I had some gift fails this year.  Several gifts never made it to ME on time, let alone to the recipient.  Then gifts I DID get out on time never made it!  And I gave my brother a gift certificate to a restaurant that isn’t even in his town.

But! I had some gift successes too. I loved making all the handmade gifts this year, including a few here that I haven’t blogged about yet:

a phrase that a friend uses often and an embroidered version of my friend’s business card:

IMG_8057At Phoebe’s school the teachers are really into cool stuff like fiber and wood and minerals.  At the fall fair I noticed Phoebe’s teacher and another teacher both noticed a pink stone egg at the same time.  It was a tiny little thing, and the OTHER teacher won and bought it.

I had to return to the mineral man after the fair, so I picked out 3 different kinds of stone for her and made little corresponding bags with the labels on them!

rocksAnd then I took a chance and ordered a family photo by Blue Lily to be made into an afghan for Great Grandma Glass. I kind of love it:



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