Jingle Bell Jog 2013

jbjThere was a great showing of costumes this year at the Jingle Bell Jog. I loved the guy in the top row, 3rd from left who PAINTED the stripes on his legs.  My favorite was the cream colored snowman on the 3rd row, 4th from the left.

jbj 4Sadly my foot surgeon did not give me permission to run this year.  I just chatted with a history professor at Bard while we waited for our loved ones to pass us!  This year was a great one for Phoebz and hard for Lollz.  Pickle hated every second of it.

jbj 5It was perfect weather though and I was SO wishing I could have run it!

jbj 2I only saw about 3 other Team Sparklers this year, but grabbed a few of them for a photo.  The woman with the Bigs was from the UK and was so impressed with the fast shipping. She told me she ordered turquoise visor, sleeves and skirt of the upcoming London Marathon. Well Done. Quite Right.

jbj 3A holiday tradition that I just love: The Jingle Bell Jog.


One response to “Jingle Bell Jog 2013

  1. Wasn’t I just at your house a month ago? Pheobz has turned from TWEEN to TEEN!

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