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Iceland: Food

Iceland had a lot of comfort food: warm soup, waffles, crepes, bread.  At the marathon we got free popsicles that also appeared on our flight home.  I loved that the popsicle sticks were plastic (wood popsicle sticks are one of those irky things in my life, I hate them) and you could make them into a toy after you had collected a bunch—cool.  I loved this PISTACHIO CHOCOLATE Mousse situation we found in a local bakery! Lolly scarfed the rhubarb cheesecake!

foodHere is the asparagus soup with DELICIOUS bread I got in Vik:

asparagus soupOur hotel did not include breakfast, except somebody thought it did so we scored a free breakfast the first morning:

bkfstWe ended up eating a lot of toast….we refined it with some delicious raspberry jam and dark chocolate spread:

food 3That mango juice was SO THICK….!  The Icelanders like Banana and Chcolate in combination! JUST LIKE ME! I tried the granola bars and the chocolate with banana filling….. Pickle and I LOVED the granola bars (CORNY pictured in first pic).  I loved these Digestives Caramel crackers and any of their wafer candies like this prince polo and another one with coconut on top!

food 2One of our favorite adventures was getting free waffles from some neighbors on a block in Reykjavik on culture night. They were heart shaped and we covered them with jam and whipped cream and drank the chocolate milk!

IMG_2156One of my favorite moments was when Lolly realized Tomato Sauce on her spaghetti meant–KETCHUP!



We have made a LOT of progress in the eating category! Also, I can count on you for one solid nap in the morning these days. Way to go.


Pickle Time

Trying to get Pickle to eat is like me pulling out all my baby wrangling stops and entertaining her beyond any photoshoot I have ever been on and her either crying or staring at me like this.  It’s a drag.

eatingGranted, I was feeding her spinach/apples/rutabega at this particular feeding time and she did get a rash and then vomit within a half hour, so maybe she was allergic to it, but still.

Lately I have had better success if I hold both of her wrists in my left hand and spoon the food in with my right, and alternating with pounding a pencil on the table when she starts crying to startle her out of crying.  I decided to be my OWN baby food therapist. Necessity is the mother of invention right? So, I’m inventing it as I go.


Blogher 2012 is IN THE HOUSE, so to my out-of-town blogger friends, please visit one of my favorite food establishments!

Skip the cart, head to Sigmunds Pretzels

While there, check out Downtown Yarns, Fabulous Fanny’s, Economy Candy and Pink Olive.
Head to stand

ASPARAGUS “HOTDOG”! Head to Dogmatic

COMFORT FOOD! Head to Chat n Chew

I always order Smashies and Quintessential Macaroni & Cheese, but heard Thanksgiving on a Roll is pretty delicious too.

CHOCOLATE! Head to Max Brenner for your meal AND dessert.

While in Union Square stop by the Union Square Green Market (look for Emu eggs, so beautiful), Fishs Eddy (for your NYC souvenir plate) & ABC Carpet & Home.  If you head north a little ways more you can glance up at the Flat Iron Building and get a custard at the Shake Shack (that’s the b line–the short one!).

PRETZEL CROISSANT! Head to city bakery
The hot chocolate here is like melted candy bars! After you pick up a treat, stop by Books of Wonder and Adorama.

HOMEMADE HO HO! Head to bouchon bakery

They rotate their pastries though, so if they don’t have these in stock, go for the Raspberry Almond Croissant.

BACON WAFFLES AND STRAWBERRY BUTTER!  Head to good enough to eat

BEST COOKIE! It’s a toss up between levain bakery & potbelly’s –you decide!


I go for the focaccia and sweet potato spread starter that I eat while I dream about my meal.

CREAM PUFFS! Try Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs

The upper west side is pretty vast, but a few of my favorite stores are Lush, Knitty City, Yarntopia, Century 21 & fresh. You could also check out Lincoln Center while you’re up there.

PIZZA! Try patsy’s or grimaldis
Best location for Patsy’s: 1312 2nd Ave.

Best location for Grimaldi’s: 656 6th Ave. (Don’t go under the Brooklyn Bridge)

BACON BRUNCH? BACON BROWNIE? RASPBERRY LEMONADE? You have to go to Sage Just take the 7 from Times Square 5 stops….going to Queens is cool!

ICE CREAM? Best in the boroughs is at Malu

MACARONI & CHEESE? Head to Macbar in Soho

CUPCAKE! None are worth eating but those made at sprinkles
I prefer banana with dark chocolate frosting, but really, I have not had a cupcake there that isn’t the most delicious thing on the island of Manhattan.


Did you know about mangos?

I assumed I was allergic to these fruits, but decided to try some when my Filipino friend offered me one with some coconut rice a few weeks ago.

Gratefully I had no allergic reaction, and I have been slurping them down as much as possible ever since.  I heart mangos!  Especially these Champaigne ones:

Utah: Brigham City

The Colonel stores his plane in Brigham City, so I begged to drive about and visit a few places that held memory for me from my childhood.  I texted Mummzy and she gave me some addresses, so I could see the storefront of her grandpa’s store, her grandparent’s houses, the high school where my grandparents went to high school and some food establishments that she used to take me to.

Oh, Brigham City is a sleepy town, but I’d return in a heartbeat to have some more of these rolls with raspberry butter.  I think somebody in NYC needs to bring rolls and raspberry butter to the streets.  I’d be there snacking, often.

My mom told me I had to order the turkey steak. I’m glad I got the smaller portion because it was a greasy piece of food.  The rolls made up for it though, next time I’ll order rolls and raspberry butter to go.


I have been eating out a lot these past few weeks. A lot.

I’ve been trying to eat meals that land in the $5- range.

Hale & Hearty medium-sized yellow & split pea soup

Maoz Vegetarian-Falafel sandwich

Shake Shack-Shack Burger

Sigmunds-Cheddar Jalapeno Pretzel

Ray’s Pizza-Caprese Pizza Slice

To all of these I could add stuff on….fries and a shake at the shack, sweet potato fries at maoz, a full pretzel sandwich, more pizza….but then the meal would no longer by $5!

But! Then I decided to try to lose a few pounds for an upcoming audition, and none of these choices are going to aid me in the rapid weight-loss situation. Day one of the diet, I skipped the bread that came with the soup at H & H.  After polling my peops, they agree: cut the carbs. I do eat a lot of carbs.

I do still think that these $5- options are excellent and if you are ever NYC, please check ’em out!