Busking for Santa: Hour 6

Social media is so weird and cool and fantastic. I follow few gals on instagram..one whom I have seen perform and met briefly, and the other who was just a find one day.

Bianca expressed interest in busking with me and so we planned it and she invited Aurora to join.  I had followed her on instagram so I thought that was a great idea!

Bianca and Aurora are very talented and have a different vibe from my music, but I tried to fit in the best I could.  We sang a lot of upbeat carols.

I tried to wear a very cheery outfit.  I had to drop the pickle off with the sitter at school and so a few parents inquired of my plaid pants. I told them what was happening and just like that I had 19 dollars in donations!

Then Bianca said she had found a 5 dollar bill on the street on the way there so we had 24 bucks before we even started singing.

We set up at the Subway Station near Bryant Park.  We sang for an hour and made another 9 dollars.  Bringing us to a total of 33 dollars earned for the day.

I don’t know why, but so far, when I have joined forces with other musicians, I have made a lot less money.  I am ok with it because one of the goals is to sing and spread holiday cheer….I just find it interesting that this has been the case both times.

hour 6I would love to actually perform with these gals in a more formal and rehearsed setting….maybe someday! We have nice teeth no?


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