Busking for Santa: Hour 9 & 10

Yesterday Pickle was feeling much better so we ran some errands and found ourselves in Union Square.  I have learned from 8 hours of busking now that corridors in the subways are my friends.  What happens is this: I sing high (I try to channel the angels) and people can hear it from far away and they have the whole stretch of corridor to decide if they want to donate to me.

The sound carries, the curiosity is peaked and it usually ends up being a successful hour.  I also try to time it with Pickle’s nap as much as possible, and this time she slept for about 45 minutes of the hour.


I can sometimes tell around how much money I have made based on what I see go into the bag.  After my hour at Union Square, I predicted around $20-

I got home to count and I was pretty much right, except then I unfolded a bill that was itself a $20! So my total was around 40 bucks for Hour 9.

That afternoon I had a babysitter because I attended Lolly’s choral concert (one of my most favorite events of the year–not disappointed again this year) and then had to wait for her to finish her flute ensemble, so I went back to Columbus Circle because I earned almost 80 bucks last time I was there.

My friends wanted to go with me!  After all my slow carols they wanted to shake it up a bit (they’re Venezuelan, they can’t help it), so we sang a shaky-egg inspired Joy to the World…but I assured them that the slow, high carols earn way more money then upbeat, and we didn’t get one donation during Joy.  The First Noel, O Holy Night and Silent Night seem to be the crowd pleasers.


We earned about $66- for the hour, including not 1, but 2 $20 bills!  I am going back there again today!



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  1. Awesome!

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