Busking for Santa: Hour 7

Today was a very special hour of Busking for Santa. My friend Heather invited me to sing at her company’s Christmas party to spread some holiday cheer.  In return the company would donate $200- to my BUSKING FOR SANTA! Hour 7 (which was really just 20 minutes of singing) was my most fruitful yet!

hour 7 I opened with my tambourine and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree then moved on to Baby, It’s Cold Outside—a duet with 3 of the gentlemen in the office and finished with White Christmas. I took a request of Santa Baby and they quickly printed off the lyrics for me as that was one I didn’t have!  We ended with a Jingle Bells sing along.

hour 7aI was so pleased with the unconventional busking experience and so happy for the support of my friend Heather, who has opened all kinds of unexpected doors for me!

Anybody else want to sponsor me at their holiday party?  I would love to!



2 responses to “Busking for Santa: Hour 7

  1. Love Love Love on every level!

  2. Ditto Ditto Ditto!

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