Busking for Santa: The Finale

Ok. My plans for busking over the weekend completely went to pot.  Friday night Jason came down with the stomach flu, which I can only imagine was what Pickle had that Monday when she threw up on set at Bloomingdales.  I immediately started taking oscillococcinum to prevent the dreaded flu from gripping me. So far so good.

I was going to busk in the morning on Saturday for a few hours, but I could not leave this man with these children.  Instead I just finished all the projects.  It ended up being a good thing as I underestimated the time it would take to finish everything.

Monday morning came and I was all set to go out busking for a few hours but Jason pointed out that I had a lot of shopping to do.  I started around 10 and literally did not finish the shopping and the wrapping until around dinner time…he was right. No time to busk.

I was disappointed that I didn’t sing more and earn more.  I definitely went over the budget of what I earned, but it was totally worth it.

The whole family spent about an hour wrapping and sorting and labeling gifts and then it was time to deliver.

We definitely wanted to see the family see the gifts, so we actually parked RIGHT across the street and hid in the car.  It was already dark out so we just ducked down and watched.


I ran into the car and took my spot.  In case they didn’t hear the bell, I phoned and disguised my voice as Santa’s: “Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa has left you some presents downstairs!” click.  Jason teased me about that the whole way home.

The daughter came down and just stood there staring.  I saw her arms go up in a questioning pose.  Then she turned to go back inside and get help.  She had locked herself out, so she started shouting to them upstairs.  The Dad came down and she was saying something in a high pitched loud voice and hugging him.  Then she started down the street: “PRESENT PERSON WHERE ARE YOU?”  She stopped looking and started bringing everything in.

The little boy came down and I think she said: That’s your bike! ~Mine?  Man, they could tell it was a bike . (ok, it IS hard to wrap a bike).  I could see her glancing this way and that trying to find the person, but she NEVER looked across the street and NEVER at our car.  I wish we had rolled the windows down because she was talking a lot and I wanted to hear what she said!

It took several minutes for them to get everything in…then the second young daughter came down and she was looking around too.  We are very confident that they did NOT see us, but we saw them, and the 5 of us packed in our car watching a Christmas miracle was something I will not soon forget.


4 responses to “Busking for Santa: The Finale

  1. Love it!

  2. Wonderful. These are the best stories.

  3. That is AWESOME. In the truest sense of that word.

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