Busking for Santa: Hour 5

Time just gets away from me! I made it to my post today with only 50 minutes to busk.  I set up shop and was quickly kicked out because apparently it was too close to an office in the subway.  That is okay because the second spot was EVEN BETTER. I stood in a corridor at Columbus Circle much like the one I did at Grand Central.  The traffic was steady and donations generous.

One lady gave me $20!

Pickle laid low and was drowsy for the first bit and then participated with her shaky egg and voice for the second bit.  One man even gave her M & M’s (which I did not feed her).

Getting out there in the cold to busk is challenging, but once I am out there singing, I feel so good.

Today I saw one of my CTR-4 kids who gave me a dollar, and also my cousin’s wife! It is so fun when I see someone I know!

I made $78.06 today! Bringing the total up to $253.33 Incredible!


One response to “Busking for Santa: Hour 5

  1. I predict that as it gets closer to Christmas, your donations will compound.

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