We did an encore of our Santaland from last year.  It was pretty great to see all the different kids’ reactions to the “Big Fat Man with the Long White Beard.”

I made a video. It was my first attempt with my new Christmas present! (a camera!) I just kept it on auto as I literally only had time to charge the battery before using it!


First attempt at video and photo….I feel like the focus is soft on these which is frustrating because I thought the same thing with my OLD camera and I am on the same lens…so maybe that is the culprit…though I thought there was quite a few sharp focus shots in the video with the same lens! Maybe I just need new glasses!

I digress.

Pickle was in her serious/observation mode….it was fun to watch her and wonder what was going on between the ears.

IMG_0088I threw together her outfit. She really doesn’t own much red or green, so a pajama top (it’s kind of candy cane striped!?) it is! She picked out her shoes.


2 responses to “Santaland

  1. SO cute. I love that video. What cute reactions.

  2. She knows what she is doing! Those shoes scream Holidays!!

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