for a makeover.  It was so much fun filling up her basket with cosmetics.  She is 45 years old, and in her words: “has never learned about makeup.” We found great products to suit her skin type and complexion. My favorite pick from that trip: black honey lip gloss from Clinique.

I recently purchased this kiehl’s hair mask for the girls.  Their hair got so damaged this summer from sun and chlorine, I had to have a hair intervention.  Their hair was so nice and smooth and smelled divine after this hair mask. I got it for free from recycling 10 kiehl’s products! SO SAD that their tea tree toner is discontinued. I need a new toner! help!

After a long search, I finally found the mint green nail polish that I have been looking for all year….it’s essie’s mint candy apple. In my opinion, great for all seasons.

Best FACE MASK EVER.: Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty

I cannot have a beauty post without a plug for my favorite rosebud salve. It gets me through the winter and summer months: nose, hands, lips! It comes in a tube now! Woot!

Halloween Preview:

THIS in red lizard

THIS in russian red

and THIS in black will be making an appearance on my face this Halloween.

How much do I want Lauper and Ga-ga’s viva glams? And these Disney Villain Cosmetics? A lot.

Speaking of good things….that smell amazing: you HAVE to buy this for your home! It smells DIVINE!