Busking for Santa: Hour 4

Friends! I confess it is hard to fit in the busking.  As of now, I will be thrilled if I fit 15 hours in (instead of my original goal of 20!)

Here are the challenges:

~vocal fatigue



I have had some unexpected events come up in the category of Pickle jobs and castings.

Today I had to finagle the schedule and it was a miracle that all went as planned.

We went to her Bloomingdales casting (in which she was soooo cute in those white skinnies) and then headed straight to Times Square Subway stop. We arrived RIGHT when I wanted to start the timer and sang from 1:30-2:30.  Pickle helped me a lot. She held my lyric sheet most of the time and sang with me most of the songs.

Today I gave away a cd to the first 20 donators! A few people wouldn’t take it, I missed a few because they were too fast, and had about 6 left over.  It is really fun to sing in the subways because the acoustics are very helpful.

Today I made $38.93 bringing our total up to $175.27

Getting there! Getting there!  I can’t wait to take that trip to Target and fill up the cart!

The day finished with another Pickle casting, this time fit modeling for JCPenney and then the Subways shutting down, taking us 3 times the amount of time it normally takes to get home. We were all well behaved and patient and made it through!


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