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Figment 2012

When I wrote FIGMENT in my calendar for June 9th I tried to picture just exactly what that would look like being 3 days from my due date.  I pictured a slow pace, lots of water and sadly, some waddling.

I am happy to report that the weather could not have been more perfect, and not only was I not waddling, I even jogged a few times!

This was our 3rd time going to Figment!  It feels like more for some reason.  Maybe because last year we took both girls’ entire classes on a field trip to Figment.  Since there was no Friday eventing this year, that was not an option and that was just fine with us.

We took the East River Ferry there instead of the free one.  It was a pleasant ride down the East River, and super comfortable (compared to the very crowded, but super short Governor’s Island Ferry ride), plus we got to skip the subway completely.

The miniature golf (which debuts at Figment and stays running all season) was the only priority for the girls, so we went straight there.  There is so much to look at and do at Figment…here are a few pix showing the fun we had:

This mini golf hole was designed by Lolly’s pre-school, so we ended up seeing some friends on the course we hadn’t seen in a few years. That was a fun surprise.  Phoebe loved the Giant Puppets Save the World birds.

We played checkers, pushed buttons, explored Lady Liberty’s face, made spiders, made wishes, made paper, made coin purses out of Capri Sun wrappers, heard a lullaby, saw some crazy costumes, played golf, rode a solar-powered carousel, and looked and looked and looked.  It was a great day.


Figment 2011

Last year the girls and I discovered the treasure that is Figment on Governor’s Island.  This year, our Saturday for Figment was conflicting with Renegade Craft Fair and an end-of-school-year party upstate, so I had to figure out a different way to get there.

My plan was to either force their classes to go on Friday during school (field trip!), or I would take them out of school on Friday and go just with them.  Thankfully, the teachers were on board and we took the 3rd grade and kindergarten to Figment!

It was hot, so for that reason it was good we were only out in the sun for about 3 hours, but no one wanted to leave when it was time to board the ferry home. EVERYONE was disappointed when it was over, and half of the installations weren’t even up and running yet!

I wish I could have stayed with the girls, but I was their leader, and we had to get back for a tap dance dress rehearsal for Lollykins.  I have dreams of having my own installation there one day, but I just don’t know what it would be.  I was mighty inspired by this today, got my wheels turning:

I’m always behind the camera on these adventures, but a friend of mine captured one of Phoebz and me.

Figment 2010

Figment 2010

Figment 2010

Getting to Governors Island was a snap…door to door it was less than an hour, and that included the subway and the ferry. The weather was beautiful, mild and cool…we did not sweat all day.  The best part about getting to GI, experiencing the hundreds of exhibits that were FIGMENT? It was absolutely FREE.  I bought a little something at the Etsy storefront and a few snacks, but I had even packed our lunch, so it was a very affordable summer adventure.

We played miniature golf, painted socks, walked through silk, did an obstacle course, made a Faerie wish, answered questions, hula-hooped, made hats, listened to music, watched performance art, played in the grass, climbed trees, drank lemonade, met a man with a frog purse that he kept his knitting in, saw stilts, saw some skyrunners, watched a neon-decorated cart with dancers on it, walked around, and thoroughly enjoyed every second of our afternoon.

Theatre for One

Theatre for One was a highlight of our Figment Experience. One audience member sees a one-person show inside that portable blackbox theatre right there.  We actually made it Theatre for One & a Half, because Phoebe sat on my lap during our show.  It was way cool, I want to go back and do it again.

To the right you can see the artistic director, Christine Jones being interviewed about it.  She is an amazing and generous artist. I have sadly only briefly brushed elbows with her as we pick up and drop off our kids at school, but I did get to see all of her heart when I visited HER SET at American Idiot!

Christine is going to win a Tony tonight for her transcending creation on that stage at the St. James Theatre. I am so glad to have had her in my life this year if only here and there, and Lolly has been best buds with her son all year, so we have both benefited.

*9:31 PM. She WON!

Figment 2010


“FIGMENT demonstrates what the arts can be:  participatory, bursting with creativity and completely free, born from the desire to share imagination and invention between artists and the public.” `~figment website

I’ve been wanting to go to Governors Island for years…every time I see the pix from the summer jazz parties, I long to be there.  I finally got it together this year to go for the first time. I took the girls to FIGMENT this past weekend and our experience quickly soared to the top of our list for most amazing NYC experiences ever.

I took hundreds of photographs, and I will post my favorites over the next few posts.  Here is Phoebe experiencing a silk installation.  At the end, the girls were asked how it made them feel.

Lolly: Slow Motion

Phoebe: Aah!

I think that actually sums up our entire experience on Governors Island, it was simply: AAAAH…… (a sigh Ah, not a rollercoaster AH).