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The posse is always seeking adventure, and even when we’re not, it finds us!


knittingI opened a package I got in the mail thinking it was something I had ordered on etsy. Most etsy sellers package their items with great care, and so I Thought the wrapping was just extra fancy because of that.

As I realized these were not items I had ordered, I backtracked and saw the packages had been labeled: FROM SANTA

I was so excited to have received a knitting needle AND crochet hook holder (complete with extra needles and hooks!)  At first I Thought maybe the etsy shop owner had seen my post about ALL I WANT for CHRISTMAS and sent them, but when I contacted her she said that it was from a friend who wanted to remain anonymous!

So of course now I am dying to know who it is!

Hey you! Hey friend out there—thanks for SURPRISING ME!!! It was so awesome and these are VERY luxe—LOVE THEM!


Busking for Santa: Hour 8

Saturday was a BLIZZARD. Not really…Jason came back from 18 miles and understandably didn’t want to go back out, but I insisted we go and experience holiday cheer.


We found ourselves at the LIC Food and Flea so that we could meet Santa and eat some treats.


We had the most delicious butternuts squash/garganzola risotto balls, brownies, gingerbread men….


Pickle even talked herself into a free pickle.

IMG_7953I was hoping to busk to a steady stream of market-goers but the weather conditions were not in my favor, so I opted for the subway again.  I had had pretty good success at Grand Central and I figured Saturday would bring many more people, so I popped over there for an hour.


Yesterday was Santacon, and so I encountered many Santas, including a few who helped me kick off my efforts.

I was right! There were a lot more people at the station, and thus a lot more NOISE.  I have a tiny respiratory thing happening so I was a bit wheezy and also my voice is getting weak!!! It was an effort to cut through the noise yesterday that is for sure.  I ended up with $19.78 after an hour.  My favorite donator is the one who passes me and then reconsiders and doubles back for a donation.  I also saw a lot of Santas yesterday, including these two:

IMG_7970It was another jolly Saturday in December!  Hey! Want more holiday cheer?  I cried at this video and I am enjoying these two singing a Christmas song every day between now and Christmas!

Busking for Santa: Hour 7

Today was a very special hour of Busking for Santa. My friend Heather invited me to sing at her company’s Christmas party to spread some holiday cheer.  In return the company would donate $200- to my BUSKING FOR SANTA! Hour 7 (which was really just 20 minutes of singing) was my most fruitful yet!

hour 7 I opened with my tambourine and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree then moved on to Baby, It’s Cold Outside—a duet with 3 of the gentlemen in the office and finished with White Christmas. I took a request of Santa Baby and they quickly printed off the lyrics for me as that was one I didn’t have!  We ended with a Jingle Bells sing along.

hour 7aI was so pleased with the unconventional busking experience and so happy for the support of my friend Heather, who has opened all kinds of unexpected doors for me!

Anybody else want to sponsor me at their holiday party?  I would love to!


Busking for Santa: Hour 6

Social media is so weird and cool and fantastic. I follow few gals on whom I have seen perform and met briefly, and the other who was just a find one day.

Bianca expressed interest in busking with me and so we planned it and she invited Aurora to join.  I had followed her on instagram so I thought that was a great idea!

Bianca and Aurora are very talented and have a different vibe from my music, but I tried to fit in the best I could.  We sang a lot of upbeat carols.

I tried to wear a very cheery outfit.  I had to drop the pickle off with the sitter at school and so a few parents inquired of my plaid pants. I told them what was happening and just like that I had 19 dollars in donations!

Then Bianca said she had found a 5 dollar bill on the street on the way there so we had 24 bucks before we even started singing.

We set up at the Subway Station near Bryant Park.  We sang for an hour and made another 9 dollars.  Bringing us to a total of 33 dollars earned for the day.

I don’t know why, but so far, when I have joined forces with other musicians, I have made a lot less money.  I am ok with it because one of the goals is to sing and spread holiday cheer….I just find it interesting that this has been the case both times.

hour 6I would love to actually perform with these gals in a more formal and rehearsed setting….maybe someday! We have nice teeth no?


We did an encore of our Santaland from last year.  It was pretty great to see all the different kids’ reactions to the “Big Fat Man with the Long White Beard.”

I made a video. It was my first attempt with my new Christmas present! (a camera!) I just kept it on auto as I literally only had time to charge the battery before using it!


First attempt at video and photo….I feel like the focus is soft on these which is frustrating because I thought the same thing with my OLD camera and I am on the same lens…so maybe that is the culprit…though I thought there was quite a few sharp focus shots in the video with the same lens! Maybe I just need new glasses!

I digress.

Pickle was in her serious/observation mode….it was fun to watch her and wonder what was going on between the ears.

IMG_0088I threw together her outfit. She really doesn’t own much red or green, so a pajama top (it’s kind of candy cane striped!?) it is! She picked out her shoes.

Busking for Santa: Hour 5

Time just gets away from me! I made it to my post today with only 50 minutes to busk.  I set up shop and was quickly kicked out because apparently it was too close to an office in the subway.  That is okay because the second spot was EVEN BETTER. I stood in a corridor at Columbus Circle much like the one I did at Grand Central.  The traffic was steady and donations generous.

One lady gave me $20!

Pickle laid low and was drowsy for the first bit and then participated with her shaky egg and voice for the second bit.  One man even gave her M & M’s (which I did not feed her).

Getting out there in the cold to busk is challenging, but once I am out there singing, I feel so good.

Today I saw one of my CTR-4 kids who gave me a dollar, and also my cousin’s wife! It is so fun when I see someone I know!

I made $78.06 today! Bringing the total up to $253.33 Incredible!

Busking for Santa: Hour 4

Friends! I confess it is hard to fit in the busking.  As of now, I will be thrilled if I fit 15 hours in (instead of my original goal of 20!)

Here are the challenges:

~vocal fatigue



I have had some unexpected events come up in the category of Pickle jobs and castings.

Today I had to finagle the schedule and it was a miracle that all went as planned.

We went to her Bloomingdales casting (in which she was soooo cute in those white skinnies) and then headed straight to Times Square Subway stop. We arrived RIGHT when I wanted to start the timer and sang from 1:30-2:30.  Pickle helped me a lot. She held my lyric sheet most of the time and sang with me most of the songs.

Today I gave away a cd to the first 20 donators! A few people wouldn’t take it, I missed a few because they were too fast, and had about 6 left over.  It is really fun to sing in the subways because the acoustics are very helpful.

Today I made $38.93 bringing our total up to $175.27

Getting there! Getting there!  I can’t wait to take that trip to Target and fill up the cart!

The day finished with another Pickle casting, this time fit modeling for JCPenney and then the Subways shutting down, taking us 3 times the amount of time it normally takes to get home. We were all well behaved and patient and made it through!