Busking for Santa: Hour 8

Saturday was a BLIZZARD. Not really…Jason came back from 18 miles and understandably didn’t want to go back out, but I insisted we go and experience holiday cheer.


We found ourselves at the LIC Food and Flea so that we could meet Santa and eat some treats.


We had the most delicious butternuts squash/garganzola risotto balls, brownies, gingerbread men….


Pickle even talked herself into a free pickle.

IMG_7953I was hoping to busk to a steady stream of market-goers but the weather conditions were not in my favor, so I opted for the subway again.  I had had pretty good success at Grand Central and I figured Saturday would bring many more people, so I popped over there for an hour.


Yesterday was Santacon, and so I encountered many Santas, including a few who helped me kick off my efforts.

I was right! There were a lot more people at the station, and thus a lot more NOISE.  I have a tiny respiratory thing happening so I was a bit wheezy and also my voice is getting weak!!! It was an effort to cut through the noise yesterday that is for sure.  I ended up with $19.78 after an hour.  My favorite donator is the one who passes me and then reconsiders and doubles back for a donation.  I also saw a lot of Santas yesterday, including these two:

IMG_7970It was another jolly Saturday in December!  Hey! Want more holiday cheer?  I cried at this video and I am enjoying these two singing a Christmas song every day between now and Christmas!


One response to “Busking for Santa: Hour 8

  1. So nice of you to include us in your post! love your blog!!

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