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Brooke & Me

I spent a day on set for Lazboy while Ms. Shields shot the commercial.  I was originally called back to play an interior designer (I haven’t seen that ad hit the air yet), and when I didn’t book it, they asked me to be an extra.  I was happy to do it because commercial extra work is WAY worth it compared to film, and I wanted to get in front of the director.

It was a long day, but I had a good time, scored a brand new suit, and now have this teeny tiny thumbnail to show my most up-to-date commercial work. Ha!

Interesting items: Ms. S has a bodyguard (even when she’s inside a trailer in a lazboy store parking lot in Westchester County NY, where nobody is going to bug her), wore Uggs when not in her heels, was barefoot in the above shot, had a body double for the hand shots, and seemed very nice and down to earth.

Check out the commercial here. It’s called NO PRESSURE.



I finally saw my new commercial. I guess I shouldn’t say finally, considering that Monday night was the first I had heard of it airing and then I came home and saw it as soon as I walked in the door, but it has been several weeks and a haircut since I shot it, and I had no pre-air copy.

I think it turned out cute! I am surprised at what short moments they picked of me, but they are funny, and I have to say, the ending shot of me staring at my stomach, I’m pretty sure was my idea….

I think I look just like Lolly in that middle frame——->

I have been trying to imitate that hair since the shoot, but it always turns out a little more rock n roll. That’s ok. Now go get your Mederma for those stretch marks so that they keep running the commercial!

Big Stock Hit

This week my cousin and two of my friends emailed me that they saw me on the box of a TV. I have heard about this TV box several times prior to these emails. My sister left me a voicemail today telling me I was on a hospital brochure at her OB/GYN. I have learned the stock photo lesson.

And then I started hearing about a Gerber Commercial. My kids were watching Saturday Morning programming and started yelling: Mommy! Mommy! It’s YOU! And there it is:

And there’s no use fighting it. It’s a stock photo. I wasn’t in the union when the photo was taken. I just can’t really care about this or do anything about it.


I was back on set for about 5 hours on Friday. My, employment, it’s so fickle isn’t it? Hired and fired all on the same day. Well, not fired, just finished. I was so happy to be back on a commercial set celebrating the lovely warrior women scars of giving birth: STU—-RETCH marks.

No, leggings are not my first choice to wear in life let alone on national television, but that was the wardrobe (better than a tankini believe you me). And, exposing my even muffinier muffin top (thanks to the broken foot of ’09) was also something I never pictured doing, but I had to embrace my body in front of lots of crew, camera and lights, and I felt really good about all the flaws at the end of the shoot.

The pretty hair and makeup helped with the embracing part. I do not wear my hair like this, and I kind of like it, although so many grey hairs were hiding under there, where I rarely go. Hiya friends—see you! pluck! pluck!

I tried to recreate my commercial hair the next day but it was much more wild…so not sure if I will be able to recreate the messy magic.

Look for the commercial this spring…let me know where and when you see it! I’m excited.