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Thanks for visiting the past few weeks for I HEART NY week. Weren’t those some refreshing posts?  The gals I meet in this city are unique and have their own unique city stories to go with them and that’s just another reason why I heart NY!!!!!


I Heart NY: Meg Goldman

Meg Goldman is a fashion stylist, photographer and mom.  A city girl forever, she dreams of one day getting to spend her weekends in a cabin in the woods or a shack by the beach cooking delicious dinners in a sunny kitchen with a beautiful view.

By Meg Goldman

I heart NY though it’s in a love hate sort of way. I would think most people probably feel like this about the place where they grow up.  NYC is my hometown and our relationship is definitely “complicated”.

Sometimes I wish I were from somewhere else so that I would have somewhere to go, a quieter, cozier welcoming place to retreat to for holidays and summer breaks. It’s a little like when you throw a party. After all the planning and preparation there’s that hour or so when it all comes together and everyone’s having so much fun and it’s just rocking with interesting people to talk to and flirt with and time flies and then suddenly it’s over and you have to clean up.  That’s what it can feel like during the Holidays when after all the tree lighting and non-stop music and events and shopping everyone leaves to go home.  But the flip side of this is that NYC can feel delightfully spacious on summer weekends when the city empties out. Of course, that’s when the tourists come, but that’s another story.

When NYC is your hometown it’s not really yours at all the way a small town is. But we get to share our town with so many and we grow stronger from the opportunity we are given to experience its greatness through others’ eyes. It makes all the aggravation, rude behavior and intensity worthwhile.

NYC is a place where you can expect that friends, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances will forever be coming and going. This wistful rhythm can also be oddly comforting. Sooner or later your neighbors will sell their apartment or your kids will change schools and those parents you were once close to will become faces you wave to in passing.  It is not surprising or upsetting when it happens. Old friends leave and new ones will always come and bring their invigorating perspectives, stories, and opinions.  If you’re lucky to make a friend you really connect with you know you will stay friends wherever they may go. And of course, now that we have Facebook, it’s easy to reconnect and pick up where you left off.

I heart NY because I love that in every neighborhood I have a memory tucked away somewhere.  On the Upper East Side, where I grew up and where my parents still live, I pass by where Lamston’s, my favorite store as a kid, used to be. I don’t just see the boring Duane Reade that it is now, but sometimes instead if I have time and feel like it the red sign with big metal letters and myself at 12 secretly trying on nail polish.

I’m pretty sure I have lived in just about every neighborhood in NYC at one time or another.  Now, as my life as a stylist and mother leads me daily back to those neighborhoods, colorful images come to me of Sunday excursions with my family, crazy hot nights dancing until all hours, kissing boyfriends in dark spaces on the street, more shoots in the freezing cold and broiling sun than I can count.  I love that I get to be touched by all of this and yet somehow it still feels crisp and unknown as I move forward from moment to moment into new phases and memories of my life and still call New York City my hometown.

Little Girl Meg seen here with her family in NYC.

I Heart NY: Beth Tait

I’m Beth. I’m a wife, and mom of two. A New York singer/actress turned LA stay-at-home-mom, part-time music teacher, and full-time apartment manager. Whew! My life is busy but full in the best way. In my tiny bit of spare time I sneak in a few pilates classes, like to cook, wish I could travel more, enjoy a good girls night out, and love spending summer on the beach with my family. Thanks to my friend Kage, for asking me to post today on a topic so near and dear to my heart, and who I am.

I Heart New York – A True Love Story
By Beth Tait

A lot of wonderful things happened to me in the four years I lived in the city. I got a few really great auditions and acting jobs, I joined the church, , got engaged and married. But by the time those things happened New York City and I were old friends. We had been around the block and then some. When I first moved there I was in love… like head-over-heels, googly-eyed IN LOVE. I was twenty two, single, and living with my best girlfriend. I couldn’t get enough of Times Square, Broadway marquis, shopping in SoHo, strolling through Central Park, and any other quintessential New York City must-do you can think of. Even standing in loooong lines for Broadway auditions seemed romantic. Then New York started showing me her true self. And oh, it was ugly. It was smelly, dirty, grimy, rude, old, broke-down. She tested me. “Do you still love me now?”. She tore me down and built me up, and when I came up – boy, was I up! Stronger than ever. More confident, bolder, tougher, smarter, better. Just better. Because of her. Here is a little of what she taught me, I’d like to say in the first year, but it was probably more like the first month (because that’s how fast you get to know her):

Don’t be ashamed to have a good cry in public.

You don’t always have to say I’m sorry.

You can fight for your money back.

How to finagle a good bargain.

How to find your way back from who-knows-where (name your favorite New York City burough) because you’ve been talking to your roommate on the subway instead of paying attention to which stop you’re at.

No talking on the subway.

It’s okay to work your butt off for what you love, even if that oftentimes means you feel like you’re getting the &%$ kicked out you.

How to survive the craziest jobs, like temping on Wall Street, waiting tables in Manhattan, and coat checking at the Metropolitan Opera House (still one of my favorite jobs to this day).

How to find the cheapest seats on Broadway.

It’s okay to date silly guys, especially those that wine and dine you all around New York, (just don’t be surprised when you’re doing the NYCPC over said silly guys – sometimes its inevitable).

How to pack and carry at least four different outfits (including shoes) from Astoria, Queens to anywhere Manhattan for auditions, dance class, work, because there’s no way you’re making it home before midnight.

How to hold your own in a fight with a NYC cabbie who’s trying to take you the long way home.

How to ignore cat-calls, and umm… exhibitionists (I’ll just leave it at that).

Speak up.

You can find your cell phone after leaving it in a New York City taxi cab.

Assume the best of people, including those who couldn’t be more  different from you.

How to be happiest with the smallest amount of things, in the tiniest apartment, with pennies in your bank account because you’re in love – with life, your friends, yourself (including all bumps and bruises), and a lot of this made possible with help from your city.

Oh… and you can do ANYTHING.

After four years I did leave. That was the right decision for me, and I could write another love story about Los Angeles (even though that would be a way different story entirely). I have been lucky enough to visit New York at least once a year since I left, and dream of taking my kids there, and of all the adventures we’ll have. I may not have been a lifer, but I am definitely a lover, and I think New York City knows that. She tests you when she meets you, but once she knows you’re a lover (in spite of the good, bad and ugly) – she’s yours. For life. And she let’s you claim the title of New Yorker.

Beth Blogs Here.

I Heart New York: Catherine Porter

CATHERINE PORTER is a singer-song writer, actress, wife, mother of a five year old.  She loves to write, laugh, make music, cry and play the kazoo.

By Catherine Porter

Recently the Glass Posse traveled to London and I admit I am more than a little jealous. I spent 11 years of my life in London and consider it my second home. Years ago, I followed a dream and ended up hanging with Queen;  no, not as in royalty, more like the band, or rather certain members of it. I don’t know what your dreams are like, but I guess that gives you insight into mine. Go spend a year in another country, make it 11 years, why not? I highly recommend it. I like to say that I was born in NY, but “formed” in London.  I even speak with a British accent, Madonna style, when I feel like it.  I like to say “loo” and “lovely” and probably overuse the word, “actually.” I feel like I have the right to, after all, I am the proud owner of a UK passport. Oooh, touch me!

So, do I heart London? You betcha. I also heart Miss Big Apple and, at the same time, I admit I also hate her.  Love/loathe is good in my book.  It makes you grow, think, change, work, stretch yourself to the point where you think it might be easier to retreat, but you don’t.  This town whoops my butt, I gotta tell you. And, so, because I am a songwriter, in my darker hours, I seek inspiration from lyrics.  Songs like “NEW YORK, NEW YORK” (“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”) and Jay Z’s EMPIRE STATE OF MIND” (“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of”- let’s not even talk about how grammatically incorrect that is, you can’t dis Jay-Z!).  I mean, Christopher Cross was onto something when he sang, “If you get lost between the moon and New York City,” he didn’t say “the moon and Cleveland,” right?  Has anyone contemplated where that would actually be if one were caught between the moon and New York City?  Uh, basically somewhere you don’t want to be, I’m thinkin’, but it sounds to me like he is saying whenever you come back from the moon, heading to NY, logically, don’t get stuck. Just, er, um…. fall in love.

Has there ever been a city that has been written about more in song than NYC?  As much as I would love to list all of them, I’d much rather you went to this link to find that “Songs about New York City” has it’s own wikipedia page!  The list is endless. Check it out and marvel.

So, here I am, gazing at my view of Manhattan from where I now reside across the river. The city I loathe and love is where I am looking for my next song. Today I am knee deep in writing a Christmas song (I know, Christmas in July? Crraazy!), but tomorrow I could be, in the words of Billy Joel, more “in a New York state of mind….”.

To listen to some of Catherine’s songs, go to her website or myspace page.

I Heart New York: Kelly Webb

I am a graphic designer who calls Queens home. I spend my days creating logos and visual systems for siegel+gale and my nights dabbling in various activities from reading to rock climbing with my husband.
I heart ny
By Kelly Webb
There are a million things that i love and loath about nyc. But one that I love that comes to mind are the bridges. There are so many, and they all have their own character and charm, not to mention history. To me the bridges serve as a segway of bringing all the people that make up nyc together. It has been really fun over the years to ride my bike and walk over most of the bridges, but I still have a few to go. There is something nice about seeing that skyline whether you are coming into the city or getting away from it.

I stumbled upon jonathan smith’s bridge photo project, which is really amazing (and where these photos are from). You should check out his site here.

I Heart NY: Whitney Lynch

Whitney Lynch was brought to the big city two years ago after landing her dream job as an interior designer. She loves living on the East River where you can often find her basking in the sun with a book and/or engulfed in the iphone. Her and her husband have loved living in the city and experiencing all this great city has to offer.

By Whitney Lynch

My apartment is 600 square feet…but it only takes 20 minutes to clean!
Some say I walk too fast…but I’m getting great calves!

I smell the trash on garbage day…but in 10 more steps there is a new smell, flowers at the bodega perhaps!

My religion is a minority…but that means I have opportunities to share it!

I may not recognize a single word spoken around me…but I’m observing new cultures!
Today, the subway was 100 degrees and smelled like urine…but I didn’t have to worry about finding parking!

I may not fit in…but that means I completely fit in!


I Heart New York: Kristie Larsen

Kristie Larsen is a SAHM of three boys under the age of 5. After living in Queens NY for 5 years, she recently moved to Westchester County where she enjoys time in the yard with her boys. She enjoys papercrafts and cardmaking, blogging, guitar playing, singing, reading and any other activity that may involve good food.

I Heart New York
By Kristie Larsen

I love you New York.

No matter where one is from, you speak our language. No matter the color of our skin, you have a place for us.

We may drive like a maniac, swear like a sailor and act like a banshee but you don’t disown us.

You have stinky streets yet delectable eats. You have the sun and sky, glass and steel. You have every kind accounted for and living shoulder to shoulder.
You require a gratitude for simple things and manage to create a love between the strangest of neighbors.

I love you New York because 6 years ago we were tired and poor, but ready for an adventure. In comparison to you, we were a different world. You took us in and taught us what it meant to be tough but kind, strong but malleable.  We were yearning to breathe free and you provided the wind.

I am not from here, but you are mine now. I love you as the place that has given us a home. You opened your arms to our ambitions and provided a reality that we could hold. You welcomed us and slowly we have learned about each other. My love for you has grown from a seed of infatuation to the soft calm of devotion. I love you because you have loved me, taught me and now nurture my three newborn babes. We are growing here, learning here and loving it here.

I love you New York.