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Makeup Tutorial: Layers of Color

Lucky for you, I spent 7 hours on a plane last week, so I was able to edit down these makeup tutorials that I shot WEEKS ago. Today is a TWOFER…

Here is Part 1

Here is Part 2:

You can really wear any color you want on your lids this spring, here are a few more photos of recent eyes I have done.  I think this pink/purple eye actually looked much better and brighter in person, it didn’t photograph as well as the yellow.

I got a lot of comments the day I wore yellow eyes.  Most of them were positive, or literal: “Yellow!?”  I loved it, so it didn’t really matter what people said.  I will be wearing more of it this season.

I was in a drugstore the other day waiting for some photos to be printed and I started browsing.  Here is an inexpensive way to try out this spring bright color on the eyes trend, NYC Color eye shadow for $2.99:

Also pictured here is a less expensive version of my favorite Givenchy mascara. This Loreal mascara brush looks very similar.


Makeup Tutorial: Pinkalicious.

Daily Candy tells me that the Spring Trend is BRIGHT MAKEUP.  I am totally feeling that. I have been wearing Magenta Madness on my eyes for the past month, and Girl About Town with a crazy dazzleglass in FUNTABULOUS on top for my lips.  The guy at MAC was ringing me up and said: “Oh, you got the Barbie Lipstick.” That is EXACTLY what it is.

This is hot pink lips and also layered color on the lids, which is a future makeup tutorial!

I have already introduced you to the Red Lips!  And hey if you are feeling intimidated by that, you can try the hot pink lips, but to me that is even more daring.  Today’s makeup tutorial is about the neon on the eyes look.  I taped this weeks and weeks ago, and have since finessed the look for me, to be more everyday.  I use less, and don’t put it under the eye when I am trying to be a bit more subtle for the daytime.

The inspiration came from this Helen Borg photo of pink eyes.

Now that I have been wearing neon pink on my face for a month, I’m dying to try the Chrome Yellow from MAC featured in the Daily Candy article, to go with my Easter Dress (A Vintage Lilly Pullitzer Dress that I bought off ebay after reading about the Stylist for The Closer and his use of vintage florals for Brenda Lee’s wardrobe)!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Makeup Tutorial: New Years Eve Look

The last makeup tutorial was on wearing color on your face and body, so naturally the next step is to go a little outrageous with the color-wearing.  Here is the tutorial for how I did my makeup for baby brother’s New Year’s Eve Wedding!

I post a photo of myself at the wedding, because I think the makeup looks better with the crazy Betsey Johnson than with my grey t-shirt in the bathroom.  I also acknowledge that I probably took more CARE in applying it at the wedding, than in this video.  I’ve already had a little constructive criticism on formspring about the “black-eye” look.  Crazy Purple Eyeshadow is NOT for the faint of heart.

Makeup Tutorial: Color Coordination

Many women are afraid of wearing makeup because they don’t want to look like they have makeup on.  I hope that the natural makeup tutorials have helped dispel some of that fear.  Now, those of you who love the makeup look, here is a tutorial for you!

Let’s add some color!

Here’s another color coordination I did the other day:

Check out: Wonder Woman Cosmetics at Mac


Next Week: RED LIPS!

It’s not too late to submit a pic of you wearing red lipstick! Email me! kristy at kristyglass dot com

Makeup Tutorial: Natural Makeup

Installment #2 of Makeup Tutorials is up!  Enjoy!

NEXT WEEK: Color Coordinating Wardrobe & Makeup

NEXT NEXT WEEK: RED LIPSTICK! I am still accepting submissions for you wearing red lipstick! Email them to me! kristy at kristyglass dot com


Won’t you please consider emailing me a photo of you in your red lipstick?  I will feature the photos in an upcoming post on RED LIPSTICK. Maybe for Valentine’s Day!

If you don’t have a pic, but want to tell me why you love wearing it, I’d love to hear about that too!

kristy at kristyglass dot com