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Handmade Christmas: Fox

foxThis year for our Christmas present exchange..Lolly got our new baby cousin for her gift!  We decided together to make him this fox. Thank you A Beautiful Mess for the tutorial, and Lolly, thank you for sewing on those eyes!



Handmade Christmas: Baby Doll

I found this tiny baby and a pattern book for it in Ogden Utah this summer on the road trip.  Then I found this little pink bed with red bedding at the local Slovak gift store in my neighborhood for $20- Together I was inspired to make a postage stamp quilt and afghan and little bloomers for the baby.

I need to make baby more than just that, but I ran out of time.  Pickle’s Handmade Christmas:




Handmade Christmas: Embroidered Doll

My daughter sketched some drawings a few months ago that inspired me to make a gift.  I had a wonderful time embroidering my version of her drawing. My vision for the doll didn’t come to fruition because I am not an accomplished doll maker or seamstress.  I don’t love the way I had to finish this with a felt backing (and even though I used anti fray I am worried it is going to), but I just kept telling myself it’s a little craft and she will love it. (I hope)

drawingHere is the finished product:

IMG_8210ps. she is pictured in front of Todd Oldham’s embroidery for kids book. I really like it.

Handmade Christmas: Jingle Bell Jog Hat

Today we are “running” the 4 Mile Jingle Bell Jog.  It wouldn’t be the JBJ without our Pickle and she had to be appropriately dressed, so I made her a special Jingle Bell Jog hat.
I used this pattern and Lion Brand’s Martha Glitter Eyelash in garnet and crystal.  Pix on the Jog later….

Handmade Christmas: PJ’s

Last summer I found 4 yards of this candy cane stripe fabric at a yarn store in IL for like 5 bucks. I was immediately inspired to make Christmas Jammies for my girls.  I wanted to make gowns, but it was only enough to make pants.  I used a pattern for the bigs and made up my own (with Carrie’s help, duh) for the mini.

I then embellished long-sleeved tee’s I got on old navy for around $2-, but still couldn’t find a tee for pickle.  When Lolly ripped her pair of red cozy pants, I decided to make one!  WHAT?

I used this tutorial from MADE and the t shirt from Courtney’s homecoming (torn apart…sorry everyone who might be mad at that) to make a pattern.  This tee looks so intimidating because of the overlapping flaps-but it’s seriously so easy!  When I started lining up my pattern I realized that the pants had stripes, so I centered them on the front, back and sleeves and used the waistband for my cuffs so that I didn’t have to hem any part of it!

I haven’t finished adding the trim and buttons to the pintucked(!) bib, but here it is!

The Bigs’ are all finished.  See below:


When I was growing up, the tradition was to open Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve.  Now that I am the Mom, I have decided getting Christmas PJ’s right after Thanksgiving is the thing to do, so that we can enjoy them the entire month!  I finished them in the NICK of time.