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Thanksgiving 2012

It was so great to be back at the parade this year! (I missed it last year because of the pickle in my belly).  The weather was perfect!  It wasn’t hectic at all because we ended up standing in this section that was supposed to be for police? ?? We didn’t have all the info, but it didn’t get crowded until it started which was great.  We did have a few bah-humbugs RIGHT in front of us because of some shifting around of people, but we tried to make the best of it.

Pickle lasted about 15 minutes into the parade and then slept until the very end.  Oh well.  She did get to meet a clown, get some confetti stuck in her mouth and see Santa–you know–the important stuff!

Lolly was a little touch and go, but Phoebz was committed…in it to win it….and we all had a great time.

I got some AWESOME pix this year (my friend Ashley took some of these too):

I love the little girl in her fancy apartment and the construction worker below her.

I found a twinner turkey hat! Look at those tappers! And, I want to be a candy cane on stilts next Halloween!

The cross-dressing clowns? Don’t remember them. SO AWESOME seeing the Fab 5! My friend Morgan is ALWAYS TONS OF FUN! Go Read her Blog.

Jack and the Beanstalk? Cute right? When I was reading this year’s balloon line up, I first read PAP SMEAR, and then realized it said PAPA SMURF. My bad.

The dancers and their outfits were amazing…I got one clown to hold the Pickle, Kareem A-J–SO TALL–and isn’t that a great pic of my honey and me?

Our meal was shared with 3 other families, including the Bee…but Bee and Pickle took turns napping, so they interacted only for a few minutes.

I tried really hard to eat just enough, because I hate that gross full feeling on Thanksgiving.  I succeeded!  After dinner we crafted and made felt ornaments thanks to a Manhattan Craft Room Tutorial.  It was the perfect day.

Only downer: Jason had to let a huge group of volunteers into the church.  They drove up from Virginia LATE (late!) Thanksgiving night to help Sandy victims (great cause…bummer timing).  Jason and I were up at 4:30, so waiting and waiting and waiting was torturous.

We have SO MUCH to be grateful for.  We have had the most abundant year of our lives.  Thanks for being a part of it!



Today we are attending the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the 11th time! I have missed 2 (Can you BELIEVE IT?) I was fixing to make this crazy sexy turkey hat for my 10th anniversary, but it went you know where, in a you know what, so after considering the vote, I made a new version (It’s a combination of B and C)!  It’s lucky because it’s on the 11th parade, but my 9th time attending, so really it is still my 10th anniversary hat! (I know…)

I made the family watch all of our past Thanksgiving Parade home videos on Sunday.  It was fun to see the kids grow and their reactions.  Phoebz hated the clowns for her first 4 parades sweet girl.  I don’t do a video every year, but looking back I am glad I have the ones I have.

This is the first year I have read about who is going to be in the parade. I am pretty psyched about this EXACT list of people.  Can you believe the Fab 5 (I guess they are officially FIERCE 5 now) will be there? After WE were THEM for Halloween! I die.

Someone recently emailed me about doing the parade for the first time, and I am including my response here:

have you ever watched it down there. (45th street)
noI’ve read that the crowds get a little crazier the closer you get to Macy’s.i don’t know about that….Do you guys have to get there so early because you are watching the parade closer to the the start of the parade route or have you found that regardless of where you watch it you should plan on getting there at that time. We are first-row people.  We don’t enjoy events unless we are up close and personal, so it is worth it to us to invest the time to get those first row seats.  This is why we go early.  Since I have only watched it in the same place for now 11 years, I really cannot advise you on the spot where you are planning on watching.  But, if I were you, and were going to watch the parade at 45th street, I would certainly stick to the get-there-early plan….especially since that will be TOURIST-CITY.Any tips you have would be welcomed.
~If you send representatives to stake out a spot, I suggest bringing chairs and blankets.  These do better at warding off bodies than just bodies alone.  Once your whole crew is there and the parade has started, you can move chairs closer together, move blankets, to allow others to crowd in on you.~The better the forecast, the sooner it gets more crowded.~Picture the city streets.  Between the buildings and the police barricades is people.  There is no one policing the sidewalks, so the later you go, the more difficult it will be to get to your party.~Whatever side of the city you physically are to begin with, that should be the side of the parade route where you stand.  For eg. Since we come from the east, we sit on the east side of the street, because you cannot guarentee an opportunity to cross the street.~bring food and snacks, but do not plan on finding a bathroom until the parade is over.

My plan was to bring the baby in her big stroller…is that a bad idea?

Again, I do not know the situation at 45th Street, but there is barely room to even walk on the sidewalks, let alone push a small stroller, I would advise very strongly against the stroller.

Also, I just want to let you know that this situation can be very anxiety-inducing.  It is very difficult to get settled into your spot if you do NOT go early with the person who goes early, it is very noisy, and there is no way to escape once you are in your spot.

I would highly suggest you all watch the parade as close to the START as possible because you have little kids.  You can easily take the blue line from 45th street and pop out and watch it up there.

Alternately, watch it from the windows of the hotel room or from someone’s apartment.  I prefer the hometown experience of interacting with all the clowns etc. on street level,  but just seeing the balloons is fun too.

Hope that helps.

It can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

Here’s the report from 2009, I like how it came together.

4th of july

I bought the Pickle this outfit way before she as born, hoping she would be old enough to enjoy it for her first 4th. I think she wore it quite well.   She was a trooper for our epic Hudson Valley adventure.

St. Patrick’s Day

I remember being excited about St. Patrick’s Day as a kid because our janitorial staff painted leprechaun footprints all over the desks and chalkboards the night before. We would get to school and be “so lucky!” if our desk had been picked to receive foot prints. Then we’d scrape the footprints off with our fingernails as the day wore on.  I struggled to find the one green thing in my wardrobe.  I still have a very small amount of that color.  It’s not my color.

And that is all.

I have never made a conscious effort (that I remember) to observe St. Patrick’s Day in my household. I am not Irish, nor do I have a particular affinity for anything Irish.  I do think I saw part of the parade last year, but that might have been a right place-right time situation.  I certainly didn’t overly plan to attend, bake soda bread, or wait for hours on the sidewalk for the best seat.

This year Lolly in particular was extremely interested in observing St. Patrick’s Day.  She even insisted that she was WHOLE Irish even though her Dad was half Irish (not a bit of truth in that statement).  For weeks the girls hoarded their very few green clothes and deemed them OFF LIMITS until today.

I saw that Fresh Direct was offering up some very basic Irish food, so I ordered some to make our St. Patrick’s Day meal and I pulled together a green outfit and slapped on some green eye shadow to show Posse Solidarity.

Today was such a beautiful day I walked for several hours observing all the crazy people who celebrate this day.  I noticed there are three groups of celebrators:

Group 1: Wearing green and Aran sweaters, Claddagh rings.  I see them wearing these authentically Irish wares and think that they must refer to Ireland and their Irish temperaments over dinner, many an evening.  Also included in this group is anyone wearing a formal kilt or carrying bagpipes.  They take their heritage seriously and they respect it.  I even overheard a couple on a train discussing the need to bring a baked good to church on Sunday, and they argued about whether soda bread would keep until Sunday, she of course offered up: Freeze It, with a “duh” tone to her husband.

Group 2: Thinks today is Halloween. They don junky plastic mardi gras beads, crazy hats, crazy socks, light-up whozits and whatzits, dye their hair and carry around snapple bottles that are really filled with something else. I saw a girl with green fishnets and black briefs and a green t-shirt…that’s it.  It’s just another holiday that allows for hoochiness. These are the folks that bring out all the cops in Central Park. Seriously, I have been running over there in CP for a little while now, and should probably be scared for my safety for the lack of cops, but NOT today.  EVERY. WHERE.  This group also flooded Times Square today.  They started drinking at 8 am, and tomorrow I will avert my eyes from the piles of puke on the subway platforms. They are not Irish. (maybe some of them are).

Group 3: We knew it was St. Patrick’s Day and wore the only green thing we own, just because.

I did attempt an Irish accent and catchphrase a few times today, and the girls made up a little slogan: “Don’t wear green, get a pinch, WEAR green, get a kiss.”  I don’t think they got kissed today, but they offered me one on each cheek.  I also netflixed gnome-mobile because some website told me it was one of the top 10 movies for St. Patricks Day. They had already seen Darby O Gill and the little people (Sean Connery! hilarious) and gave it two thumbs down.  I’ll let you know if it’s a hit. Luck o the Irish to ya!



Winters Eve

It’s really fun to participate in Lincoln Square’s Winters Eve each season.  Actually, I think we missed it last year (broken foot!), so this is our second time participating!  I just read 2008’s post about it, and the same applies for this year-late bed time last night equals a hard morning especially for the little one.  I basically had to drag her around the house from station to station: breakfast-bathroom-teeth-backpack…and there was lots of kicking and screaming involved…kind of like how it was every day for 4 years with Lolly. Thankfully those days are much fewer and farther between. Woosh.

Anyways, Phoebe is part of the Violin Ensemble, which this year, has turned out to be 2 girls, so I thought it would be fun to give them a bit of an identity, and I have been trying to convince them to love the name TWIST for their “band”.  Their photos and personalities are MUCH more lively than the pieces their coach picked (snoooooooze….zzzzzz), but alas, someday we may look back and say: It all started when…

The girls played at a bank, and my favorite part of the concert was when not 1, but 3 patrons decided to dump all their coins in the penny arcade to be counted, while kids were playing. It was totally NY and totally hilarious. I have committed to save up my change for 1 year, to save for this event next winter and dump my coins while the kids play.  Just to see the look on some of the adults faces was worth it! OUTRAGE! Come on people, this is a community event in NYC at a BANK for crying out loud…

Watching the ice being sculpted is a big draw for my kiddos. We watched this guy carve for at least a half hour.  When I said: “It’s a raccoon!” trying to be funny, Phoebe gave me this look:

Then it was time for the Hungry March Band. I saw them perform at the kite festival this summer and I quite love them very much.

I want to be in the band.

Father’s Day

Look how patient Dad was in this little moment I caught on tape the other day:

Happy Father’s Day to the best there is! As I always say: Your welcome girls….I gotcha a great one!

Mom, you got me a great one too! Happy Father’s Day Dad! LOVE to you Papa/Dad!!!