Busking for Santa: Hour 3

I have been plotting out my busking schedule, and I have to be honest. Getting 20 hours in is going to be difficult.  Today was hard to sneak it in, but we did it.

We started at a spot at Grand Central Subway Station that had a pretty steady stream of people.  A young boy who had a bucket and some drum sticks handed us a dollar and gave us a suggestion of a “much better place” to busk.

We thanked him and kept singing in our spot.  A very dapper gentleman came by and started singing with me, so I made him finish out the 3rd verse of O Holy Night with me.


Our next visitor was a schizophrenic lady who seemed to really enjoy Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer but then had enough to say to us that we decided to try that location that the young boy had told us about.

“You and you and you and you….you’re gonna get hurt if you do that again.  You are GOING to get hurt again, like you JUST DID. You and you and you and you…..their gonna get a firearm and you are gonna get hurt, now get out of here…you and you and you and you.”

I tried to talk to her and then just decided that we better scoot along.

The spot that the boy told us about WAS much better. The acoustics were insane.  I barely had to sing and it carried through all the noise of the station.  It was fascinating to watch how it touched people.  Many could not be bothered, many would pass us and then turn around to take a quick glimpse of  who was singing and then keep going.  A select few gave us money and an even smaller group stopped and read our sign and took our picture.

The girls lost steam pretty quickly so I tried to carry it the best I could.  We ended up with $45.91 which brings our total up to: $136.34



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