My Loves


You can hold your own part while Phoebe harmonizes with you!

Being so excited about your scooter and basketball and wanting to go outside even though it’s like 20 degrees.

“Carnegie Hall! Check!”

You got a sample from Fresh and put it on your hands and noted that it was “not smooth” I took a look at it and realized it was an exfoliating face mask….not lotion

You got very loopy after we kept you up too late watching The Hobbit.

lice again. HATE


Being SO GOOD on set…standing RIGHT on your spot and laughing hysterically right on cue

Kissing the baby that was your model partner

Touching people’s arms when you sit next to them on the subway, when they look at you, you smile, and when they look away you repeat it all over again.

Bringing me a bowl or plate with a Zbar 4 to 6 times a day.

Getting 2 cups and approaching Lolly and asking her to take a Tubby with you (Bubby?)

Babbling, real words, singing, 18 months is the best age.


Being excited about eurythmy-doing a great job

Loving your school and your new friends

BEGGING to see Catching Fire

Loving the cowl I made you for Christmas and wearing it all over town.

Being excited about naming your new pet fish.


I am going to potty train Pickle today as my Christmas gift to you.  Cut to a few days later, all we have is her saying BYE BYE anytime anybody flushes. (yes there is a lot of bathrooming with doors open around here)

Waking up early to run even though you are sick

Puking your guts out but we didn’t! We took a homeopathic preventative! so glad.

Blowing up all the balloons


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