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2013 ~ Best Year Ever

2013 best year everThis year has been one like no other.  Love just seems to multiply as my family increases.  Pickle continues to be the greatest blessing to our family.  The wrinkles on my face have emerged and deepened as she causes me to laugh and smile all day long.

We have had so many wonderful trips and adventures this year…probably our most adventurous to date.  On January 1 I never imagined all the adventures that would come my way in 2013.

The most important thing about this year is my faith was tested and strengthened.  I can think of several major points in which this was the case.  The first opportunity was experiencing the ups and downs of New York City Middle School Applications/Interviews/Auditions/Drama.  Throughout the entire stressful process I just kept on my knees and quite literally Gave it to God.  I will never forget the feeling I had one day early in the year that EVERYTHING WAS GOING TO BE OKAY.  When the going got tough, I kept returning to that experience.

It was particularly important when I was then upset by the Pickle hand burns.  I experienced a miracle that day as her pain was erased after receiving a blessing from her father.  I will never forget the feelings I felt–just wanting to take her pain away.  I was willing to do anything, and I grew closer to The Savior through that experience.

As I embarked on the 7 week journey with my most precious little ones, I kept my faith strong so that I would be safe and protected no matter what would befall us.  I never felt alone on that trip, always felt safe and calm.

Finally, as I experienced the change from Bishop to Stake President I knew I had learned so much of faith that I could also exercise it to support my husband in this.  I knew I could do it, and it was because of the year leading up to it.

This year I have never felt so present, so in the moment.  I continue to battle the brain buzz, but find that I overcome it more quickly and efficiently and I feel so much more in control.  Quitting work has been a blessing.  I am no longer distracted from my most important focus and duty: caring for my children.  Family has never been more at the forefront than it is now, and that feels just right.  It feels like enough…like I am enough.

My gratitude for this special life I am leading cannot be expressed in words.  The blessings I have are beyond what I could have ever dreamed up.  I am so happy.



I had some gift fails this year.  Several gifts never made it to ME on time, let alone to the recipient.  Then gifts I DID get out on time never made it!  And I gave my brother a gift certificate to a restaurant that isn’t even in his town.

But! I had some gift successes too. I loved making all the handmade gifts this year, including a few here that I haven’t blogged about yet:

a phrase that a friend uses often and an embroidered version of my friend’s business card:

IMG_8057At Phoebe’s school the teachers are really into cool stuff like fiber and wood and minerals.  At the fall fair I noticed Phoebe’s teacher and another teacher both noticed a pink stone egg at the same time.  It was a tiny little thing, and the OTHER teacher won and bought it.

I had to return to the mineral man after the fair, so I picked out 3 different kinds of stone for her and made little corresponding bags with the labels on them!

rocksAnd then I took a chance and ordered a family photo by Blue Lily to be made into an afghan for Great Grandma Glass. I kind of love it:


Handmade Christmas: Embroidered Doll

My daughter sketched some drawings a few months ago that inspired me to make a gift.  I had a wonderful time embroidering my version of her drawing. My vision for the doll didn’t come to fruition because I am not an accomplished doll maker or seamstress.  I don’t love the way I had to finish this with a felt backing (and even though I used anti fray I am worried it is going to), but I just kept telling myself it’s a little craft and she will love it. (I hope)

drawingHere is the finished product:

IMG_8210ps. she is pictured in front of Todd Oldham’s embroidery for kids book. I really like it.

Oh Christmas Tree

This year was my first year helping with someone else’s Christmas card!  Ariel was the idea guy and I was the execution guy….well I guess the hair and makeup was my baby so it was a collaboration.

Here is their card:


And here is the accompanying bonus video.

I am pretty proud of how it turned out especially considering I had my new camera basically on auto the whole time and we spent about 3-4 hours on the ENTIRE production.

Handmade Christmas: Necklaces

This Christmas I have been bitten by the embroidery and cross stitch bug.  I whipped up a few items for some friends of mine.

handmade 3Roller derby!

handmade 2I’m most excited about this one.  My friend’s dog died this past year and It thought it would be nice if I paid tribute somehow.  I worked really hard on this and I think I did a great job (if I do say so myself.)  Carrie thinks so too.
handmade 1

Pickle Works

Pickle has been a little busy lately.  Last week she worked for Macy’s twice.  She walked into the holding room and kissed this little boy right on the mouth.  Later they were paired up to shoot this look.  She was laughing HYSTERICALLY at the wrangler.  I blame it on the fact that she boycotted her nap for 3 hours that morning….but the hysteria gave the results they needed!

pw1On Thursday she was called in again, and this time she did 2 looks.  She was paired with Orion again and then paired with a younger baby, who was much more smiley than she was.  Thursday was not as giddy as Monday.  We were in a holding room with what felt like 1000 babies!  It was a long morning!

pw3This week she booked Bloomingdales.  She was so excited about the puppy that the stylist had brought.  It was a little distracting having him around.  I offered my wrangling services to the photographer, but there were no less than 3 or 4 people at any given time, doing that job to the max.  They could have used a few tips from me, but I just tried to stay out of it.

After a little bit Pickle turned a bit grumpy, so I thought a little snack might be the ticket.  As we headed over to the food table, she THREW UP! What!? I picked her up in an effort to save the wardrobe….getting puke ALL OVER the FLOOR just feet from set.  As I went to clean it up they were all–a mop’s coming.  AS IF I am going to leave the puke there on set.  Of course I cleaned it up and tried to salvage her outfit.


She made it onto set one more time after she puked a second time, and I prayed that they got something and that she didn’t give it to anyone else.


These all publish in late February, early March, so keep your eyeballs peeled please.