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4 Hours. 2 Minutes. 22 Seconds.

It was much colder and much windier than we ever imagined, and the hills! I interviewed Jason about his marathon and he just kept saying: “I was running along and look ahead and just go, OH! Another hill!” The terrain was nothing he had trained for.  His pace was super fast during the first half and became gradually slower during the second half.

Every time we met up with him on the race, he appeared much sooner than I expected, so I thought he might finish even faster than he had planned, but those hills! That wind!  At the finish line, I found myself using The Secret to will him around the bend JUST before the 4 hours mark, because he wanted finish under 4.  2 minutes after the 4 hour-mark there he was! He couldn’t speak for quite a while. I was so proud!

He did amazing. His knees and hamstrings held up, he did not get hit by man, beast or vehicle, and he only got a little sunburn…pretty good for your first marathon!

When we returned to the hotel, having run a marathon, watched a marathon and not used the facilities for about 8 hours, Lolly ran ahead and stuck a quarter that she had found into the key slot.  I miraculously jimmied our door open using a knife that the cleaning ladies happened to have on their cart, but the maintenance man had to switch out the entire lock, which took an hour, so Jason couldn’t get right to his nap/shower/post-marathon rituals.

It was so cold, we didn’t get to show off our awesome t-shirts, but that’s ok, we got some cute pix on the hotel room afterward, once we finally got in.  It wouldn’t have been the same without my parent’s attendance. They helped out so much with tracking the marathon and cheering and helping with the kids and just everything! So glad they could make it.

Jason is already plotting his next marathon….I heard London and Berlin in the car, I guess those are known for the flat course, and I heard they are known for other things, like European Travel destinations, so I’m all in.