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Handmade Christmas: Fox

foxThis year for our Christmas present exchange..Lolly got our new baby cousin for her gift!  We decided together to make him this fox. Thank you A Beautiful Mess for the tutorial, and Lolly, thank you for sewing on those eyes!



DIY: Olympic Gymnast Costume

I cannot believe I am revealing this year’s Halloween Costumes for the Posse, but I HAD TO so that you had a chance to make your own version, because it’s just that good!

Finally there are 5 in my family, so of course we will be the Fab 5 this year!  The inspiration of course are these lovely ladies:

I’ve teamed up with my awesome BFF, Carrie from This Mama Makes Stuff to show you how to make your own Olympic Gymnast Halloween Costume. <—This is the most patriotic picture I have of us. (Lady Liberty, 2004)

I digress.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own TEAM USA Olympic Gymnast Jacket!

Grey Hoodies
Rit DYE in pearl grey
black bias tape
Flag Patch from Fashion Art Projects, 1 per jacket
2 packs of letters per jacket from Fashion Art Projects
TEAM USA Patches (1 per jacket)
fabric glue

Okay, it seems like a lot, but it is totally doable in a few afternoons.


Step 1. Dye your heather grey/white hoodies to a darker grey that matches the Fab 5’s jackets.

I used the stove top method.  I tried to make one package of dye go a long way. That is a mistake. I’d suggest one pack for 2 kids hoodies maximum.  Each adult hoodie should get their own batch of the dye bath, or else  you will have the baby hoodie end up like this (It has a marbly effect, with some areas being like the original hoodie and others dark grey and patchy.)

Stir constantly, making sure your garment has enough wiggle room to get fully dyed.  I would have liked a bigger bucket/pot than what I used.

Step 2. After properly treating/washing/drying the jacket, iron on the official USA olympic patch (if you don’t want to buy the real thing, you can use printable iron-on fabric), the American flag patch on the arm and the letters on the back of the jacket.
In case you’re wondering, that IS what’s on the back of those jackets the FAB 5 are wearing.

Step 3. Glue the black trim to the cuffs, sleeves, pockets, zipper and chest, as pictured on their jackets.  For the zipper, I cut my bias tape in half vertically and glued one half to each side, so that when it was zipped up, it looked as thick as the other black strips.

Optional Step 4 (for the Craft-Warzy Detail Geeks like me): Grab some white nylon ties, glue on black and red yarn/string (I used the red and black from the BEACH Lion Brand bon-bon pack) to each end, and tie on the zipper.


I chose to crochet my medals out of gold yarn.  I picked up some Berroco Glint in Golden Fleece in Chicago before I knew about this project, but thought that a mix of Vanna’s Choice in Mustard mixed with Vanna’s Glamour in gold would do the trick too.  I used this pattern with a few modifications to create my medal, but the sky is the limit with how you could creatively make a gold medal.

If crocheting isn’t your thing, check out this tutorial for a quick, easy and glittery foam version.

Dollar Store flowers mixed with craft store flowers, white puff paint on the purple ribbons.


Grab some sneakers & black pants then check out Carrie’s tutorial for “blinging” out a leotard and making a “winners” bouquet. Finally, slap on your Gymnast Makeup & hair that you learned to put on from this 5-minute Fab 5 Makeup Tutorial:

Happy Crafting!

disclosure: I was provided product free of charge from FashionArtProjects.com.
The opinions and ideas expressed are all my own.