In which I tell a story and pray

I am craving pretzels dipped in chocolate and crunched up candy canes as I write this little tale.

Once upon a time Lolly said her head was scratching.  She knew that her friend had been found with lice the week before, and though she had checked, it never hurt to check again.

Found. A mama and her many many eggs.  It was a long night of nit picking and checking and she got to bed late.

Pickle woke up at 5 AM the next morning, the same day of her job.  She laid in bed with her Mom for a bit in hopes of falling back to sleep but then, didn’t.

Her Mom heard her screaming and tantruming in the next room and so her Dad put her back down to sleep.

Together they slept until around 8 AM.

They arrived on set 5 minutes late only after riding in the POKIEST train EVER, transferring to an express that arrived seconds after a local, and the local didn’t wait for the express passengers to cross the platform. rude.  And ended up taking a cab because the next local was too far away.

On set all was well–makeup, check! hair, check! clothes, check! Cute puppy to entertain…. Wearing her accessories, standing in her spot, smiling…suddenly good mood is gone and she seems changed.  She walks off set and then pukes all over the floor.  Her Mom tries to save the wardrobe and does a pretty good job, with the puke instead landing on her new boots and her jeans.  She cleans up the baby, the little spot on her dress and shoes and then cleans up the floor.

Pickle seems to feel better, until she gags again…this time her Mom leaps to her, catches it in her hand and AGAIN saves the dress.

Now she knows it’s probably a bug…not a case of being too wound up by all the wannabe wranglers (hair, intern, art director).  She does one more round but isn’t really feeling it, and Mom is relieved to go home.  When they arrive she finds the cotton cover of her iPad completely drenched from her leaking water bottle and it works just fine except for  the sound…there is no more sound.  The iPad is used 95% of the time as the sound machine for little miss Pickle. No longer.

Let us pray: Thank you for giving me the serenity I need to handle all of life’s little mishaps, as they are piled on top of each other one after the other….Thank you for giving me the peace and calm necessary to stay present and calm and love the children through all they create for me to juggle.  Thank you for letting me be a veteran today, because had this been my first time as a mother on set, that puke might have done me in.  Thank you for the puke landing on the waterproof part of my boot and not the furry part, and thank you for life and living and loving! On to the next hurdle!



One response to “In which I tell a story and pray

  1. I’m so sorry about all your misfortunes the past 24 hours. I wanted to recommend a noise alternative to the IPad. For the past 25 years I have sworn by The Original Sleep Sound Generator. This device produces a soothing whooshing sound that helps block distracting noise. The sound generator ameliorates noise creating an environment that is more conducive to concentration, relaxation, or sleep. Ideal for use in a baby’s room to create a soothing atmosphere. It is available at Hammacher Sclemmer.

    Also, on a happier note, I know how much you love Dowton Abbey. Have you checked out Call The Midwife, another BBC original. I loved it so much and can’t wait for the 2013 Christmas Special and new series starting in March.

    Merry Christmas to you!

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