Busking: Hour 11

I returned to Columbus Circle Station this morning because that has been my most profitable spot for busking so far.  Pickle settled into her nap and I settled into my songs.  My voice needed a little urging today so I started slowly with Silent Night.

I took my spot and sang: “Silent Night” A woman who had JUST passed me as I was taking my post, stopped in her tracks, turned around, enthusiastically dropped a $5- bill into my bag and kept going.

It was the most abrupt beginning to busking thus far, and it would set the stage for the rest of the hour.  I basically sang 4 songs on repeat today-Silent Night, First Noel, It Came Upon the Midnight Clear and threw in an Oh Come and an O Holy here and there.

Today I got a lot of: Thank you, Congratulations, Merry Christmas.  People actually talked to me quite a bit today.  It felt like there was a magnetic pull…people just heard me, kept their pace most of the time and practically threw money at me.

One man just opened his money clip sorted through it as if he was looking for the right bill and then threw it all in my bag.

I was so touched by the reaction of all the passersby today.  One woman gave me a dollar and held up her finger and said: “One minute.  You need to stand over there, no one can see you here….I’m in the music business.”

I took her suggestion though the stream of $$ did not change.  I was truly blessed today by all those who contributed.  I counted it up and I earned $151.29 busking for 1 hour this morning.  I was telling a few friends about it later, and they insisted that their contributions go towards hour 11 as well, bringing the total to $176.29.  I also received a check in the mail today for $30- and a friend said she collected $25- for me last night….today was a great day for Busking for Santa.



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