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Our Snow Princess loves the snow.  It has been so difficult getting anywhere these past several weeks because there is plowed snow banks on all the sidewalks and streets.  Miss Snow Princess has to walk on all of them, slowing down are usual pace.

Every day she asks if we can have a Snow Day, which means, “Can we go play in the snow?”  I haven’t been able to honor this request because of colds, darkness, no time, too cold, whatever the reason, until last week.  Thankfully she only lasted about 20 minutes before she felt frozen, but she had a really great time.

She thinks she is a real Snow Princess, like for real.


Bright Star

It’s my blog, so I can brag if I want to.

I woke up from a nap and found a mini stack of post-its laid on my body.

I paged through it and thought: brilliant!

I asked Lolly what Sol meant…she said: I spelled SMALL!

I think you’ll have to click on it to see the details.

November 2010


Set your tivo’s to see Lolly and Me on the TODAY SHOW on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 during the 9 AM hour!

Cleaning Out

I have been doing some cleaning out of shelves, drawers, closets and more.  I’m in the back-to-school mode, making sure that everything is just-so before the whirlwind that is SCHOOL begins. 4 Weeks and counting…

I found an old photo album that was falling apart, and picked out a few favorites from the stack:

Lolly was the quietest baby for the first 18 months.  She has turned out so different from who she was in the beginning.  See that photo on the right where she is reading a book? I can feel that body in my hands.  She was skinny and wiry and her big feet were coming out of that little nightgown.  And her hair was fuzzy.

In the photo on the left she was blessed at age 2 weeks.  I like blessing the babies when they are still itty bitty.  Such newness. The middle photo looks like Lolly now.  I tell her something that she has never thought of or conceptualized before and she raises her eyebrows just like that and stares at me in surprise! In that photo you can see a tiny notch in her hairline, and that is the cowlick that defines her just off the middle part that she is rocking these days.


Oh how quickly she goes from this to something very different and back again. She’s my own little built-in rollercoaster.


Sister Lolly decided last week: I wanna get my ears pierced. It was way out of left field and she wanted to go RIGHT THEN…so we did. It was a SUPER hot day, and these two words sounded like heaven to us: INDOOR. MALL.

She sat right up on the stool, held my hand tightly and braced herself.  After the first ear she burst into tears, but stayed seated, holding my hand and let her do the second one.  I think it surprised her, she cried for about 5 minutes, and then she was pleased as punch.

It was great practice for us for the tooth extraction that would unexpectedly pop up later that week.  There was lots more hand-holding and lots more tears.  Lolly has overcome a lot on our summer trip!

Third Person Thursday

She began swim camp with the rest of the kids, no apparent anxieties or concerns.

On Day 2, upon finishing swim camp she explained that she got moved up 1 group.  Her teacher went from a SHE to a HE. She expressed extreme displeasure about this.

The morning of day 3 she said: “Mom, my-tummy-hurts-I’m-too-sick-to-go-to-swim-camp.” Her mom thought: “Wow, she’s gotta get better at the whole pretending-to-be-sick thing.”   She waxed anxious the entire drive to swim camp and her mother said she would mention her concerns to the main instructor, but that didn’t mean she would get to change teachers.  She pouted, but went to swim camp.

Day 4 She went to the bathroom about 3 times in 15 minutes before swim camp, and the third time she started freaking out: “Don’t make me go!”, grabbing onto her mom, to the bathroom stalls (which have a little lock on them inscribed with HINY HIDERS) and crying at her reflection in the mirror.  Her mom: “Sweetheart, we have been through this, you have made a commitment to camp, you must follow through, you can do this. I have been very nice up to this point but now I am starting to cross over into the mean-mommy place, and I need you to GO TO CAMP.”

When she was done she was all smiles because somehow she had finagled her own private girl-helper who basically only paid attention to her the entire half hour.

Day 5 was the day when parents come to watch.  She now had a whole new set of anxiety about the moms and dads watching her.  Her mom made up all sorts of stories: The moms there are ONLY watching their own kid, no one can recognize you behind your pink goggles, etc. She did amazing. She did every task in the pool that she had to do, assisted by her girl-helper (who can’t be more than 12 years old), and she was fantastic.

Week 2. She expressed some misgivings about going to her class, but her mom spied the tale end of it. She got out of the pool, the male teacher told her “Great Job!” and gave her 2 thumbs up. She walked on over to her mom with the biggest, brightest smile, all googly-eyes for her male instructor.  After she was all dressed and ready to go, she wanted to go back in the pool area to say goodbye to him.

Her mother thought it was the strangest turn of emotions, but then again, her daughter is predictably unpredictable isn’t she?  She also learned that moxie can only get you so far.