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Run for Your Lives

z1Saturday morning the girls and I headed to the RUN FOR YOUR LIVES 5K in Brooklyn. It was cool because it got us in the Halloween spirit and it was a fundraiser for Brain Disease Research.  We were Stumblers, so we manned a section of the race as zombies.z2The runners would approach and we would try to grab their flags so that they would die.  It was hard to get the flags- they were so fast, and by the time they got to us, they had learned a thing or two about dodging zombies.

z3Lolly got really good-I think she ended up with 25 flags. One runner said:” I can’t believe I just got killed by a 9 year old!”  We had a great time. I was so sore the next morning—who knew grabbing for flags would be a great upper arm and buttocks workout!  I am regretting putting the glue on my face, my forehead is still pretty irritated several days later.


Halloween 2013

hallow 2This year was all about Duck Dynasty. It is Jason’s favorite show.  It was his idea, and a great one it was!  If you are unfamiliar, click on over and get familiar already. please.

This is Willie:



This is Willie:hallow 3

This is Willie with Korie:



So is this:

halow 7This is the whole clan (the girls wanted to play the GRAND KIDS in an episode where they go out hunting, Pickle did not weigh in, I decided she would be a duckling–too cute to shoot!)

hallow 4

She was so cute, she had many boys kissing her and asking her to dance…she was VERY popular with the boys.hallow 5

She loved all the action, and I was SO HAPPY she kept her costume on, as getting it ON HER, if filmed, might have been excellent blackmail material for me.hallow 6

Trick or Treating went well until she discovered this red lollipop, then it was all over.hallow 8

We love Theme Costumes….way better than just doing your own thing:hallow 47Thank you Martha for the costume tutorial and Ravelry for various patterns that I pieced together for the hat, and ebay for everything else.


I Sew: Halloween Skirt

I got this ridiculous Halloween fabric on sale at Gem Fabric Store (which has since gone out of business ….boo) and finally I knew what to make with it!

A skirt for Pickle! I also had some pom pom trim left over from a pom-pom scarf I had made, so it was made even more festive. I followed this tutorial!

halloween skirt


It was so much fun seeing the fruits of the little seed Carrie and I planted back in September. Are there more of you out there?  I want to see!  Send me your pix!

How cool is that my friend got the REAL REAL jacket?  And how cute is that Mckayla?

I think the Fab 5 would be proud.  Way to go!

Latest Submission:

Look at these CUTEST EVER Phelps & Lochte:

Book Witch

I invented the Book Witch back when Phoebe was in kindergarten.  I really wanted Elphaba-green for my makeup, but Alcone (the broadway source for makeup) was all out, so I had to get the next-best shade.  It’s SUPER green.

This time around my Book Witch had a Billy Ray Cyrus wig, instead of black spray for my own hair and I added some glitter and also some pink skull jewelry for breast cancer awareness.  I also decided against the warts.  I made sure Pickle watched the entire transformation just in case she freaked out a little (I once saw a baby freak out when his Mom was revealed after her EXTREME MAKEOVER), and didn’t recognize me. She was totally unaffected.

The little ones sometimes get scared of the Book Witch, so I wore my little baby critter in the bjorn and spoke with a sweet voice and told them I was a mommy…only a few were moved to tears.

I read at Malu Ice Cream Shop!  It has the best ice cream and I got “paid” with a pint!  Bonus!  Lots of friends came to see me including about half of my Sunbeam Class!  So much fun to see my little ones in a different context!


I love how our Halloween Costumes turned out.  It was a great way to honor our new status as a family of 5.  We discussed Halloween possibilities with my parents over the summer and my Mom kept saying: “I’ve got it!” and then followed that revelatory statement with like a band from the 60’s that none of us had ever heard of.

She did, I think, get us on the road to thinking about the Olympics though…we picked up the conversation the next month and at first decided to each be an Olympic ring, but eventually started googling images and were inspired by those of the Fab 5 Gymnastics Team.

Technically, Jason is cross-dressing, but that’s ok…he is surrounded by girls, so it ought to happen once in a while.   I couldn’t find a scrunchy small enough for Pickle, but did manage to get her hair back in a proper Gymnasts ‘do.

Please note our Trunk for the Trunk or Treat decorated with a yarn-bombed Olympic Rings and photos of the Fab 5 altered by pic monkey.  I am especially thrilled with how the Gabby as a Demon on the bars turned out.

My trunk gave out markers, little mini tape dispensers that had tape with all different designs, and some Annie’s Honey Grahams.  Jason’s trunk gave out a variety of chocolate candies. His was decorated with American Girl dolls dressed in Halloween Costumes.

As always, our crew was decked out and we had so many great costumes there–so much eye candy!  I took tons of photos.  I won for Sweet and Scrumptious chili even though 80 percent of it spilled out of the pot ONTO THE FLOOR OF MY CAR when I slammed on the breaks to avoid hitting a car while going about 10 mph.  That was awesome…but only about 4 of my cookies were lost and those were a big hit (ALL HOMEMADE, NOT fresh direct and all the decorating materials and cookie cutter courtesy of my aunt who noticed i am a fan of the Sugar Skull).

I really must start thinking about next year already so that I can put together some more great costumes!  Happy Halloween!

Fab 5

So I put it out there for all to love on and I have one taker so far!  My friend Jenny, her daughters and nieces ran with the Fab 5 idea! Don’t they look grand!

She said the best part of this costume is that the girls made it all themselves!

It’s not too late for you to be a fab 5 too, and if you are, I would LOVE to feature a photo of the finished product(s) on my blog!  Just leave a comment and I’ll email you where to send the pix!

Thanks Jenny and the Fab 5–you look FAB!