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Love Scarf

I have a LOT of yarn.  I need to get rid of my stash.  This is the PERFECT time of year for that.  I organized my yarn by color and decided I would make quick scarves using it up for LOVE SCARF PROJECT.

Will you please knit or crochet a scarf for LOVE SCARF?  Leave a comment or email me at lovescarfproject@kristyglass.com

I call this one, Sandy.

*If you want to send me one, I will need it by December 10th


Knitting: Love Scarf

I won one of the Yarn Crawl’s yarn baskets last fall, and committed to making some Love Scarf’s out of my winnings.  I made one in time for last years donations, out of Brown Sheep Nature Spun Chunky yarn in purple.

The one on the left is a mix of Karabella’s Cosmos from the winning basket, and I added Amy Butler’s yarn so I could try it out.  It’s a tad short, but hopefully the right owner will unite with this scarf.  As I knit this, I just kept thinking of the 4th of July and Fireworks.

The one on the right took me about 10 minutes to make.  I just hand-chained it out of the Dolce Vita in 03202 and weaved in the ends.   Not so fun as it isn’t really a project is it?  This website, Yarnmarket by the way has VERY accurate photographs for what you are buying.

12 Days of Christmas: Love Scarf Project

This year was a very strange Love Scarf Collection.  Last year I received a giant box full of scarves AFTER the deadline. I kept it all year long and recently unpacked it to find close to 60 scarves!

Add to that 4 from a friend, 2 from me, 1 that was knit on by several folks and a shipment from saragedde that included hats too, we ended up with (I think) 63 scarves and 2 hats (or was it 3 sara?).  The point is, the amount of scarves that I actually knit and/or gathered THIS year was minimal at best.  I guess I’ve lost steam, and maybe others around me have as well.

I am obsessed with crocheting afghans, that’s one of the problems.

Anyway, here is the photo of most of the scarves from this year and I just hope that the cancer patients who received the hand-knitted items, felt the love.

And since cancer is a downer, I’d like to end on a lighter note:

Sometimes I wish I would just buckle down and purchase a jib jab membership, because it’s so much fun.  We have watched ourselves as the farting carolers several times over, enjoy the Lafuda family as the farting carolers here:

Latest Lovescarf Creation

It’s cozy!

I didn’t have enough yarn for an entire scarf, so I made a little ascot instead. It needed a tiny flower to spruce it up. New skills: button hole and flower!

Lovescarf Project

I’m not sure who knit on my scarf for 50 rows. But whoever it was did 5k on each side instead of 4, for about 50 rows. Can you see that? I don’t even know if that qualifies as a mistake, it’s so consistent. I actually accused my friend of knitting on it one night when she was watching my kids. She said she didn’t. Obviously, she’s lying.

Hey, I would be over the moon if you (yes, writing to YOU) would knit me a scarf to donate to a cancer patient in a NY hospital this holiday season. Chicago’s doing it. California’s doing. I think even Utah’s doing it. You can do it too….For more info, click on over.