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13 Months


It’s the 18th ya’ll! Pickle is 13 months old.  She has 6 teeth–2 which cut on the same day on the road trip–and a new word in the rotation:


She uses it in the correct context and I love it the most when she causes the Uh-Oh, on purpose, so that she can say it.  She’s still talking a crazy jibberish language to animals when she encounters them and uses multiple objects, including her own hand, as a phone.


This week her variation on Hi, was Die! Die! Die!

She has also been using Mama a bit more….and I think she is starting to associate that sound with me.

Her sisters were walking by 13 months! She was my earliest mobile milestoner so I am pretty surprised she can’t walk yet, and is not showing super strong signs that she will start….like I highly doubt she will be walking by 14 months.  Lolly says: “MOM! She isn’t walking because you NEVER put her down.”

Which isn’t true, but it has been more difficult for her to find her floor time while on the road trip.  We are trying our best to let her move and explore, this past week she stood from a squatting position several times while playing in the grass.

Whenever we practice walking she does a lot of large steps/tippy-toe action….so she is still working on her technique.

She needs a haircut.  She has started to brush her hair out of her eyes when it’s bugging her.


She is a boob addict. She wants to touch them, suck on them and have her hand down my shirt whenever possible.  It’s a situation.

She is crossing her pointer and middle finger again now that the accident is in the rearview mirror.  I think it’s pretty adorbs.

She loves blueberries and lately, shredded wheat.

She is so spoiled and our baby and we lurv the pickle.


10 Months

Our baby has officially CHANGED this past month.  One day Crawling just CLICKED and now she is super fast.  The other day at a casting I put her down and then the rest of the moms followed suit (people are sheep I swear), and I was surprised to see that she was the fastest baby. The palms of her little hands slap the wood floors of our apartment, and go super fast when she is up to no good.  There is no use trying to keep her in my arms, she crawls basically everywhere.  I consider this a portion of her vaccines…especially that day she examined a piece of Goose Poop VERY closely.  This month I noticed she has started sweating—that’s how hard she is working.


This month she mastered clapping, waving Hi, and SO BIG.  She knows that SO BIG requires raising her arms AND making a vocalization. She says something EVERY TIME she raises those arms.

Those are the props I gave her to attempt a sitting still picture….it’s basically impossible.
IMG_5264Determined little bugger.  She also says Hi and Bye-Bye.  Strangers everywhere we go engage with her, and it takes her about 7 solid seconds to process that they are saying hi to her and she should recipricate…such a little sweety.  She touches the people we sit next to on the subway, today she even grabbed a mans stubble…I gotta get quicker.  Her preference is to sit next to the subway pole so that she can touch it. More extra vaccinage.


She’s pulling up on anything she can, but not quite cruising yet. She also still needs to work on her fine motor skills….she prefers that I put the food in her mouth still….but she is making slow and steady pickle progress.

Check out her new skeelz:

I’m so mad she is already this old. Boo. Hiss.

Post Script: We weaned her off the Magic Sleep Suit this month AND she has 3 teeth, 1 more about to pop! Lashes—still amazing and still cutest baby ever.  Also, 2 jobs so far…..


Working Girl

workClick on this to have it open bigger and get the full story. In brief, Pickle had her second job (first as a Wee Willy) and she nailed it.  My favorite parts:

1. When we arrived I noticed a hundred binkies on the prop counter and realized they probably wanted her shot with one in her mouth. Uh Oh.

2. One of my favorite photographers, who I have worked with as a wrangler, was the photographer that day!

3. The client instructed the hair and makeup to do Pickle’s hair as: JUST WOKE UP FROM A NAP.  Perfect, that’s her hair all the time.

4. After I got Pickle settled on set, I escaped to watch the frames pop up in the monitor in the hall.  When the wrangler returned her to me, Pickle lit up and had so much to tell me about what just happened.  She seemed pretty excited about the whole experience.

5. She never took the binky or put the teether in her mouth, so we’ll see if her shots get picked.

6. Connecticut is so beautiful, especially the Private Beach Communities.

8 Months Old

Every Month she gets another month older.  It hits me so hard, every time the 18th turns the corner.

8 months 2

This month it seems as if Pickle made so much progress.  It just proves that being sick can really hold your baby back.  It’s like from month 6 to 7, everything was on pause.  She finally cut that first tooth and got over her bronchialitis and she is making a lot of great crawling progress.  Almost everyday she gets better at the physicality required to actually make it happen.  Today I even got an action shot, with her knees in the air!

8 months

We have finally got the eating down.  Every morning she downs her yogurt and as long as her other meals resemble bananas or fruits she is good to go.  She is not an oral baby–hates binkies, rarely puts toys or her hands in her mouth…but she KNOWS what food is and whenever I am eating something, she reaches for it and puts it right in her mouth.

We love having our Pickle back.  Her personality is HAPPY HAPPY baby and she never wants to sleep.  I finally have her in a pretty good rhythm, usually getting that 10:30 nap in and sometimes she falls asleep during afternoon school pickup.  6 pm sharp is bedtime at night and she can sleep a full 12 hours.  This morning I nursed her and we snoozed for another 2! What a nice gift Pickle…thank you.

She claps here and there on her own and whenever she sees Dad she holds her hand up in salute! Hi Dad!  hand

Doesn’t she look different in Pickletails?

8 months 3


Mama Post 3 of 3




Ergobaby has been the best. I wish the baby could see out like the bjorn, but it is WAY easy on the body and for my lifestyle.

Mustela–remember what I said about your baby’s head emitting that cocaine chemical? Well, combined with Mustela, it turns into Heroin.

Mobi This was great for those beginning stages, easy to nurse in…but a little steeper learning curve for getting it on just right. Not as great for my subway lifestyle, but ok, staying close to home.

I used the Maclaren Techno for two babies and for years….it was the best stroller. I am using Uppa this time.  My muscle memory is for Maclaren so I am still getting used to it, but it seems comparable.


Best toy I EVER bought, hands down…worth EVERY penny (not cheap) Magna tiles–get the 100 piece set.

We rotate (read: throw out) our toys quarterly, so not really a huge toy family.  My kids play most with scarves/pieces of cloth and magna tiles.

I am a fan of Crocodile Creek products and all things Eeboo


I was so freaked out by it…but then your baby arrives and a switch flips and suddenly you are nursing while eating a peanut butter sandwich. (first time after giving birth to Phoebz)

Lansinoh pads hold like a gallon.  The cream doesn’t really do anything, but those soothie pads are pretty great.

Double electric breast pump–any seem to do, don’t mess around with anything less than the full thing.  I have always used a hand me down–you can buy a new kit to go with it so that there is no risk of contamination.

Introduce the bottle early so that the baby will take from BOTH you and the bottle–FREEDOM! I like grass and twig for my bottle cleaning.

If you are having trouble, just jam that breast in and relax. Take deep breaths.

Learn to breastfeed lying down.


Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth I am a midwife fan, with no pain meds, but even if you are NOT that girl, this will help you understand what you are about to do.

As will Birthing from Within and Natural Childbirth the Bradley way

Those last few weeks of desperation pregnancy I read this: Girlfriend’s Guide to 1st year

Also, Expecting Adam is a great book.

Tribeca Pediatrics website has a lot of great new ideas that are blowing my mind! Love it!

For Baby:

Charley Harper


I made my own board book at pintsize productions. So fun.


waterproof pads–for changing diapers ANYWHERE you want, lining your bed (lots of liquids in your life now), her crib, popping in your diaper bag. Get a variety of sizes–they are machine washable and brilliant–especially for this apartment dweller who has NEVER had a changing table.

hooded towels- of course!

lotion–get mustela!–massage that baby–its a great pre-bed ritual

boppy-great for nursing and then for when they are learning to sit!



baby bathtub


Hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions! Happy Baby Day!

Pickle Time

Trying to get Pickle to eat is like me pulling out all my baby wrangling stops and entertaining her beyond any photoshoot I have ever been on and her either crying or staring at me like this.  It’s a drag.

eatingGranted, I was feeding her spinach/apples/rutabega at this particular feeding time and she did get a rash and then vomit within a half hour, so maybe she was allergic to it, but still.

Lately I have had better success if I hold both of her wrists in my left hand and spoon the food in with my right, and alternating with pounding a pencil on the table when she starts crying to startle her out of crying.  I decided to be my OWN baby food therapist. Necessity is the mother of invention right? So, I’m inventing it as I go.


amazing hairHer hair in the tub is still pretty killer.