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Handmade Christmas: Fox

foxThis year for our Christmas present exchange..Lolly got our new baby cousin for her gift!  We decided together to make him this fox. Thank you A Beautiful Mess for the tutorial, and Lolly, thank you for sewing on those eyes!



Handmade Christmas: Baby Doll

I found this tiny baby and a pattern book for it in Ogden Utah this summer on the road trip.  Then I found this little pink bed with red bedding at the local Slovak gift store in my neighborhood for $20- Together I was inspired to make a postage stamp quilt and afghan and little bloomers for the baby.

I need to make baby more than just that, but I ran out of time.  Pickle’s Handmade Christmas:




Happy Christmas from the Posse

This year’s unconventional card manifested in us being at the beach.  We go to the beach, but we are not beach people… I mean, look how white we are, really.2013 Glass Family Christmas Card FrontThese photos were a few that we got back from the GO PRO workshop we modeled for with Blue Lily.

I have lost track of who shot the top one, but it is probably one of the lady’s I linked to here.  If it’s you, let me know in the comments so that I can link!

Reyna Malley’s shot made it to the back side!Glass Family Christmas Card 2011 BackI love adding a QR code, though I see that only about 10% of those I sent a card to have scanned and viewed.  I hope to see that number rise over the years as this technology blows my mind.

You wanna see the video?  Thanks Wendy for hooking us up with this opportunity!

Busking for Santa: The Finale

Ok. My plans for busking over the weekend completely went to pot.  Friday night Jason came down with the stomach flu, which I can only imagine was what Pickle had that Monday when she threw up on set at Bloomingdales.  I immediately started taking oscillococcinum to prevent the dreaded flu from gripping me. So far so good.

I was going to busk in the morning on Saturday for a few hours, but I could not leave this man with these children.  Instead I just finished all the projects.  It ended up being a good thing as I underestimated the time it would take to finish everything.

Monday morning came and I was all set to go out busking for a few hours but Jason pointed out that I had a lot of shopping to do.  I started around 10 and literally did not finish the shopping and the wrapping until around dinner time…he was right. No time to busk.

I was disappointed that I didn’t sing more and earn more.  I definitely went over the budget of what I earned, but it was totally worth it.

The whole family spent about an hour wrapping and sorting and labeling gifts and then it was time to deliver.

We definitely wanted to see the family see the gifts, so we actually parked RIGHT across the street and hid in the car.  It was already dark out so we just ducked down and watched.


I ran into the car and took my spot.  In case they didn’t hear the bell, I phoned and disguised my voice as Santa’s: “Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa has left you some presents downstairs!” click.  Jason teased me about that the whole way home.

The daughter came down and just stood there staring.  I saw her arms go up in a questioning pose.  Then she turned to go back inside and get help.  She had locked herself out, so she started shouting to them upstairs.  The Dad came down and she was saying something in a high pitched loud voice and hugging him.  Then she started down the street: “PRESENT PERSON WHERE ARE YOU?”  She stopped looking and started bringing everything in.

The little boy came down and I think she said: That’s your bike! ~Mine?  Man, they could tell it was a bike . (ok, it IS hard to wrap a bike).  I could see her glancing this way and that trying to find the person, but she NEVER looked across the street and NEVER at our car.  I wish we had rolled the windows down because she was talking a lot and I wanted to hear what she said!

It took several minutes for them to get everything in…then the second young daughter came down and she was looking around too.  We are very confident that they did NOT see us, but we saw them, and the 5 of us packed in our car watching a Christmas miracle was something I will not soon forget.


We did an encore of our Santaland from last year.  It was pretty great to see all the different kids’ reactions to the “Big Fat Man with the Long White Beard.”

I made a video. It was my first attempt with my new Christmas present! (a camera!) I just kept it on auto as I literally only had time to charge the battery before using it!


First attempt at video and photo….I feel like the focus is soft on these which is frustrating because I thought the same thing with my OLD camera and I am on the same lens…so maybe that is the culprit…though I thought there was quite a few sharp focus shots in the video with the same lens! Maybe I just need new glasses!

I digress.

Pickle was in her serious/observation mode….it was fun to watch her and wonder what was going on between the ears.

IMG_0088I threw together her outfit. She really doesn’t own much red or green, so a pajama top (it’s kind of candy cane striped!?) it is! She picked out her shoes.

Spy Kit

Lolly loves to pretend she is a spy. Playing spy involves gathering tiny trinkets into one receptacle and giving them each a purpose.  A slinky can send a message, a notebook has secret spy information in it, etc.

spy 1

When we were at Brooklyn Charm she fixated on some pendants that were a compass, telescope and magnifying glass.  Her obsession with this helped to solidify an idea I already had forming in my head, which was to surprise her on Christmas morning with a proper spy kit.

Premade, ready-to-buy spy kits would not do, this had to be put together by me.  I turned to amazon and etsy for ideas, and it came together swimmingly.

The best part about it, is that the few days leading up to Christmas, without ANY planting-of-ideas by me, she started fixating on wanting a spy kit, and even came up with the idea of it being in an “attache case” (yes!).  When asked, my husband did NOT know what an attache case was, but I did, and I knew I had already bought her one (double yes!)

When we have Christmas at my Mom’s house, I have everything shipped directly to her.  It is a little risky, and in this case proved such when some of the items I ordered were not quite right.  For example, the attache case was on the small side and flimsy (fail), and the book safe smelled so strongly of mildew that I just could not give that as a gift.  Luckily I have amazon prime, so I quickly ordered a proper attache case and added on the handcuffs that “others bought”.

spy 2

What is inside a proper spy kit?  A pocketknife made of wood (so that nobody gets hurt), handcuffs, binoculars, telescope, compass, magnifying glass, clear bottle with screw-off lids (for the poison!), a glove with a mustache on the index finger (for a disguise), laser beams (courtesy of my sister who had a few extra), and a spy belt to hold it all in when you are on the go.  That was probably the hardest thing to buy because it is for an adult…but she seemed to love it all the same.

It has been pretty awesome to see my 7 year old carry around a briefcase and slink around the house spying.  It was one of my most favorite gifts of Christmas.  Be on the look out for Agent Evil O, she may be spying on you.

Best Photos of Christmas

I spent our entire school break plus a few days at my Mom’s house this December.  We had such a wonderful time.  I took a bajillion photos, but these are some of my favorites.PicMonkey Collage

I wanted to list some of my favorite parts so that I always remember:

Photobomb Challenge.  We got some good ones.

Accidental matching outfits: Dad and I in buffalo check, Pickle and Mom in Christmas plaid

Lots of plaid. Lots of Christmas Jammies.

Silas discovering the diet coke lights on the kitchen tree a few times–being surprised every time.

Daphne calling Pickle, MAGGIE.  Her little hand motions right by her face when talking to Pickle was repeated over and over again long after she left. D: “Maggie!” me: Her name is Pickle. D: That’s what I said.

Sleep training Pickle-you slept through the night most of the nights.

Eating! Pickle! You learned what eating is all about! It was so fun! Must have been Grammy’s cooking!


My walker from 1979 for the Pickle

Lots of singing and dancing and gaming

Target with the siblings.

When it was time to take the black coat picture, mom dropped everything and agressively got her black coat and got into position-so funny

Jason and Dad went on two runs each the day they ran together, so funny-so cold!

Dad sitting in his closet since his room was overtaken by grandkids.

The bed being delivered next door!

Introducing the cousins to Animal Jam-sorry Lindsay

Silas’ video. Girls are GROSS!

Mom’s EPIC all-day Christmas Party for the Grands

Finding the red velvet dress my Mom wore in 4th grade and taking Lolly’s picture in it: It’s ITCHY!

Making sugar cookies and cake pops-sweeping the floor multiple times while there-SO MANY SPRINKLES—we needed Chloe (RIP)

Violet passing me a handmade note during church thanking me for her hair and “all the things you have done.”

Mom taking the girls to the church to rehearse their christmas eve number…the girls in excruciating pain trying NOT to sing the song or tell the secret.

Christmas Eve: Trolley Ride was so cozy and epic, that homeowner and her hair, Santaballs made by Linz, the deelicious meal, really good crackers this year, Grammy & the Grammyettes, Daphne singing her little heart out, That VIDEO, Silas as Joseph in the Nativity pageant.  Having all hands on deck to help set up Santa.

Christmas Morning: Unicorn horn, Macbook Air, Spy Kit, Squinkies! T shirts for J: Shut up Legs and 26.2er and FREE Mr. BATES, footsie pj’s, love surprises.

Dad Calling Squinkies, Skankies. A very Skanky Christmas to you all.

Sam: “Another TREE PRESENT!” (he was astonished about the number of BIG GIFTS wrapped under the tree (razor, wii, monitor, kindle etc.), and not from Santa

Courtney crying at her California necklace

Mom and Dad surprising us with their monogrammed GRAMMY and PAPA pj’s.

Handcuffing Mom so she couldn’t do the dishes.

Seeing Les Miz with my honey since his flight was cancelled.

Watching Sam play Password with Lolly as his partner.  Playing games with her and Mom and Dad later when Phoebz went with the big kids to the mall.

Playing I doubt it with a big group–crazy different then one on one with Lolly.

Taking the train downtown to the American Girl Place. Rocking my city skeelz, jumping the queue to get a giant van for all 9 of us (we squished). Seeing coworkers I worked with 15 years ago! Yikes! still there!  Finding another van cab and an awesome Nigerian Mama Cab driver for the way back.

Going back and forth on whether or not to wake up early and go to the yarn sale. Getting the sistahs to go for it. We woke up at crazy early 6ish and had such a fun time adventuring the dark. We shopped forEVER and got some great finds. So glad we sacrificed sleep!

Seeing old college friends and THEIR baby girls.  Going to dinner with old HIGH SCHOOL girlfriends and catching up on their lives.  Time–it’s a crazy thing!

Shooting a music video with Sam, Coco, Jenn and Alex.  It was fun getting dressed up in the dresses Mom has saved for just such a purpose and doing makeup.  Good memories.

New Years Eve: Heading to the North Side to go to Ann Sather, Brimfield (this store is a picture every place you look), Dad’s first cousin twice removed’s statue of Lincoln, The Boring Store, Rudy’s Roundup, Lomography, & transit tees (I wanted this one, I totally should have gotten it.)

Playing cranium that night.  Winning. Gandhi! Gravity!

Watching the ball drop with my girls for the first time.

Knitting lessons with Jenn and Coco.

Fake praying just to see Pickle jump when we all said AMEN at the same time.

Ups and Downs and worries and concerns and loves and feelings and wanting everyone to feel joy and be happy and caring and cuddling and hugging and reading scriptures and praying and dancing and singing and gifting and being.