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Handmade Christmas: Baby Doll

I found this tiny baby and a pattern book for it in Ogden Utah this summer on the road trip.  Then I found this little pink bed with red bedding at the local Slovak gift store in my neighborhood for $20- Together I was inspired to make a postage stamp quilt and afghan and little bloomers for the baby.

I need to make baby more than just that, but I ran out of time.  Pickle’s Handmade Christmas:





East Meets West: Yarn Bombing

We had such a fun time Yarn Bombing Across America.  We tried to leave our mark wherever we could, and we found some really fun places to leave a swatch or two.

yarn bombTHANK YOU to everybody who contributed swatches!  It was so fun to spread our yarny love.

tree ybThe most thrilling for me was to happen upon other Yarn Bombing.  I couldn’t believe Cheyenne had a fence around the corner from our hotel that was crochet flower bombed!  It was TOTALLY meant to be that my friend Kelly happened to see this granny-square-bombed museum a few weeks before I arrived…and I think my cousin told me about Pittsburgh bombing their bridge… AMAZING!

ybVisiting these places and local yarn stores was a true highlight for this fiber artist.  I didn’t get NEARLY the knitting/crocheting done on this trip that I wanted to, but that is A-OK.

Easter Prep

I’ve been distracting myself from waiting to hear about jobs (always WAITING…..) by really jumping into Easter Parade Prep.  We only get to go every OTHER year because our church meetings are in the morning every other year.  This year we will get to stroll 5th Avenue as a family and enjoy seeing all the Easter Bonnets (just like Judy Garland!).

I made this squirrel for a bonnet:


I took a little road trip to Yardley, PA for this pram, and gave it an Easter Parade Makeover (spectacular!)

pickle pram

And I bought a Bunny Snowsuit, once I saw the forecast.  Now, Pickle will be a Bunny dressed for Easter, instead of a Pickle dressed for Easter, as originally planned—gotta have a happy (warm) baby now don’t we?  The other two, well, they may have to suffer a little.

bunny pickle

I know, I think it looks like a non-bunny creature too, and I may have to cut the armholes of the dress and put holes in the bonnet so that she has bunny ears, which is, frankly, going to kill me, but I could always repair it after right?  It was $7- on Ebay, the right size, warm, and a bunny….guys, I had to.

Now I need to figure out how to get the pram from my apartment to 5th Avenue on the subway, because if I am to transport it in the van, only 4 of us will be attending the parade.  Thank goodness for Uppa Baby’s–this pram business is Cray-Cray.

Needless to say, my creative juices are flowing. And though I am feeling pretty great about the Posse Offering this Easter, looking back on 2009 and 2011 is making me feel like my offering is still quite meager….but I DO have a pram this year….and a pickle….so—->

Crochet: Bibs

I know, I know. I make these all the time. But! I think they are cute and fun and easy and I love giving a homemade gift.  I was lucky enough to give to a new baby boy AND girl this past week, and Pickle was lucky enough to be my model.

It’s good practice, because she has her second job Thursday.  We are road-tripping it to Connecticut!  Wish us luck!

crochet bibs

Pattern found in Little Crochet by Linda Permann.

Yarn is Lion Brand’s Kitchen Cotton in avocado (It’s 50% off right now! It is an AWESOME color–buy it!) and Madelinetosh sport in silver fox in and for the girls bib, Spud & Chloe in jelly bean.

Crochet: Little Lovey

loveyMy friend’s baby likes to put her little fingers through a crocheted blanket she received.  Her Mom asked me to make an 18 X 18 mini blanket for her to take on the run.  Her requirements: soft, heavy, holes for fingers.  I decided to use my beautiful blue LB Collection Cotton Bamboo in dusty blue, doubled and this pattern I found on ravelry. I hope she lurvs it.


I Heart Ravelry

ravelry projects page


I Love Ravelry.  Since I give so many of my creations away, I just love visiting this page and looking at everything I have made.  It makes me so happy.

I can browse patterns on ravelry for EVER.  I just barely cleaned out my queue and it is still 10 pages long.

I have had this hobby now for a while, and I love that I can constantly take it to the next level.  It is my happy place.

Oh! And look at this: Makeup and Fiber together:


Handmade Christmas: Itty Bitty Owl

I crocheted a few special items sfor #2 & #3, so I knew I had to add a little something for #1.  I think she likes her itty bitty owl, created from this Pattern.