Reason #456: Why I am raising my daughters in NYC

She walked into the wings and said to me: “Carmegie Hall! Check!”

After a whirlwind week of performing with her flute choir and Lady Jeanne and Sir James Galway, Lolly was pretty psyched about it!

When she first heard about this epic performance week she was going to have, she felt quite anxious, but she powered through it and so did I.

When I heard they were playing at Carnegie Hall during The American Christmas Carol concert, I knew that white tops and black skirts would not do.  I pushed for red sashes and red sashes I got.


Angela and I sewed all day on Wednesday (after I had sewed all day on Tuesday) to make these fine red polyester sashes for not only our girls, but a group of flutists in New Jersey as well.  It was a lot of work.

The choir had a ton of extra rehearsals to prepare for Deck the Halls and Jingle Bells.  Lolly’s jury and concert was today but she will be playing for those next week as all the focus has been on this week of performances.  It was a lot of work.

They arrived at Carnegie Hall at around 1:30 and worked through music rehearsals and tech rehearsals, had a quick dinner and then had to get dressed.  I braided hair, applied blush, ironed clothes, tied and taped sashes and then retied them again and again and again. It was a lot of work.


The kids were ushered down to the wings and went out on that giant stage and played their little hearts out for about 5 minutes.  As they exited with bright eyes and sighs of relief and exclamations of: “that was so short!”  I heard a stranger say: “It was worth it!”

He was right.




One response to “Reason #456: Why I am raising my daughters in NYC

  1. There are so many, many things that amaze me about this….not the least of which is that spitfire of a child you blogged about several years ago now legitimately plays AN INSTRUMENT. Gives me hope!

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