2013 ~ Best Year Ever

2013 best year everThis year has been one like no other.  Love just seems to multiply as my family increases.  Pickle continues to be the greatest blessing to our family.  The wrinkles on my face have emerged and deepened as she causes me to laugh and smile all day long.

We have had so many wonderful trips and adventures this year…probably our most adventurous to date.  On January 1 I never imagined all the adventures that would come my way in 2013.

The most important thing about this year is my faith was tested and strengthened.  I can think of several major points in which this was the case.  The first opportunity was experiencing the ups and downs of New York City Middle School Applications/Interviews/Auditions/Drama.  Throughout the entire stressful process I just kept on my knees and quite literally Gave it to God.  I will never forget the feeling I had one day early in the year that EVERYTHING WAS GOING TO BE OKAY.  When the going got tough, I kept returning to that experience.

It was particularly important when I was then upset by the Pickle hand burns.  I experienced a miracle that day as her pain was erased after receiving a blessing from her father.  I will never forget the feelings I felt–just wanting to take her pain away.  I was willing to do anything, and I grew closer to The Savior through that experience.

As I embarked on the 7 week journey with my most precious little ones, I kept my faith strong so that I would be safe and protected no matter what would befall us.  I never felt alone on that trip, always felt safe and calm.

Finally, as I experienced the change from Bishop to Stake President I knew I had learned so much of faith that I could also exercise it to support my husband in this.  I knew I could do it, and it was because of the year leading up to it.

This year I have never felt so present, so in the moment.  I continue to battle the brain buzz, but find that I overcome it more quickly and efficiently and I feel so much more in control.  Quitting work has been a blessing.  I am no longer distracted from my most important focus and duty: caring for my children.  Family has never been more at the forefront than it is now, and that feels just right.  It feels like enough…like I am enough.

My gratitude for this special life I am leading cannot be expressed in words.  The blessings I have are beyond what I could have ever dreamed up.  I am so happy.



6 responses to “2013 ~ Best Year Ever

  1. You are so blessed and so together. I am happy for you!

  2. I loved this post! You write so beautifully. I’m so happy for your happiness, you deserve it! 2013 will be hard to beat :)

  3. It has been such a pleasure being your friend for the past 17 years. So much growth and beauty.

  4. YEAH!! you truly inspire me. hope to see you and the posse soon!! (and ps: was kind of fearful of a solo trip with the child to visit his triplet cousins next week, but you have really reminded me that it will all be ok, even fun!!)

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