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I record my favorite moments with my loved ones all month long.

My Loves


You can hold your own part while Phoebe harmonizes with you!

Being so excited about your scooter and basketball and wanting to go outside even though it’s like 20 degrees.

“Carnegie Hall! Check!”

You got a sample from Fresh and put it on your hands and noted that it was “not smooth” I took a look at it and realized it was an exfoliating face mask….not lotion

You got very loopy after we kept you up too late watching The Hobbit.

lice again. HATE


Being SO GOOD on set…standing RIGHT on your spot and laughing hysterically right on cue

Kissing the baby that was your model partner

Touching people’s arms when you sit next to them on the subway, when they look at you, you smile, and when they look away you repeat it all over again.

Bringing me a bowl or plate with a Zbar 4 to 6 times a day.

Getting 2 cups and approaching Lolly and asking her to take a Tubby with you (Bubby?)

Babbling, real words, singing, 18 months is the best age.


Being excited about eurythmy-doing a great job

Loving your school and your new friends

BEGGING to see Catching Fire

Loving the cowl I made you for Christmas and wearing it all over town.

Being excited about naming your new pet fish.


I am going to potty train Pickle today as my Christmas gift to you.  Cut to a few days later, all we have is her saying BYE BYE anytime anybody flushes. (yes there is a lot of bathrooming with doors open around here)

Waking up early to run even though you are sick

Puking your guts out but we didn’t! We took a homeopathic preventative! so glad.

Blowing up all the balloons


My Loves


Tweeny Tweenikins

Being so sad that yet ANOTHER best friend is moving to South America. Seriously South America, what gives?

Watching you blossom

The independence!

Getting a great parent teacher conference report

Being so excited about your new pet fish and trying to incorporate him into the family.  He’s just a fish honey–he just stays in the bowl.

Reading the Hunger Games Trilogy in like a week.  You were so sick one day–I think it was because you wanted to stay in bed and finish Mockingjay.


Just wearing your sweat pants all the time

I often ask you: When is the last time you showered? And you can’t remember

Doing so well in school! Improving your reading!

Loving Soccer

declaring: I’m Jolly! and requesting jingle bell rock be played–that leading to  a discussion of who composed Jingle Bells. James Pierpont of Boston–thank you for that beloved carol

Going through EVERY SINGLE multiplication table —it was fun and watching your brain work when I told you 10’s and 11’s and 1’s and 0’s and 5’s are easy—-it took you a second to understand why!

Feeling nervous about the upcoming Carnegie Hall debut, working through the memorization with you.


We went to a dinner party and you just KNEW it was a party—you danced around and turned it ON




Puppy–you leave our apartment and point to the next door apt and say Puppy because you know they have  a new puppy!

When ANYTHING beeps in the house or when the toaster pops you get SO EXCITED

You press the message machine and love hearing any messages that are still on there.

So many messes

So busy

Running (away from me!)

Tantrums—I just let you lay on the ground and calmly walk away—so embarrassing for you–and I tell you that as I wait for you to get up and come back to reality.

The other day I said to the girls Ready, Set…..and Pickle came out of the bathroom and yelled—Do!  I didn’t even know she knew that.

It’s been fun watching you discover what nursery at church is all about. My favorite part is your face during singing time. You love it.  The chorister was late the first day so I was the opening act singing a song you had never heard before and you looked at me like I was the most amazing person you had ever seen.

Learning and using signs. You use MORE and THANK YOU quite regularly and just mastered FISH today!

When you realized that your FAMILY knew Ring Around the Rosies, you were so psyched–you made them repeat it over and over and over and over and over again….and then one more time


Your energy is so positive and high.  You are just a little energizer bunny go go going.

I was put on hold for another job and when it was released you were so relieved and said: yeah, you can’t go back to work right now.  That was too hard (the day I had my foot surgery and was away)

Being so dedicated and loyal…you have been gone many nights beginning this new calling.

listening to you negotiate when you work from home—wow you are the boss man

My Loves: Summer

All of us:

Booty shake contest in the bathroom


You observed that all the newspapers in Pennsylvania were only about gay issues
(In reality it was not regionally discriminating, but USA news)

In tears over what happened to Amy in Little Women

Being so excited about the footage you got at the marathon and then realizing you hadn’t pressed record.

Being so tweeney– hesitating to join in on hula hooping– ultimately doing it

Delivering this line: “Too much math- not enough brain” We thought it was pretty funny–turns out we think you got i from a tv show.


On the plane to Iceland, when you woke up after 3 hours of sleep, you started over hand chucking the muffins the flight attendant had given us, over and over again. It was hysterical

pulling phoebes shirt now—looking for grub
Discerning between your sisters

Smiling when I said “smile”
Asking you a question and you nodding
And saying yeah

Taking up to 4 steps at a time on your own….you are doing really well!

How did Joseph know that fact about where Zion will be? (this while visiting historic sites, love the use of the word FACT)

You know what I like about Instagram? Going back and seeing all the comments people make on my photos.

Being so good at the duck call

One night I snuggled in the hotel with you in Icelanad:
Me: You smell like meatballs
You: You smell like nice soap

Not wanting to stay in Iceland (you had had enough after about 1 day) but getting into the sheep and the black sand and culture night

One night saying to us: “You know what they say about the middle child…”
and none of us knew, and then you finished: “they are the best!”

My Loves


Mom, you know why Grammy has no wrinkles? Because she uses that cream for cows……is it made of cows?

Let’s go through the sprinkler and pretend it transports us to a different world.

Mom, here is a fact…..(I can’t remember what fact she told me, but I enjoyed the introduction)

Telling me about a friend who had the wrong lunch.  She told me the girl saw that the milk was chunky and that was gross….I explained that some people drink different kinds of milk and sometimes they have a different texture….then we both realized that lunch was OLD, and that is why their were chunks, and we had a moment of silence for that little girl’s tummy for the other food in the lunch she had eaten that day.

Mom, you do a really good job of being modest AND stylish

Being so excited for the road trip (already)

I took you on a little overnight at a friend’s country house, and as soon as we pulled away: I just love you so much–please don’t die! If you died, I would cry for like 2 years.

Mom, is the way you live your life right now, how you want us to live, are you being an example?

Being SO EXCITED for the road trip already, especially the car organizers I made for the seats.

The weather has changed, so you come home, strip and just spend the rest of the day in your undies


Mom, you’re an awesome mom, you are a mix of the horrible moms and the awesome ones, to make up the BEST one.  (this after I said to her sister: Stop it….go away.)

The roller coaster that has become the middle school admittance process.  I am so sorry for putting you through it.  You are taking it really well

Being a great big sis to the Pickle…you guys have some great conversations.

Mom, 2 pickles are better than one.

I left a bag I made for Lolly on your bedroom door and you scooped it up and hoarded it in your drawer, until you saw on instagram that I had snapped it and labeled it Lolly’s bag, then you gave it to her. Little sneak.

Your final concert at school was very awesome…you did a great job and I am so proud of all the hard work you have put into the violin since kindergarten!

The outfits you put together always blow my mind.

Making the right choices when you have been faced with a difficult friend situation.  It is SO HARD to do the right thing, and you are doing it.


You think that everyone on the subway is there for you.  When we sit down next to someone you work to get your arms free so that you can touch them and their stuff

You go to anyone. I love that about you.

2 days in a row of self weaning behaviors! Only nursed morning and night! woot!

Move, move move.

You discovered dogs….you light up, point, chatter like crazy when you see one

Chatty, chatty, chatty

Wanting to feed yourself!

I knew you were awake from your nap when I heard the light stitch turning on and off—you found a new thing in your room!

While playing the Barbie Game, the girls asked pickle, who was in her high chair, Do you want a boyfriend? And she very deliberately said: YEAH!

New Word: Uh Oh!

Over using the word HI, and making any and ALL objects a phone, that you put to your head and say HI to

DIRT—Grass–you love it all.


Taking all this middle school ness to heart, comforting our little Phoebz and “yelling” at the people that needed to be “yelled” at

Having such a short fuse with these kids on our mini road trips…I kept having to remind you–they are CHILDREN, our job is to TEACH THEM–they don’t come preprogrammed knowing all this stuff.

Your Duck Dynasty obsession.

You are such a morning person, we love the energy you breathe into the family each morning, I simply cannot do it.

Paying all the bills.

Supporting me on my road trip–I appreciate that.


Sending customized letters to each of my daughters, I especially loved the story about you coming to Queens when you were Lolly’s age and sending Pickle a letter inviting her to visit her because ” she needs someone to make a big mess”


I have so many who have been riding this middle school roller coaster with me, I feel so supported right now.  THANK YOU to all who have read my texts, emails, picked up the phone and felt for me at this rough time.

My Loves


I love George Strait! He’s the MAN!

“You need deodorant for your farts”

Oh the ups and downs of your emotions—hate your sister in the morning, love her in the evening

Pottermore obsession

Reading me all the parts of her skit she starts speaking in this accent from another land. I say: Isn’t that character supposed to be Spanish? HER: Yes, but I am not very good at a spanish accent, so I chose Russian, which is the next closest (btw, it sounded French)

Your excitement about the news we were seeing Taylor Swift. You were SO into it and SUCH a tween—like perfectly aged for it and looked young and innocent too and I loved watching you watch her.

I love your enthusiasm when adventure is awaiting us.


You use the word DEFINITELY a lot now and I like it.

MELTDOWNS after the park—-it’s just too much for you—all this sun and playing!

Asking SO MANY questions when exposed to literature or radio or television that isn’t for kids/straightforward—just take it in darling and it may start making sense in a second or two.

Making Pickle laugh by just looking at her—that girl thinks you are hilarious

Guessing the Taylor Swift surprise. After big sis had guessed: horse back riding, ice skating, fireworks, you were like: Taylor Swift….deadpan. Classic.

Being ticked off about Taylor Swift’s opening act using the H word.  You almost wanted to go home.

I loved hearing you talk about the concert as we watched it.

You love reading with your new scriptures as a family…its helping inspire all of us.


Your face when you went in the pool the first time—I will never forget that joy.

You crawled your way through the apartment to find me, as you often do now, and after some begging, I finally picked you up and you just laid the WETTEST kiss on my lips all on your own…a few minutes later you did again–I think you were VERY happy to see me.

First poop in the tub—gross

Waving Hi, and moving your mouth like you are SAYING hi at the same time.

Crawling all over the goose-pooped grass. And even picking one up. Must be the 3rd baby

Being SO EXCITED when you saw Lolly in the tub–you were all! It’s LOLLY and she’s in WATER! This is AMAZING!

Your third job–you were so good! You loved it, went to everyone who wanted to hold you, gave little cuddles and were too fast for the crawling shot.


You discovered Duck Dynasty–it is so good to hear you laugh out loud.

We watched Bourne Legacy and your ending credits Bourne dance did not dissappoint—EVERY. TIME.

You ran me in on my 12 mile run—that was a fun surprise.

you saw the poop in Pickle’s tub before I did, and since it was my birthday, I said: I got the baby–you got the poop! (I would have said it if it wasn’t my birthday too)

Trying to get me to listen to the new country station that just started in NYC

Being a great Dad, planning the Taylor Swift for months ahead of time….

My Loves


Go-sees for Childrens Place, J Crew, Ralph LAuren–crazy!

You haven’t cried yet on two different jobs—way to go. After the second one you had so much to tell me!

Crawling in the tub-back and forth and back and forth

2nd Tooth: March 22  3rd Tooth: March 24th

Crawling: March 9

Going on a TOTAL Hunger Strike when left with babysitters—not. good.

When the Bigs and Jason leave in the morning, you cry/yell after them

You have figured out where we are in the bedroom. Sometimes you make your way over and press the bumper bad down so you can stare at us. My favorite was when you were yelling at me like the baby version of: HEY! OVER HERE! I can SEE you!   And one night at 3 AM you yelled DAD! 3 times…

Our life has changed completely this month. You are busy and crawling and crazy!



We were singing together to make 7th chords. I asked you where you learned to sing 7 chords: “flute? theory?” and you said: “I was BORN with it!” (with the tone that indicated, DUH)

Jason was describing a scenario at school in which you could behave like Jesus and he asked that question: What would Jesus do? Your answer: He would Go with the Flow

You always have auditions in the worst part of town (various Manhattan locations)….Queens is so beautiful.

I wish I could get kdinapped–I just want to have that experience-and then get saved.  –seems like it would be adventurous.

Your primary teacher always tells me you have the best things to say in the class…for example your teacher asked: What is that thing on Jesus’ head (crown of thorns) and you answered: “ummmm, a nest? For the birds to sit in it?”

Lolly and Phoebe came out of their bedroom after MUCH deliberation and announced: “EVERYONE-we are taking dinner tonight, Downton Abbey Style!”

da stylePhoebe:

Glad you are not too old for Egg Hunts and swinging at the playground.

Your pattern combinations are out of this world.

We were alone together as went to Crafternoon for your birthday celebration and it was really strange being one on one with you, it hasn’t happened in a long time, and surprisingly, we didn’t have much to say

You were so great at the Easter Parade. I am glad you loved your hat and smiled for all the photos.

Watching you read through the entire Harry Potter series was really fun to see. You got so mad at the parts they left out of the movies.

You are having a difficult time with a friend, but I was proud of you when you accepted an invitation to play anyway.


thanks for trying to help out when I had a cold

I haven’t had work bites in a while and I forgot just how supportive you are of any leads I get. Thanks.

You were SUCH a great sport for the Easter Parade and the pram acquisition and having so many girls in your life.


When you came to stay with Phoebz while we were in AZ, you came out of the bathroom with the shower cap on–love!

Thanks for taking great care of Phoebz

My Loves


My life dream us to hear something astonishing and spit out my water (do a spit take)  After she said that, we tried to come up with astonishing things to say.

Tagging an instagram photo of me in high school as #oldendays

You are reading Harry Potter for the first time…each week when you finish a book, we watch the movie.  During Movie 4 you were getting so mad and  I asked you why we were watching it then and you said: This is the reason we’re watching it- so I can be really mad at it (lolly nods in obvious agreement)

Wanting to participate in Lolly’s idea to have us ALL wear pigtails like Pickle, but wanting to be cool too, so you went with lower pigtails.

Watching you hang out with the middle schoolers at your school gives me heart palpitations.

You are handling all of this middle school nonsense (auditions, tests, interviews) like a champ.

Liking the Raspberry salad dressing-good for you…and eating oatmeal in the morning–you are growing up!

Thinking that your school picture outfit DEFINITELY needs a touch of neon green.

Mom, not every girl gets to spend an entire weekend just with her Grammy and her. (so glad you didn’t bat an eye when I told you you had to miss our family trip to AZ because of an unexpected middle school callback-way to go!)


L: You know beaver day?

Me: Ground hog?

L: I don’t know what a round hog is…

Me: It’s like a beaver

We were listening to This American Life on the radio in the car and you had a bajillion questions.  Clearly story-telling for adults is much more sophisticated than for children: Whose Timothy? Why is he acting like a Werewolf?  Why do they want him to go to a special school?

Me: How does this fridge get so empty so fast?
L: We’re skinny but we eat!

me: Lolly, you need to be quiet because people are praying and thinking about Jesus.

L: I don’t have cheezits.

Me: Jesus. People are thinking about Jesus.

L: I thought you said cheezits.

(Seriously, are we having the same conversation?)

Mom, I just wish I could LIVE in the hotel we stayed at at Disney World.  I want you to listen to me right now and I am going to tell you about my life. (looks me in the eye–very deeply, touches her chest) My life. I just want MY LIFE to be fun and I want to live in that hotel at Disney World. And the workers would teach me things and then maybe we would take a stroll through the gift shop and get to pick out something less than 25 dollars.  Maybe if we found something for a dollar, we could get 24 of them…..(and on on)

Mom! You need to buy me some more seaweed, I really CHUNKED it down.


A major crisis at work took over your entire weekend but you handled it with a lot of grace—staying chill and cool.  When you had a break through moment you did a little jig (around 11 PM)

I asked Jason: Do you think animals find joy in their offspring/parenthood? his response: of course! Look at Simba and Mufasa!

Really and Truly not knowing about the surprise!

Dancing during your party even though I don’t think you really wanted to.

You did not want to wake up Pickle, so you went outside to move the car with only socks on, because your shoes were in the room where she was sleeping.


You are just so cute.

A little Brazilian boy on the subway was trying to engage you.  I was giving him tips, and his mom would translate. He was always so proud of himself every time you smiled at him.

You were so brave at your job.  I put you down and you played with all the toys and made friends with the other babies….and you did your smiles on set without me!

Finally getting the eating thing-even letting Phoebz feed you!

Whenever you see Dad you raise your hand up as if to wave it–big gummy smile

Great job on your first casting! I was seriously so proud of you for smiling on command!  Way to go!

Two words: Wilhelmina Kids. Way to go little sugar booger.