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My fam: Husband, 2 kids. And there’s some sisters, parents and a brother too.

Happy Christmas from the Posse

This year’s unconventional card manifested in us being at the beach.  We go to the beach, but we are not beach people… I mean, look how white we are, really.2013 Glass Family Christmas Card FrontThese photos were a few that we got back from the GO PRO workshop we modeled for with Blue Lily.

I have lost track of who shot the top one, but it is probably one of the lady’s I linked to here.  If it’s you, let me know in the comments so that I can link!

Reyna Malley’s shot made it to the back side!Glass Family Christmas Card 2011 BackI love adding a QR code, though I see that only about 10% of those I sent a card to have scanned and viewed.  I hope to see that number rise over the years as this technology blows my mind.

You wanna see the video?  Thanks Wendy for hooking us up with this opportunity!


Busking for Santa: The Finale

Ok. My plans for busking over the weekend completely went to pot.  Friday night Jason came down with the stomach flu, which I can only imagine was what Pickle had that Monday when she threw up on set at Bloomingdales.  I immediately started taking oscillococcinum to prevent the dreaded flu from gripping me. So far so good.

I was going to busk in the morning on Saturday for a few hours, but I could not leave this man with these children.  Instead I just finished all the projects.  It ended up being a good thing as I underestimated the time it would take to finish everything.

Monday morning came and I was all set to go out busking for a few hours but Jason pointed out that I had a lot of shopping to do.  I started around 10 and literally did not finish the shopping and the wrapping until around dinner time…he was right. No time to busk.

I was disappointed that I didn’t sing more and earn more.  I definitely went over the budget of what I earned, but it was totally worth it.

The whole family spent about an hour wrapping and sorting and labeling gifts and then it was time to deliver.

We definitely wanted to see the family see the gifts, so we actually parked RIGHT across the street and hid in the car.  It was already dark out so we just ducked down and watched.


I ran into the car and took my spot.  In case they didn’t hear the bell, I phoned and disguised my voice as Santa’s: “Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa has left you some presents downstairs!” click.  Jason teased me about that the whole way home.

The daughter came down and just stood there staring.  I saw her arms go up in a questioning pose.  Then she turned to go back inside and get help.  She had locked herself out, so she started shouting to them upstairs.  The Dad came down and she was saying something in a high pitched loud voice and hugging him.  Then she started down the street: “PRESENT PERSON WHERE ARE YOU?”  She stopped looking and started bringing everything in.

The little boy came down and I think she said: That’s your bike! ~Mine?  Man, they could tell it was a bike . (ok, it IS hard to wrap a bike).  I could see her glancing this way and that trying to find the person, but she NEVER looked across the street and NEVER at our car.  I wish we had rolled the windows down because she was talking a lot and I wanted to hear what she said!

It took several minutes for them to get everything in…then the second young daughter came down and she was looking around too.  We are very confident that they did NOT see us, but we saw them, and the 5 of us packed in our car watching a Christmas miracle was something I will not soon forget.

Busking for Santa: Hour 4

Friends! I confess it is hard to fit in the busking.  As of now, I will be thrilled if I fit 15 hours in (instead of my original goal of 20!)

Here are the challenges:

~vocal fatigue



I have had some unexpected events come up in the category of Pickle jobs and castings.

Today I had to finagle the schedule and it was a miracle that all went as planned.

We went to her Bloomingdales casting (in which she was soooo cute in those white skinnies) and then headed straight to Times Square Subway stop. We arrived RIGHT when I wanted to start the timer and sang from 1:30-2:30.  Pickle helped me a lot. She held my lyric sheet most of the time and sang with me most of the songs.

Today I gave away a cd to the first 20 donators! A few people wouldn’t take it, I missed a few because they were too fast, and had about 6 left over.  It is really fun to sing in the subways because the acoustics are very helpful.

Today I made $38.93 bringing our total up to $175.27

Getting there! Getting there!  I can’t wait to take that trip to Target and fill up the cart!

The day finished with another Pickle casting, this time fit modeling for JCPenney and then the Subways shutting down, taking us 3 times the amount of time it normally takes to get home. We were all well behaved and patient and made it through!

Busking for Santa: Hour 3

I have been plotting out my busking schedule, and I have to be honest. Getting 20 hours in is going to be difficult.  Today was hard to sneak it in, but we did it.

We started at a spot at Grand Central Subway Station that had a pretty steady stream of people.  A young boy who had a bucket and some drum sticks handed us a dollar and gave us a suggestion of a “much better place” to busk.

We thanked him and kept singing in our spot.  A very dapper gentleman came by and started singing with me, so I made him finish out the 3rd verse of O Holy Night with me.


Our next visitor was a schizophrenic lady who seemed to really enjoy Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer but then had enough to say to us that we decided to try that location that the young boy had told us about.

“You and you and you and you….you’re gonna get hurt if you do that again.  You are GOING to get hurt again, like you JUST DID. You and you and you and you…..their gonna get a firearm and you are gonna get hurt, now get out of here…you and you and you and you.”

I tried to talk to her and then just decided that we better scoot along.

The spot that the boy told us about WAS much better. The acoustics were insane.  I barely had to sing and it carried through all the noise of the station.  It was fascinating to watch how it touched people.  Many could not be bothered, many would pass us and then turn around to take a quick glimpse of  who was singing and then keep going.  A select few gave us money and an even smaller group stopped and read our sign and took our picture.

The girls lost steam pretty quickly so I tried to carry it the best I could.  We ended up with $45.91 which brings our total up to: $136.34


Reason #456: Why I am raising my daughters in NYC

She walked into the wings and said to me: “Carmegie Hall! Check!”

After a whirlwind week of performing with her flute choir and Lady Jeanne and Sir James Galway, Lolly was pretty psyched about it!

When she first heard about this epic performance week she was going to have, she felt quite anxious, but she powered through it and so did I.

When I heard they were playing at Carnegie Hall during The American Christmas Carol concert, I knew that white tops and black skirts would not do.  I pushed for red sashes and red sashes I got.


Angela and I sewed all day on Wednesday (after I had sewed all day on Tuesday) to make these fine red polyester sashes for not only our girls, but a group of flutists in New Jersey as well.  It was a lot of work.

The choir had a ton of extra rehearsals to prepare for Deck the Halls and Jingle Bells.  Lolly’s jury and concert was today but she will be playing for those next week as all the focus has been on this week of performances.  It was a lot of work.

They arrived at Carnegie Hall at around 1:30 and worked through music rehearsals and tech rehearsals, had a quick dinner and then had to get dressed.  I braided hair, applied blush, ironed clothes, tied and taped sashes and then retied them again and again and again. It was a lot of work.


The kids were ushered down to the wings and went out on that giant stage and played their little hearts out for about 5 minutes.  As they exited with bright eyes and sighs of relief and exclamations of: “that was so short!”  I heard a stranger say: “It was worth it!”

He was right.



Sew Sew Sew

Friends, I have not showered in two days, my fingers are raw and I have 13 beautiful red sashes sitting here ready to make their debut at Carnegie Hall around the waists of some little flutists.

My Lolly will be performing with Sir James Galway tomorrow night and I have been sewing in love and support for the past two days. No time for busking, barely time for eating, and I have already covered the showering situation.

Tomorrow I go to the foot doctor. I took off the dressing over a week ago, which I was not supposed to do, but I HAVE TO GET AROUND!  So….they may be upset, but I really don’t mind…I just want to get the stitches out and move on.

I don’t think I am going to be able to busk tomorrow either, so I am going to have to make up for it this weekend!


It was a VERY cold parade year.  Pickle has a lingering cough and I have my foot injury so after some debate we sent part of our posse off without us.  Apparently they had an AMAZING time while we stayed warm and watched it on the telly.

We had to try a new spot this year–first time in 12 years-because our old spot was overrun with BLEACHERS for blocks!

parade 1

When the parade crew returned they were so happy and proud of themselves for the amount of waving from celebs and confetti from clowns that they received.  Lolly was wearing her mossy oak and Si (from Duck Dynasty) gave her a little “point to his eyes, point to her” action from the float.

You know it’s a good parade when you are STILL vacuuming up confetti:

parade2Our craftivity and theme this year was inspired by A Beautiful Mess.  The flower crowns were so beautiful and a big hit with the lady guests.  I also tried my best to copy an outfit I saw on their blog.  I also searched the internet for thanksgiving images and was inspired to make these fortune cookies dipped in chocolate. Thank you INTERNET!

parade 3

We had a wonderful day of feasting and crafting and napping and game playing and football watching and friendship.  My 18 day cold decided to set up camp in my left cheek so I was struggling most of the day, but I got right on the antibiotics train the next day so hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

Many many thanks! So much gratitude!